Caerleon Roman Experience

What an amazing day we had today in Caerleon! We literally walked the same paths that Roman citizens and soldiers did approximately two thousand years ago! We started in the Roman Barracks and learnt about the life of the soldier and what they used to wear. We then walked a short way through the town to the Baths that the soldiers and Roman families would use. It was fascinating  to see how modern gyms and leisure centres are based on the Roman model.

Before lunch we learnt all about the Roman festival of Saturnalia (the celebration of the return of the sun after mid winter) We learnt that the Romans used to eat weird and wonderful food such as peacock brains! After that we went to see an actual amphitheatre and then the remains of the Roman barracks (small rooms where 8 soldiers shared a space!) It was a fantastic, busy day and the children behaved brilliantly once again.


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