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Year 3 National Botanic Gardens

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip today to the National Botanic Gardens, a fantastic way to kick off our new topic – Rainforests. We learned all about the different layers of the rainforest and even had the opportunity to go into the woodland to investigate the living things that can be found at each layer. We then walked around the tropical rainforest glass house to look at some of the plants – it was very hot and humid! The children were able to watch butterflies flying freely around, which they loved! We also learned about deforestation and even saw the “ghost forest” – stumps of huge trees that had been cut down from the rainforest in Ghana. The children were so well behaved, what a lovely day. Diolch!

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Under the, not so clean, sea.

We listened to a story about Freddie the Fish, who wanted to go on an adventure. Along the way, he passed lots of different places, where unfortunately some form of pollution would enter the water. We used lots of items to demonstrate how the water would quickly become dirty! We talked about water pollution and how it can affect the plants and animals that live in water. The children were mortified that this happens every day and were very keen to discuss how we can all help reduce the amount of pollution and help the environment.
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Mad about Minibeasts

Reception are completely MAD especially when it comes to minibeasts!

The children listened to a fabulous story, and went off to hunt for some of their favourite minibeasts.

The children were expert investigators, finding slugs, snails, worms, wood lice we even saw a bumble bee buzzing past! Continue reading

Year 1: Freaky Fish

This week, we read a non-fiction book called ‘Freaky Fish’. The children were amazed at the different, and unusual, types of sealife that there are in the world. We then used our Welsh skills to ask each other which sealife animal we like best and we recorded the results using the pictogram on HWB. Our digital leader from Year 6 also came into class to support us using HWB too- great teamwork!
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Year 3 Flower Hunt

The children had the opportunity to explore our outdoor area this afternoon – looking for plants and flowers. Their aim was to sketch as many different varieties as they could find. When we got back to the classroom the children were then given identification sheets to see if they could identify the flowers that they found. Using all of the information on their sheets they were then asked to create a branching database to classify their flowers. Ardderchog blwyddyn 3!

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National Museum Cardiff

Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic day out visiting the National Museum in Cardiff – they got to explore rocks, plants and animal life through the evolution of Wales and were then treated to an informative session on how a volcano works. The class was also challenged to build shapes and structures which could withstand an earthquake – using only spaghetti and blu tac!

A thoroughly enjoyable day which the class loved.

Forces – Air Resistance

After researching air resistance yesterday, we put our theories to the test today. We made parachutes for tennis balls using difference size bags. We then had races with and without air resistance to see the effect it would have! We also learned that just because something is heavier, it doesn’t necessarily fall quicker.
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Nursery’s Surprise Visitor.

We had a surprise visitor in nursery today. Chris, the local PCSO, called in to see us.  He had heard how well behaved the children were so he decided to pop in and see us. Some of the boys and girls even got to try on his police uniform.

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