It’s time for an adventure…

Nursery enjoyed their adventure last week exploring the outdoor area. They had a walk around the pond whilst listening to all the different sounds they could hear. They were all very sensible and listened well to the instructions. They heard birds, cars, the wind in the trees, mud squelching and some of the girls even heard fairies!! What a fun and fantastic week, da iawn Nursery!



Parents’ Evening 7th and 8th March 2016 Booking form open!

You may now book for the next parent evening online. Bookings are on a first come, first served basis. If you need to amend or cancel your booking please contact the school secretary to do so. DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER BOOKING FIRST as we will delete duplicates.

Each teacher has a form on their own class page. From the homepage mouse-over the correct phase and the click on the teacher’s name. The site is responsive and can be used on mobiles but depending on browser may act differently. You can also use the links below.

Mrs. Griffiths                 Miss Sergeant                Mrs. Cusack

Ms Bennett                     Mrs. Evans                     Mr. Smith


Swansea East Under 11’s Winners 2016

Today I had the pleasure of taking Year 5 and 6 boys to a football tournament. What an outstanding opportunity for everyone who played. The talent was fantastic and our boys certainly made us proud. They played as a team and showed encouragement and support for others (true sporting athlete qualities)
Congratulations boys for your win and being crowned ‘Swansea East Under 11’s Winners 2016’. We will look forward to the quarter finals. Llongyfarchiadau


From bean to bar!

Today we learnt all about ‘from bean to bar’. We found out how the coco pods grown in Africa make their way to our supermarkets.
Children tasted a variety of chocolates:
Dairy milk
Lindt White vanilla
Fair trade dark chocolate 70%
Fair trade milk chocolate 32%
Equator orange 70%
Moser Roth fair trade 35%
Moser Roth fair trade 62%

They then had to use wow adjectives to describe the chocolate and rate it out of 10! Find out later on in the week what the whole class thought, when we tally and create our graphs.
We will also look at percentages of ingredients per 100g. (more…)


Creative Comics

Children are always enthusiastic when they are given the opportunity to work with another class in school. Year 4/5 were extremely excited to be given the opportunity to write comics related to the African myth ‘Anansi and the turtle’. They were even more excited to be given tho opportunity to read their creations to Year 1/2.
Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the activity and the moral of the story was that ‘it’s important to share and treat others as you would like to be treated.’ It was a very proud moment as all of children demonstrated the moral independently.
Diolch to Year 1/2 for letting us visit. We’ll look forward to you visiting us very soon. (more…)


Africa Reconstruction!

Year 4/5 are currently learning about Africa. Our first geography lesson was related to problem solving. Africa had fallen apart … The children had to rebuild it! What a fantastic way to learn about all of the countries of Africa. The children were fantastic and worked well as a part of a team to fix the continent. The children then has to research facts about the countries. (more…)

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