Eggcellent Eggsitment!

As part of our ‘Fairground Forces – Thrills and Spills’ topic, year 4/5 have been researching the best materials to protect an egg when dropped from a height of 1.4m.
We had a fun afternoon making predictions and experimenting.
The best material to protect the eggs were:
A folded piece of cardboard – to create a wing span and the egg Sellotaped to the cardboard!
A plastic bag filled with cereal (to cushion the blow)
An egg wrapped in honey and cereal!
An egg wrapped in Nutella (dropped in a plastic casing)
The children learnt that you need to protect the egg tightly to soften the impact of the force. (more…)


Dark Den Discovery

Some of the children in Nursery have had a lovely time exploring inside our new dark den. They particularly enjoyed the quiet time out of the classroom experimenting with the different sensory equipment and toys. They discussed colours, lights and shadows in their small groups. We will definitely be spending more time in there soon!



Does wingspan affect how far a paper plane flies?

Year 4/5 have been developing their Literacy and Numeracy skills through Science whilst investigating air resistance.
Children followed instructions to create 5 paper planes and experimented the flight abilities of each plane; measuring the distance the planes travelled (3 times) then calculated the mean – average distance of each plane.
The children thoroughly enjoyed developing their skills. What a wonderful way to finish of a fantastic, fun week.


Hungry Hippos = Happy Children

Fun with friction and gravity… Year 4/5 investigated pushes and pulls today by playing human hungry hippos. The children learnt that it was better to play on the smooth floor rather than the carpet. They also learnt that it was hard work to push and pull. But the most important aspect, that the children learnt, was that the activity was a whole lot of FUN!


Prompt Arrival For The Tests

Just a reminder to all Year 2 – 6 pupils/ parents.
Can you please ensure that you arrive at school as punctual as possible all this week as we are carrying out national test.
Test will begin at 9am prompt! It is extremely important for pupils to be in school, prepared and ready, as to hear all instructions for the tests.
Thank you all for your support on this matter.


We are the Champions – AGAIN!

On Tuesday night the Pontlliw girls football team had a successful win – against Crwys at St Helens ground. They followed the boys triumph and also have the title of cup winners of the tournament.
Thanks girls, you should be extremely proud of yourselves, your award will sit nicely next to the boys’ award!
I wonder who will receive the school sports award this week?
(I’m having trouble uploading the celebratory picture of the girls at the moment so we have a joint picture from the first tournament)

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