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The White Feather

Year 6 have had a wonderful day today. We have been to see ‘The White Feather’ produced by the outstanding Theatre Na’Nog, which was fantastic, retelling the horrific events of WW1 (in memory of 100 years next year).
In the afternoon, pupils developed their knowledge of the World Wars, taking part in activities in the old and new Swansea museums. Continue reading

Fitness Data Collection

Because the Year 6 pupils were looking a little too relaxed after their Summer holidays, pupils decided to assess their fitness levels; they took part in a variety of 10 activities over a minute, repeating 3 times. Pupils then calculated the total and worked out the mean.
During the afternoon, pupils will coll ct data from their peers and analyse their findings, creating a graph and writing conclusions. We will re-assess in 6 months after taking part in the daily mile once again this year Continue reading

Beat the clock…

Year 6 are developing their competitive streak and trying to beat the countdown clock whilst improving their numeracy calculations. Each pupils choose a series of 6 numbers, combined with 4 operations to produce a final number. Their peers then had to work out how to calculate the total number. The children love this game…maybe they can practice their skills at home with you guys? Can you beat the clock? Continue reading