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Caroline Lawrence Skype

Year 5 got the opportunity to talk to author Caroline Lawrence from her London home via Skype today.  We finished her book “Escape from Rome” before Christmas and got the chance to tell her our favourite parts of the book as well as any questions we had about the characters that remained unanswered. They are now excited to read the sequel “Archers of Isca” which they were given when Caroline visited last year. A huge thank you to Caroline for taking the time to speak you us!

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Screen Time

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see below link to some helpful information from ‘Parent Zone’ website regarding screen time for information for children.

5 things parents should know about screen time

The digital dragons are currently concentrating on screen time in their pupil voice group and will be setting challenges to the rest of the pupils soon…


Mr. Stonham

Time to decide!

After refreshing their time knowledge this morning, Year 5 were tasked with applying their skills by sorting out 24  different passages of time into ascending order. Examples were a fortnight, time taken to run a bath, time taken to read a book, a million seconds amongst many more. The children worked in 3s and there was some great discussions taking place especially over things like time taken to walk to school, as this was different for each child. We will be continuing our coverage of time throughout the rest of the week.

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Roman Catapults

We have completed our Design and Technology project for this term in Year 5. We have made catapults similar to the ones the Romans would have used to conquer the Celts. Under supervison, the children used glue guns to create their wooden creations. A big thank you to Mr. Smith who created the project for us.

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Year 5 Christmas Party!

What a wonderful afternoon in Year 5. We listened to our favourite songs, performed our favourite dances and played a variety of games including musical chairs, musical statutes, pin the tail on the reindeer and many more! The children also had great news to finish the day, we found out we are currently sitting top of the UK leaderboard in the National Sumdog Competition with just 2 days to go! Hopefully we can stay there.

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National Museum of Scotland – Skype Call

Year 5 were very lucky to have a Skype Call with the National Museum of Scotland today. We were able to see lots of their Roman artefacts and ask questions to the experts at the museum. It was a great way to finish off our Roman and Celt topic. On to Africa in the New Year…


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