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Jac Abertawe

In preparation for our Eisteddfod, Year 1 have been learning about the story of Jac Abertawe, the dog who saved lots of people from the sea in Swansea. The children did some fantastic writing where they rewrote the story in their own words. I am so impressed with how much their writing has progressed and they are are so enthusiastic. Ardderchog!

Year 2 Snowmen Models

This week, Year 2 have been busy designing and making a snowman model. During their Welsh lesson the children were learning new sentence patterns such as ‘Mae het gwyrdd a sgarff glass gyda e’ to describe their snowman. They later followed their design to create their snowman choosing from a variety of materials. Take a look at the finished product. We all agreed they look great! Gwaith bendigedig Blwyddyn Dau!

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Story time in Nursery.

As part of our Welsh week celebration, the nursery children had a special visitor today. Mr Davies, one of our nursery parents, came to read a story. The story was titled ‘Ia Hw! Meddai Gwdihw’. It was a Welsh story about a little owl that decides to stay awake during the day and discovers an amazing world full of wonderful colours. The children then sang some lovely Welsh songs for Mr Davies. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed. Diolch Mr Davies!

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Zumba! Zumba!

This half term, year 4 have been enjoying indoor PE sessions working through and learning Zumba dances from They have loved dancing along with the instructors on the screen and everyone has gotten involved!

As part for our Robots topics, for creative moevement the class composed their own dance moves for a joint dance, AND they wrote the music to perform it to.

After 45 minutes of intense dancing, it was hard to see anyone who hadn’t gotten a good exercise session in, including the staff!

Year 3 Art Afternoon

We have had a very creative afternoon today. As part of our welsh week we have been studying the myth The Giant of Snowdon. The children activated their prior knowledge by sharing lots of interesting Snowdon facts as well as learning many more. They then looked at images of Snowdon and tried to re-create a scene using oil pastels. We talked about the shading and mixing of colours and the work that the children produced was fantastic! Bring on our Eisteddfod on March 1st!

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Y Ddraig Goch.

As part of Welsh week the nursery children have been learning all about y Ddraig Goch – The Red Dragon. They painted their very own dragon and even had time to colour a dragon mask. Don’t they look scary!

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Feeling the Love in Year 2!

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Today the Year 2 children have been further developing their language, maths and personal & social and creative skills whilst learning about Valentine’s Day. We began the day by discussing what valentine’s Day means to us, and then did some data collection about our favourite Valentine’s Day symbols. We then moved on to using Hwb to create pictograms using the gathered data, and we looked at what the data showed. We also had some lovely group discussions based on ways that we can be good friends, and how we can show our friends that we care for them. The children responded with enthusiasm and maturity to the various scenarios. The children also made some lovely Valentine’s Day cards and cakes, which they will bring home tonight to give to someone that they love. We finished the morning with listening to the story of St. Valentine. We certainly have been feeling the love in Year 2 today!

Perfect Pancakes!

As it was Shrove Tuesday the children were discussing what filling would make the perfect pancake. The children were then lucky enough to make their own tasty pancake. Their choice of fillings included: fruit, honey, maple syrup, chocolate spread and marshmallows. Delicious!

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Crempogau Gwych yn Blwyddyn 2!

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Today the Year 2 children have been applying their Literacy, Maths, Welsh, ICT and creative skills whilst learning about pancakes. We began the day by undertaking some data collection in Welsh, talking about our favourite flavour pancakes. We then watched our Welsh friends Fflic a Fflac make delicious pancakes, before designing our own healthy, happy face pancakes. We then played fun Welsh games where we had to build a pancake face, developing our number and parts of the body vocabulary. The children moved on to using Hwb to show their data in bar and pie charts, discussing what their data showed. Finally, we all enjoyed making the pancakes that we designed. Later in the week we will be evaluating our pancakes, saying what went well and what improvement we would make next time. Well done, Blwyddyn Dau!