Time to say goodbye

Today Y2/3 said goodbye to our fluttering friends.  We have had a wonderful experience watching our caterpillars grow and transform into butterflies.  We took them into the sensory garden and released them.  We are sure they will enjoy being free and hope that they lay eggs on the plants in our sensory garden, so that we have lots more butterflies in the future.


Y2/3 Visit the National Botanical Gardens of Wales

As part of our topic ‘Minibeasts and More’, Y2/3 visited the National Botanical Gardens of Wales.  The children enjoyed exploring the glass dome, where they discovered amazing plants from around the world.  Then it was time for our pond dipping session, during which we discovered amazing pond life.  Unfortunately, it was a very wet day, but the weather certainly didn’t  dampen our spirits.  Lots of fun was had by all whilst learning a lot about amazing mini beasts.


Fluttering Friends in Y2/3

Year 2/3 have been fascinated watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies this week.  There has been mass hysteria as we watched them hatch from their cocoons!

Next week we will say goodbye to our fluttering friends as we release them into the wild.


Y2 visited by P.C. Hinds

Year 2 are enjoying a visit from P.C. Hinds.  The children are working on a session called ‘Who, What, Where’, in which they are learning about medicines and how to keep safe.


NON-UNIFORM DAY Thursday 23rd June


Thursday 23rd June

The Summer Fayre is due to take place on Thursday 7th July.  In preparation for this the PTA are asking families to kindly donate items towards stalls, the raffle and for prizes.

In return Mrs Norman has kindly agreed that the children may have a non-uniform day on Thursday 23rd June.

We are requesting items such as :-

  • Tins, jars or bottles suitable for the 100 club stall
  • Bottles of beer, wine or pop
  • Items suitable as hook a duck prizes, such as small packets of sweets, stickers or glow sticks
  • Gift sets
  • Good quality second hand items (sorry no books or videos)

Any items you wish to donate can be passed to the Class Teacher.

The PTA would also like to take this opportunity not only like to thank parents who have contributed to past events, but we would also like to thank any extended family, Grandparents and family friends who have also contributed towards the PTA’s fundraising events.  Without your continued support the PTA would not be able to purchase much needed items for the school.

If you have any questions or would like to help out please contact Jane (PTA Chair) via the Class Teacher, School Secretary or email me on

Many thanks

Jane Rees PTA Chair


Sorting Pirate Socks

The nursery children have been busy the past couple of weeks sorting pirate socks into different groups. There was lots of discussion about how they were going to group the socks. In the end we came up with lots of different groups, matching pairs, sock size, sock colour, sock pattern, socks with toes and socks with bumps on the bottom! Well done nursery!!


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