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Free Nelson Mandela!

We have been researching Nelson Mandela as part of our Africa topic this afternoon. The children used pre-prepared Playlists initially to find information, next week they will be looking for facts on Epic books. This helps them analyse the reliability of different sources of information. We used a variety of ways to record our findings, depending on the childrens preference, some used mind maps, some used online tools.
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Jolly Juggling!

This term the nursery children are learning all about the exciting and colourful world of the travelling circus. One of the first circus skills we decided to learn was juggling. We used silky scarves because we liked the way they shimmered in the light, and also they are easier to catch. We watched a demonstration of clowns juggling on the big screen, then it was our turn to have a go. The music started and we threw our scarves in the air and tried really hard to catch them. We even wore our very own big red clown noses.

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Business Advice

Since September, Year 6 have been taking part in a project that links with our Erasmus Entrepenure Project. Schools in Norway, Germany, Belgium and Spain are also part of the same project.
Pupils work within their groups with the use of an online tool – class notebook which allows them to communicate online in a collaboration workshop.
Part of the project was to write a letter to a local business similar to their own business idea to ask for advice. This week each group went to the shop with their letter, bought stamps and posted the letters. We are excited to see if we receive a reply. Continue reading

Get Epic – We R EPIC

Year 6 have signed up to an online reading app that allows pupils to access over 25, 000 books.
This afternoon we have been enjoying exploring the site and are looking forward to using this wonderful tool in our lessons.
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Messy Matisse!

This week, we have been looking at the work of the French artist, Matisse. The children created their own artwork by copying Matisse’s style of cutting and arranging shapes to create images. The children loved exploring different ideas and created a super variety of different pictures.
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Special delivery coming your way soon…

To begin our topic of ‘Countries and Cultures’, the children have been activating their prior knowledge by thinking about places that they have visited themselves and writing a postcard about it. They independently wrote something and then have used their IT skills to design a picture, adding text too! We had a great time visiting the post office today and the children not only used their maths skills to pay, but they even asked for a stamp in Welsh too!
Hopefully, you should receive some very special post soon…
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Ghana Video Call

We were very lucky to get a video call from 2 of Mr. Stonham’s ex-pupils today. They originally lived in Ghana before moving to Carmarthen and were able to give us a very good comparison between life in Ghana and life in the UK. The children asked some very thought provoking questions and have some valuable information to help us in our Africa topic. Unfortunately the Skype on the computer wasn’t working so we improvised with Mr. Stonham’s phone. We were able to plug it into the speakers so everyone could hear.
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Number fun outdoors

We have been practising and re-visiting our teen numbers in Year 1. We decided to go outdoors and do a Maths treasure hunt, where we had to recognise teen numbers and find a certain number of natural items. There were a few tricky shape challenges thrown in too…
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