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Reception visit to Dan Y Ogof

What a wet morning! But Reception were all ready to set off on their adventures with year 1&2 to see Santa.

We arrived to meet the land train, which took us down to the farm, we saw pigs, ponies, ducks and geese, and then had a play in the adventure play barn.

We set off back up to the caves, the excitement was building and it was our turn to see Santa! We sang some songs to wake him up and we heard the bells ring! Take a look at our pictures.

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Reception Party Time!

The celebrations were noisy to say the least in Reception this afternoon. (I don’t know who bought party blowers but they were a great hit!)

The children celebrated Christmas together, with dancing, singing, games and of course their party food.

They are all tired out now… But can’t wait till tomorrow’s trip to see Santa!

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Waterproof Santa investigation.

Reception have been quite worried! They have been counting down to Christmas Eve and have realised that Santa doesn’t have a roof on his sleigh!  They are quite worried, and decided that they should find out which material would make a good roof and keep Santa dry ( just in case it rains).

Reception had some wonderful ideas, and realised that some material has tiny holes in it, and the water goes through!

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Marvellous ‘Me’ Tubs!

Reception have spent the past week talking about themselves!

The children brought into school some fantastic boxes, decorated and full of their favourite items. The rest of the class guessed which of the children they belonged to. We had some great surprises along the way, and found out some lovely things about our children. Well done Reception wonderful presentations!

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Magical Maths Team!

Congratulations to our ‘Maths Magic’ team, who took part in our cluster Maths event in Pontardulais Comprehensive. Each team played their heart out, and showed that Pontlliw has great Mathematical skills.

All of our year groups showed great team spirit and encouraged each other to do best they could. Our Year 5/6 team got though to the final and won their heat.

Well done everyone, we are proud!

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Let’s be Friends!

nursery and Reception have begun their week thinking about friendship! We read ‘Hugless Douglas’ by David Melling, and realised that we can all be good friends!

The session began with the children creating a handprint poster, showing of their ‘Helping Hands’, they made some beautiful heart toast with a friend. There is more to come later today with friendship bracelets, and making a mobile.

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Pumpkin Investigations!

After the fun morning with nursery, Reception set to work investigating the properties of a pumpkin. We described how it’s skin felt, measured how tall they were, we rolled them and even found out if they could float or if they would sink…… Do you know?

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For Nursery and Reception today, we found out what it means to be a friend. We played some circle time games encouraging us to find new, old, or different friends to work with.

We also had fun shouting SHWMAE! and making hats to show how proud we are.

Reception challenged themselves to say ‘Shwmae’ as many times as they could in 20 seconds, and played the ‘Shwmae’ game.

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Fabulous Faces!

Reception have been exploring the features on their faces, we looked at some faces without eyes and mouths, the children decided that we needed both to work out how we feel.

We had some fun creating our own faces using pumpkins and biscuits, yummy!

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Messy Monday.

Reception and Nursery have met again! Not to get up to any trouble but to complete activities all about ‘Stickman’.

We have listened to the story, so set to work making ‘Stickmen’ out of sticklebricks, sticks and even created some rainbow art..

Take a look at our pictures!

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