Monthly Archives: January 2019

Ice Investigation

The nursery children carried out a science investigation today. The questions they wanted to find the answers to were: What does ice feel like?  What happens to it? Does it float?  They had great fun finding out! They even used a magnifying glass to examine the ice in detail. They also used their fine motor skills to make a snowman. They used tongs and chopsticks to pick up cotton wool balls and put them into a snowman shaped jar. Have a look; they look amazing!

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Ice Painting.

The nursery children had lots of fun this morning. As part of our ‘Snow and Ice’ topic we will be experimenting with ice. Today we thought we’d have some fun and paint the ice. The children were fascinated to see how the colours and textures changed as the ice melted. We can’t wait to carry out more ice experiments!

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Learning about our ‘Special Sound of the Week’.

We have really busy in nursery today learning about our special sound. We completed a range of phonic activities on the iPads, made the letter ‘a’ out of  ‘Wikki stix’, wrote the letter in shaving foam and finger painted it too. We even went outside to practise our letter formation with chalk.

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Orienteering Experts

Year 6 have been developing their orienteering skills in PE by not only reading maps but creating their own maps on HWB. They then had to mark on the map where they would go and hide and their partners had to find them. Continue reading

Solar System Scavenger Hunt.

This afternoon, as part of our topic entry, pupils were sent on a scavenger hunt. They needed to look around the whole school to locate the answers to the space related questions. (Sorry if I haven’t taken a picture of your child – they were running too fast for me to capture 😂) Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

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This week the Year 2 children have been learning about New Year’s Resolutions. They discussed how they celebrated new year, and watched videos of celebrations around the world. They enjoyed joining in with Auld Lang Syne! The children used their reading skills to find out more about new year celebrations around the world, and then wrote their own new year’s resolutions down for a class display. They are all keen to work on their challenges, and are determined to achieve their goals!

Sioni Rhew

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This week the Year 2 children enjoyed listening to a Welsh story about Sioni Rhew (Jack Frost). They then wrote in Welsh about the things Sioni Rhew likes to do in the Winter. The children made fantastic symmetrical snowflakes online and using their cutting skills, and then used a variety of materials and techniques to create beautiful Sioni Rhew pictures. Gwaith ardderchog, Blwyddyn 2!