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Transatlantic Skype! 🇺🇸 🇬🇷

Year five were treated to a Skype video call to America this afternoon with Katherine Petrole! She is a Roman specialist originally from Corinth but currently works in America. She told us all about a fabulous Roman Mosaic floor that had been discovered in Corinth and how they carefully restored it piece by piece. The children were fascinated by this wonderful project and are looking forward to studying more about the Romans after half term! As you would expect, we finished on a high with a Halloween themed Kahoot!

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Pumpkin Investigation in Year 2

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This week, as part of our ‘Glitter and Glow’ topic, the year 2 children investigated pumpkins. They applied their estimating and measuring skills, looking at the height, weight and width of pumpkins. They also looked at the buoyancy of pumpkins and finally, they got very messy and counted how many seeds were in each pumpkin. The children decided it would be best to group and count the seeds in tens, which worked well. They couldn’t believe how many seeds were actually in each pumpkin, and enjoyed comparing their estimations. Perfect pumpkin work, Year 2!

Year 2 Are Instruction Experts!

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This week the Year 2 children have worked incredibly hard investigating instructions. They played barrier games, where they had to give clear instructions to their partner, and then listen carefully to the instructions given to them. They also had to listen carefully to instructions during a drawing and colouring game, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children used their knowledge of features of instructional texts to sequence a jumbled set of instructions for ‘How to Wash Your Hands’. Finally, they wrote their own set of instructions for making chocolate apples, and used lots of features such as bossy verbs, titles, subheadings and time connectives. What a busy, productive week! The children are now instruction experts!

Making Chocolate Apples

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This week the Year 2 children made some delicious chocolate apple treats. As part of their work on instruction texts, the children worked together to sequence the jumbled instructions. They then read and followed the instructions carefully to make their tasty treats.

Borfa Day 3

[sorry blog is late, only now sat down – photo overload) Today has been a mega busy day… started with a fully cooked breakfast, a trip to Mill Wood, den building, team building games, lighting fires, making and baking bread, cutting wood and calving sticks to make wands!
We came back to the center in enough time to fit in our daily mile run before sitting down to tea. Children then settled down to watch a film with jammmas, cwtched in their quilts. Today has been such a bonding time where we’ve shared many a joke and a million laughs.
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