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Forces – Friction

We have moved on to Friction in our forces investigation this week in Year 5. We created informative posters from the research that we carried out. In the second half of the afternoon, we put our newly found knowledge into action and made YouTube style videos of our friction mini-investigation. The children enjoyed testing toy cars on different surfaces and explaining to their “subscribers” what impact Friction was having in each case. Finally, we edited the videos in iMovie and then uploaded to our J2E accounts.

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A Busy Week In Nursery.

What a busy week we have had in nursery! The children have been making the most of the sunshine and playing outside on the bikes, scooters and Thomas the Tank Engine. Welly Wednesday was all about minibeasts, so they joined the reception class to listen to poems about creepy crawlies before going outside on a minibeast hunt. They also made some lovely ladybird biscuits using raisins for the spots. As our special sound of the week was ‘v’ they made some healthy vegetable wraps

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Year 2 Torah Scrolls

The children have been busy making their own Torah Scrolls this afternoon. They have learnt that it is the holy book within Judaism. It is sacred and must be handled with care. It is read using a pointer called a Yad and is kept in a special cupboard called an Ark. They really enjoyed making their mini Torah Scrolls! Ardderchog.

Brendan Walker – Thrill Engineer

Year 5 were very lucky and had a Skype Call with Brendan Walker this afternoon! Brendan has helped design many of the UK’s biggest and scariest theme park attractions. He is a scienctist and measures how much fear,fun and excitement people feel at the theme park, this then helps them design bigger,better rides. We listened to him tell us about his work, and then some children got to ask him questions throughout the call. Some of the children have even been on some of the rides he has helped design! We then finished the afternoon with a Kahoot quiz all about forces. You will see the mixture of joy and devestation after the last question in one of the photos 😊
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Year 3 Rainforest Composers

With a slight change in the music plan this afternoon due to the weather the children were transformed into magnificent composers. In small groups they were each given a musical instrument and asked to compose a piece of music, thinking about the number of beats and timing. After planning and rehearsal time the children had the opportunity to perform their compositions in front of their friends where we were transported into the rainforest with the different sounds being produced. A great afternoon, diolch Year 3.

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Ser Yr Wythnos

Congratulations to our 🤩 this week.
Can we also take this opportunity to congratulate our entrepreneur groups from Year 6 who are running a successful business for our pupils after school; offering a range of activities in ‘Attitude’ and an opportunity to develop drama and ICT in ‘Movie Maker’.

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Siarter Iaith Competition

A chance to win a family holiday

30 businesses across three Welsh towns – Pwllheli, Swansea and Cowbridge – have placed a sticker featuring the Siarter Iaith mascots, Seren a Sbarc, in their windows. From Monday 30th April until Monday 7th May, we are asking primary school children and their families to seek out these stickers, take a photograph of one or more and share, along with the #SiarterIaith hashtag and their details, via the Cymraeg Facebook and Instragram pages, on Twitter @Cymraeg, or by emailing, along with their details and where the stickers were found.

Each entry will go into a final draw where a name will be selected at random. The winner wins their choice of family break kindly provided by Yr Urdd – two nights away at Glan-llyn outdoor activity centre in Bala or Llangrannog activity centre. One child from each town will also receive a runner up prize.