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For Nursery and Reception today, we found out what it means to be a friend. We played some circle time games encouraging us to find new, old, or different friends to work with.

We also had fun shouting SHWMAE! and making hats to show how proud we are.

Reception challenged themselves to say ‘Shwmae’ as many times as they could in 20 seconds, and played the ‘Shwmae’ game.

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Fabulous Faces!

Reception have been exploring the features on their faces, we looked at some faces without eyes and mouths, the children decided that we needed both to work out how we feel.

We had some fun creating our own faces using pumpkins and biscuits, yummy!

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Messy Monday.

Reception and Nursery have met again! Not to get up to any trouble but to complete activities all about ‘Stickman’.

We have listened to the story, so set to work making ‘Stickmen’ out of sticklebricks, sticks and even created some rainbow art..

Take a look at our pictures!

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Eco Warriors meet again!

Look out Pontlliw here come the warriors!

The first Eco meeting of the term, generated some great ideas! The children were full of enthusiasm thinking of ways to make our school an Eco friendly place.

We have talked about a mascot, and how this could promote positive Eco thinking.

First task for The Eco warriors will be the ‘clothes to school’ recycling day. Please don’t forget to bring in your bags of clothes on Tuesday morning and drop them at the P.E shed in the junior yard for weighing.

Techniquest is great!

We have had a great time in Techniquest today.

we began our adventure by investigating, we have looked at mechanics, water, air and had a show all about our bodies! It has been great fun!

We have learned, talked and smiled all day and now it’s time to go home. See you all soon.

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We are off to Techniquest!

Reception are on their way… Bags packed and we are all ready for our adventure. We can’t wait to have some fun today learning ‘all about me’.

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Yay! It’s Welly Wednesday!

Our first Welly Wednesday has caused a bit of a stir! We have been on a Bear Hunt!

The Nursery and Reception Children listened to the story performed by Michael Rosen and joined in….. Then the challenge was set! We needed to complete the morning challenges to become ‘Real Investigators’ ready for the big outdoor hunt next week.

Mrs Griffiths has lost her favourite bear, and needs the help of reception and nursery to find him…. I hope we have luck!

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Smiling Faces!

Reception have looked at the features on their faces, and have discussed if we are all the same or are we all different.

We have had some really lovely suggestions, the children have created some faces of their own using the computer to help them.

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Clever Counting.

Reception have had a visitor!

Perfect Peter the Pirate made an appearance to help the Reception count and order their numbers to 10. The naughty pirate had stolen the numbers from the number line and the children had to work out the missing digits. Luckily Reception were able to help and found their numbers in the class. After they played counting games and had a great time.

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Ready for Reception!


Reception have made a great start to the year. They have begun their new topic all about me, and are practising writing their names.

Handwriting has been the focus of the week, and the children have been using their pencils to practise writing cursively.

well done Reception, you have worked so hard!

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