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What a day!

This afternoon has seen us taking part in circus skills, orienteering, creating fire and cooking marshmallows, taking on the dizzy heights of the high ropes, having a party for 4 children who have had their birthdays over the week, and finally dancing the night away at the disco. The children are now all in their rooms for some free time before lights out.
Tomorrow we finish the trip with climbing, archery and skiing.
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Liberty Stadium Tour

Year 5 had an amazing time at the Liberty Stadium this morning! We started off in the Away dressing room (where great teams such as the Scarlets have sat 😜) and then moved around into the press room, physio room, Ozone and trophy cabinet. We finished our tour in the impressive home changing room where both the Ospreys and Swansea City prepare for their home games. Finally we got to go through the tunnel and out to pitch side. Before going home we got to eat our dinner in the stands and even sung Calon Lan!
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Swans are relegated 😟

To mark the end of the Premier League season, Year 5 had a mammoth task to complete today. They were given the League Table as it stood prior to the weekend’s games. They were then provided with the scores of every game from Sunday. With this information they had to update the League with the new tally for Wins, Losses, Goals For, Goals Against, Goal Difference and Total points. They had to place the teams in the correct final order based on the data collected. Whilst this sounds like a simple task at first glance, we realised that there were 140 bits of information that needed to be updated accurately! Unfortunately in every case, Swansea were in the bottom 3 and ultimately relegated 😥
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Microbits 💻

This afternoon, Year 5 took a step forward with their coding skills and moved on to coding Microbits! These are mini computers that children transfer programs to. We began by experimenting with music and programmed the Welsh Nation Anthem onto them, we then programmed the microbit to time us on our daily mile! Next week we will programme them to become pedometers!
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