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Orienteering Experts

Year 6 have been developing their orienteering skills in PE by not only reading maps but creating their own maps on HWB. They then had to mark on the map where they would go and hide and their partners had to find them. Continue reading

Solar System Scavenger Hunt.

This afternoon, as part of our topic entry, pupils were sent on a scavenger hunt. They needed to look around the whole school to locate the answers to the space related questions. (Sorry if I haven’t taken a picture of your child – they were running too fast for me to capture 😂) Continue reading

Sioni Rhew

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This week the Year 2 children enjoyed listening to a Welsh story about Sioni Rhew (Jack Frost). They then wrote in Welsh about the things Sioni Rhew likes to do in the Winter. The children made fantastic symmetrical snowflakes online and using their cutting skills, and then used a variety of materials and techniques to create beautiful Sioni Rhew pictures. Gwaith ardderchog, Blwyddyn 2!

Take a Trip in a Time Machine

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This week the Year 2 children have started their new topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. They began by activating their prior knowledge about the topic, using pictures to generate discussions about what they already know. They then thought about what they would like to learn and do this term. The children came up with lots of fantastic ideas, and are looking forward to the term ahead.

Caroline Lawrence Skype

Year 5 got the opportunity to talk to author Caroline Lawrence from her London home via Skype today.  We finished her book “Escape from Rome” before Christmas and got the chance to tell her our favourite parts of the book as well as any questions we had about the characters that remained unanswered. They are now excited to read the sequel “Archers of Isca” which they were given when Caroline visited last year. A huge thank you to Caroline for taking the time to speak you us!

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Roman Catapults

We have completed our Design and Technology project for this term in Year 5. We have made catapults similar to the ones the Romans would have used to conquer the Celts. Under supervison, the children used glue guns to create their wooden creations. A big thank you to Mr. Smith who created the project for us.

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Christmas Stories and Traditions Museum Trip

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On Friday, the Year 2 children visited Swansea Museum to learn all about Christmas traditions. The children enjoyed participating in acting out Christmas stories, and also had a go at playing with lots of toys that children would have been given a long time ago. The children then moved on to the Waterfront Museum, where they continued learning about Christmases long ago through watching the film ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’. They also enjoyed exploring some of the exhibits.

National Museum of Scotland – Skype Call

Year 5 were very lucky to have a Skype Call with the National Museum of Scotland today. We were able to see lots of their Roman artefacts and ask questions to the experts at the museum. It was a great way to finish off our Roman and Celt topic. On to Africa in the New Year…


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