Year 3 Egyptian Trip – Group 2

What a fantastic day! All of the activities that the children took part in today were exciting, engaging and above all, enabled the children to develop a number of important key skills. In the morning, the children had the opportunity to take on the role of early 20th century explorers. They re-enacted the story of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and discovered a tomb full of ancient Egyptian treasures! While in the ‘tomb’, the children had the opportunity to explore and search for their favourite artefact which they later drew and wrote about. In the afternoon, the children learnt about the importance of food and drink and how essential it was for the dead in the afterlife. They enjoyed designing and creating their own offering tray out of play dough. The children then ‘brought the food to life’ by reciting a real ancient Egyptian spell. Well done Year 3, you are now officially Egyptian experts!

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