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Today the Year 2s enjoyed further developing their Welsh reading skills. They enjoyed learning the names of lots of different forms of transport in Welsh. The children then had to use their phonics and decoding skills to match read and match the names of the vehicles given to them. The children were also very interested to learn what different parts of the words mean, and how breaking some Welsh words down can give us a clue, such as Llong Danfor means Ship Under The Sea (submarine).
Gwaith Bendigedig!

Developing Our Research Skills

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This week the Year 2s have been further developing their research skills. Following on from last week’s sessions, the children have now each chosen their favourite endangered animal from the story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train!’. They discussed the information that might be useful to include in a non-chronological report, and then further developed their research and note taking skills by working in groups to research their animals. Some very interesting facts were discovered, including the fact that a tiger’s wee smells like buttered popcorn!

Super Research Skills

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As part of our topic ‘Journey With Us Over Land, Sea, Air & Space’, the Year 2 children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train!’ They enjoyed reading about various endangered animals wanting to get on a train to escape, as they were facing threat from humans in various ways. The children were shocked to discover ways in which humans harm animals, sometimes unintentionally. We discussed these issues as a class, and the children then decided to research the animals from the story.
They used their ICT skills brilliantly, using QR codes and Get Epic to find the answers to their questions. They also enjoyed using maps and atlases to locate the countries where the animals live.
Next week the children will begin to draft reports on their choice of endangered animals.

Topic Entry: Journey With Us Over Land, Sea, Air and Space!

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This week the children have activated their prior knowledge about transport, in preparation for a fun-filled term based on our topic ‘Journey With Us Over Land, Sea, Air and Space’. We looked at lots of photographs of different vehicles, including some very unusual ones which the children had never seen before. The children enjoyed talking and writing about what they already know, and developed some excellent questions based on what they would like to learn about this term. They then used their creative skills whilst developing fine and gross motor skills to decorate the yard showing their knowledge of different modes of transport.

Mae hi’n heulog!

At long last the weather has improved and the Year 2s enjoyed a lovely cooling treat today. A big Diolch yn Fawr to Mr. & Mrs. Woods from The Buck, who very kindly bought ice lollies for the children to enjoy as a treat. What a lovely way to end a fun-filled day!

Eggciting Egg Hunting and Eggcelent Maths!

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Today the Year 2s enjoyed participating in an Easter Egg hunt outdoors. They worked together in teams to find lots of hidden eggs. They then used their Maths skills to work out how many points their team had earned, as different coloured eggs were worth different points. They used fantastic repeated addition and multiplication skills. The final results were very close indeed. As a reward for their brilliant hunting skills, the children finished their Easter baskets and added some tasty treats which they were very excited to take home with them. Super hunting and fantastic Maths skills Year 2! Bendigedig!