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Beware, beware…the Germans are there!

As part of our World War 2 topic, Year 6 experienced working in class during an air raid. Pupils were in a middle of promoting world peace when the siren was heard. Everyone rushed under the desks while the classroom was thrown into darkness and silence! Pupils remained working under their tables until it was safe to come out again. Continue reading

Borfa Day 3

[sorry blog is late, only now sat down – photo overload) Today has been a mega busy day… started with a fully cooked breakfast, a trip to Mill Wood, den building, team building games, lighting fires, making and baking bread, cutting wood and calving sticks to make wands!
We came back to the center in enough time to fit in our daily mile run before sitting down to tea. Children then settled down to watch a film with jammmas, cwtched in their quilts. Today has been such a bonding time where we’ve shared many a joke and a million laughs.
Tomorrow we are absailing and rock climbing. Continue reading

Singing at Sunset

What an absolutely stunning night we’ve had, singing songs around the camp fire, roasting marshmallows and admiring the sunset.