Welcome to our new and improved Outdoor Area…

After lots of planning and organising, we were thrilled to open our Foundation Phase outdoor area this week. We have spent several months planning the outdoors and with the arrival of the good weather, we could finally begin to put all the different ideas into place.
During the past few months, the children have played an active role in helping to develop our outdoor area by suggesting what they would like to see in their yard, through class discussions, questionnaires and voting for their favourite ideas. With lots of support and help from staff, the PTA and from a wonderful group of hard working volunteers, we have managed to include many of the ideas, such as a muddy kitchen, digging/construction area, sensory garden and sand/water play areas.
We will continue to develop the outdoors further as it will progress and change over time, but until then take a look at our journey so far with some before/after photographs and to see some of the fun we had exploring the different areas this week.



Happy and Healthy!

The children have yet again enjoyed a ‘rich task’ that allowed them to develop their Literacy and Numeracy skills.
The children calculated the cost of their meals, worked out change, estimated and checked weight, estimated and calculated calorie intake and energy supplied for their meals.
They also wrote their instructions to create their healthy meals and created a poster to promote a healthy lifestyle.
From fruit kebabs, fruit salads, crab salad, chicken/ham wraps, yogurt and fruit desserts; the children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘healthy day’.
The best part of course was making their meals and then relaxing in the sun to taste their creations – then working off their meals with a game of rounders. (I love my job) (more…)


School Uniform Appeal

The PTA are organising a second hand uniform sale.

Do you have any good quality second hand school uniform items to donate?  If so, please send them in

 no later than Friday 26th June.

Thank you for your continued support

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