Monthly Archives: January 2018

Amazing African Afternoon!

Well, what an awesome time we had this afternoon as children from Year One and Year Five enjoyed African dancing, drumming and story telling.

The members of the African Communtiy Centre taught us how to dance to traditional African music and how to hold a beat with African drums. We then heard an African myth, and finished the afternoon with a group dance. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!
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Genius Gymnasts

Year 5 and 6 have been busy developing their balance and team work skills. They were set the challenge to recreate the balance included on the task sheet. Pupils worked extremely well, not only with their gymnastic skills but also their communicative skills. Each group also developed their digital skills by photographing the balance. Next week they will evaluate their performance using our own blog and suggest next steps for pupils to improve their performance. Continue reading

Prime Minister’s Questions!

Year 5 chose to replace our weekly Newsround catch up with last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions. A big step up in our quest to keep up to date with current affairs. We talked about the persuasive tactics the party leaders used to get their point across, and also their strategies to “dodge” facts that may not be helpful to their case! The children really enjoyed watching; we may have some budding politicians amongst the class as a result.
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Pontlliw Pride Shines Through

Today our year 6 boys and girls teams played in a county tournament. Even through the rain and wind the pupils played their hearts out.
The boys got through to the semi-finals but unfortunately their luck ran out during extra time.
I am so proud of their sportsmanship and team work. The encouragement and ‘family brother/sister-hood’ shone through. Da Iawn guys, I’m extremely proud to be your teacher.
Looking forward to a season of games. Let’s keep our legacy alive.

Year 3 Music Makers!

Year 3 have been very busy this afternoon continuing with their Design and Technology project. What a musical treat for a Friday afternoon! The children have been so creative and not only thought about the sound that their instrument was going to make but they also thought about how it was going to be decorated. Next week they will evaluate their designs. They will also be using their instruments to write a sound story in our literacy sessions.

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A tasty treat…

We have been focusing on the genre, ‘discussion’ this week in our language sessions. The children had to discuss whether an adult or a child should have a pain au chocolat and give reasons for and against. The children were particularly passionate about why they should have a pain au chocolat….and their arguments were very convincing too! Therefore, here they are enjoying their special, ‘French’ treat…
After our treat and just before going home,  we then finished off our French topic with a bit of mindfulness and yoga linked to frogs! A lovely, relaxing way to finish a fun, productive week.
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1st place for effort…

We have been using our ordinal vocabulary in a variety of different activities in maths this week. As we have been learning about France, we decided to test Frog’s legs by having frog races and recording which frog came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We also used HWB, as a whole class, to record our results, practising the skill of pressing enter to begin a new line.
We read the book ’10 little rubber ducks’ by Eric Carle and used our water tray to do different challenges to hook ducks, using our ordinal number vocabulary throughout. We also used ordinal number words and played some card games to familiarise ourselves with the different vocabulary.
Da iawn Year 1- you are definitely in 1st place for effort this week…!
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