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Remembrance Day

Year 1 have been using a range of skills to learn more about Remembrance Day. In pairs, we developed our oracy skills by asking each other questions and we then used the Green Screen to record our responses. We continued to develop our ICT skills by creating poppy pictures using JIT paint. We also used a range of equipment to create and build poppies.

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Super Skype

Year 1 used Skype this week to speak with a lady in America and her very important companion….Molly the Firedog. We learnt about how dogs are used to support the fire service and Molly even showed us some of her tricks. Thank you to Danya for an informative and interesting Skype session.

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Let’s be Friends!

nursery and Reception have begun their week thinking about friendship! We read ‘Hugless Douglas’ by David Melling, and realised that we can all be good friends!

The session began with the children creating a handprint poster, showing of their ‘Helping Hands’, they made some beautiful heart toast with a friend. There is more to come later today with friendship bracelets, and making a mobile.

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RSPB visit to Year 1

The wet weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the Year 1 children as they enjoyed our Wild Words session with the RSPB. The children loved exploring our outdoor environment and used a range of equipment to heighten their senses further. We discussed and used lots of different vocabulary and adjectives to describe what was around us. Thank you to Sarah and Wendy for such a fun, informative session.

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RSPB and ‘Wild Words’ in Year 2!

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This week the RSPB came in to school to take the Year 2 children outdoors for a ‘Wild Words’ session. The children enjoyed using their senses whilst exploring the outdoor environment. The children then retold their journeys using powerful, interesting vocabulary choices. What a fantastic session! Diolch yn fawr to Sarah from the RSPB for helping us.

Our very own special Superheroes…

Look at our amazing superheroes in Year 1! They certainly had a super time on our Superhero Day. Following a suggestion from one of the children, we baked our own superhero themed cupcakes. We took part in a variety of superhero training exercises ad we created lots of superhero craft items too.  Don’t the children look fantastic in their costumes!

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International Learning

Year 4 were incredibly lucky this afternoon to have taken part in a Skype history and geography lesson with a teacher in Wyoming, USA. They learnt all about the state of Wyoming and how it is a state of “firsts” in America. They also got to see artefacts and interesting objects related to the Plains Indians and other people who lived there in the past (including some shocked faces when they saw a water bottle made out of a bison’s bladder!). They learnt about the mountain men who trapped beavers, then used the pelts to make hats, and learnt about the process of felt making and how hatters were affected by mercury poisoning.

They listened brilliantly and asked lots of questions about what’s they had learnt about. We’re looking forwards to another lesson from America later on in November!

Roman Research Collaboration 💻

Year 5 used their research and collaboration skills today. They used a hwb playlist to find out about the Roman invasion of Britain and then collated their research on our class note book, where they could physically see each other typing on the same document. We discussed the pros and cons of collaboration before sharing the information with the class.

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Transatlantic Skype! 🇺🇸 🇬🇷

Year five were treated to a Skype video call to America this afternoon with Katherine Petrole! She is a Roman specialist originally from Corinth but currently works in America. She told us all about a fabulous Roman Mosaic floor that had been discovered in Corinth and how they carefully restored it piece by piece. The children were fascinated by this wonderful project and are looking forward to studying more about the Romans after half term! As you would expect, we finished on a high with a Halloween themed Kahoot!

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