Yes Sir, Deputy Sheriff!

Year 5 and 6 were extremely privileged today to receive a visit from the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan.

South Wales police attended our assembly today to swear in our Year 5 6 class to ensure that they become part of the team in keeping our community safe.

We learnt about the history of the High Sheriff and the importance of supporting the police and promoting safety.




What material would be the best to keep ice from melting?

Year 4/5 have been learning about temperature this term. They have also been learning about insulators and conductors.
This afternoon the children investigated their findings and conducted an experiment to find the best material to keep the ice from melting.
The children choose to investigate the following materials:
Felt, salt, newspaper, bubble wrap, wool, polystyrene and foil.
We measured each ice cube to ensure all were the same size to conduct a fair test – 3cm / 30mm.
After every 10 minutes the children unwrapped their ice cube and measured their ice. (Developing maths skills of conversion and decimal notation)
After an exiting afternoon of prediction, the winner was ……

WOOL – keeping the ice in its solid shape for almost an hour and a half.
With polystyrene a very close second.  (more…)


Mad Scientists visit Pontlliw!

Today we had a whole school assembly given by the Mad Science crew. They entertained us with lots of amazing experiments about physical and chemical reactions. If you would like to take part in their after-school science club then please fill in the forms sent home today. Spaces are limited. Enjoy the pictures: (more…)


School Calendar Updated

I have updated the calendar on the school website and will do so once a month in future(more if needed). There is a button on the calendar page which allows you to add the information to your computer or phone’s calendar automatically. Hope this helps.

Mr. Smith

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