Monthly Archives: March 2017

Year 2 Make Magic Squares

Year 2 have been learning about the changes in a street through time. We found out about the Plague, and made lucky magic squares it keep the plague away from our doors, just like people did when the plague struck. The children used their literacy, maths and creative skills and thoroughly enjoyed the session.

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Year 1 have become experts in how to wash their hands today! They have learned all about germs and how to wash them all away. They came up with some excellent suggestions about when to wash their hands including after using the bathroom, before eating food, if they sneeze or cough into their hands and if they’ve been playing in mud!! They used a magic light on their hands to look at all the germs and were then sent to wash their hands – whilst singing a new hand washing song! Their hands were then looked at again under the magic light to see if they had washed all the germs away. Adderchog year 1 you did a brilliant job!!!

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Chilling after a busy day.

After a VERY busy day we are now back at our homely accommodation block, chilling and watching a film. We have had an amazing afternoon, trampolining, quad biking and throwing shapes in the disco.
We have been (staff and pupils) cwtched up in our pj’s watching a film. We are now off to bed. See you all tomorrow at 2:30. Nos Da – over and out! Continue reading

Life is AWESOME at Llangrannog

We had a fantastic night celebrating Phoebe’s birthday; Cake and party bags with some ‘wonderful, loud, noisy toys’ (Thank you Mrs Ible – haha)
Children slept all night and were up raring to go at 7:30, excited for today’s activities. We are just on our way to breakfast. This morning we have horse riding, high ropes and wall climbing.
This afternoon we are orienteering, trampolining, quad biking and a walk along the coast. No one is homesick, feeling a little sad that today is their last full day. Continue reading