Monthly Archives: April 2017

Nuts and Bolts

Finger gym this week involved a toolbox full of nuts and bolts. The children were given a selection of different size nuts, bolts and washers to play with. The twisting, pinching and turning actions used will help to strengthen their fingers and develop their fine motor skills. They enjoyed seeing how many different washers and nuts they could fit onto the bolts. Just look at the concentration on their faces. Think we have a few future engineers here!

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Pupil voice forum

Some of our School Council representatives attended a pupil voice forum in Olchfa Comprehensive today. They met with pupils from a variety of primary and comprehensive schools as well as having the opportunity to share their opinions with adults from Swansea Council and various other agencies. They  talked about anti bullying and also thought of some fantastic ideas to help prepare for the bid for Swansea to become a City of Culture. To finish off, we were even given some freebies to take home. A super afternoon….our pupil voice in Pontlliw is getting louder and stronger by the day!

Nursery’s Arctic Friend!

This term we have been learning about polar bears. In order for the children to appreciate the size of a polar bear, we decided to make a life size model out of a large piece of cardboard and a lot of cotton wool. It was all their own work. Fabulous effort! Well done nursery! Think he’s starting to moult in the warm weather!

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Year 2 Easter Egg Hunt

Today Year 2 had fun going on an Easter Egg hunt. Each egg was worth points, depending on the colour of the shell. The children had to work in teams to find the eggs, before using their maths skills to work out the total points from the eggs they collected. The winning team was Team Superbunny! The children then went back in to class to make some delicious chocolate Easter nests. What a fantastic last day of term.

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