Year 5 have become teachers over the last 2 days! In preparation for our visit to the beach next week, they were tasked with researching and preparing a lesson for one of the classes in the school, to teach them about the importance of sunscreen. Each group visited their class armed with a PowerPoint slideshow, an activity for the class, and an extension task if needed. The biggest message that came across was to look out for the star rating for the UVA protection, often the expensive brands don’t have the highest ratings. All the children loved teaching and being taught by the Year 5s. Bendegedig pawb!

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  1. Elin really enjoyed this activity apart from the log in 😂 she said it drove her crazy 😜 but the whole thing was fun .Alys couldn’t remember what she was taught but remembers winning the quiz good fun all round I think 🤔

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