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Collaboration using Microsoft One Note

Year 5 produced an online, digital project using Microsoft One Note today. Everybody in the class was able to input their facts about the Roman invasion of Britain into the project at the same time. Collaboration is a key strand in the recently introduced Digital Competency Framework and allows children to work on files anywhere with internet access.
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Could you crack the code?

Today Blwyddyn 6 were set a challenge to communicate by using the technique of morse code. The children weren’t given any advice on how to do this but had to problem solve with their team to light the bulb and communicate as they did during World War 2.

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Non-uniform Day Tomorrow




The Winter Fete is due to take place on Thursday 30th November. In preparation for this the PTA are asking families to kindly donate items towards stalls, the raffle and for prizes.

In return Mrs Norman has kindly agreed that the children may have a non-uniform day on Wednesday 22nd November.

We are requesting items such as :-

• Tins, jars or bottles suitable for the 100 club stall
• Bottles of beer, wine or pop
• Items suitable as hook a duck prizes, such as small packets of sweets, stickers or glow sticks
• Gift sets
• Good quality second hand items (sorry no books or videos)

Any items you wish to donate can be passed to the Class Teacher.

The PTA would also like to take this opportunity not only like to thank parents who have contributed to past events, but we would also like to thank any extended family, Grandparents and family friends who have also contributed towards the PTA’s fundraising events. Without your continued support the PTA would not be able to purchase much needed items for the school.

If you have any questions or would like to help out please contact Jane (PTA Chair) via the Class Teacher, School Administrator or email me on

Many thanks

Jane Rees
PTA Chair

Children in Need – Reception

What a great day we all had.

Reception dressed the part and had fun making masks, counting spots and creating fantastic Pudsey pictures.

All for a very good cause!

We were all so busy, they should be tired teddy bears tonight!