Monthly Archives: May 2017

Year 1 zoo helpers

Following on from our trip to the zoo the children have been very busy completing lots of different activities. They received a letter to say that there had been a storm and all of the enclosure fences had fallen down – the animals were all mixed up!! The first thing they did was create a bar chart to keep track of how many of each animal the zoo had. They have all worked hard designing new plans for the zoo – thinking about all of the different logistics – which animals can be next to each other and leaving a pathway for the zoo visitors. They also designed the enclosures thinking about what each animal needed. They then chose one of the animals and wrote a fact sheet about them ready for the visitors to read. What a fab few afternoons working on this project. Well done Year 1!!

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Superworm Wednesday Part 2!

We had so many lovely Superworm activities planned that we had to have Superworm Wednesday Part 2! In the story there is a wicked wizard lizard that tries to capture Superworm so the children decided that they would like to make their very own wizard wands.  Some of the children also made magic potions and wizard hats and their very own Superworm out of cheerios and a pipe cleaner.

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