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Year 2 Visit St. Fagans

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Today the Year 2 children visited St. Fagan’s as part of our learning about the topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. We began by visiting Y Maestr school, where we learned about how school used to be over a hundred years ago. The children were very shocked by the punishments used, and how different the classrooms were. They decided that school nowadays is definitely better! We then had a walk around the village, stopping off at Gwalia stores and Y Siop Losin, where the children enjoyed being treated to some traditional sweets which they could take home as a memento of the day. We then went to visit Beti Bwt, who asked us to help her wash a huge pair of bloomers! The children enjoyed having hands-on experience of what washday used to be like a long time ago. They decided it was very hard work, and are thankful that we now have washing machines that do the hard work for us! We then had a look around the farm, where we saw pigs, chickens and sheep. The children were very excited to see some lambs that were only a few days old! We then had a look at houses throughout time. The children couldn’t believe that people used to use chamber pots, tin baths and how some toilets used to be in the back garden! Finally, it was time for lunch. The children certainly worked up an appetite with all the walking. I’m sure they will all sleep well tonight… and so will the staff! What a fantastic, informative and fun-filled day we had.

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?

Year 1 have been using the Ipad and green screen in school this week to create their own weather forecast videos in Welsh. Here are some snapshots of their fantastic creations, da iawn!
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Year 3 Techniquest Trip

What an amazing time we all had at Techniquest today. As soon as we arrived, the children were eager to explore all of the interactive exhibits – and they weren’t disappointed. They began by watching a lively presentation about light in the science theatre, which they thoroughly enjoyed – they learnt so much! They were then able to take what they had learnt back onto the exhibition floor to continue their self-directed learning and discovery. What a wonderful opportunity for the children which allowed them to learn through investigation, discussion and collaboration. Well done Year 3, you were a credit to our school today.

Enjoy the photos …

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Predators, Poo and Food Chains!

Well, what a few days! We have been working on a carousel of Science activities:

1- Making the ultimate predator
2 – Food chains
3 – Digestive system

The children got to build their ultimate predator, using the most deadly parts of different animals to make a new ‘King of the Savannah’

Also, they looked at Savannah food chains. There were a few surprises, but all children were able to confidently create 3 or 4 step food chains.

Finally, we take a journey through the body and discovered exactly what happenes to our food as it passes through the various organs! We used bread, water, vinegar and food colouring to make he final product. We rounded it off with a Kahoot quiz to ensure the children retained what they had learnt. Enjoy the photos.
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Egg Experts in Year 2!

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Today the Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed investigating eggs. They learned how eggs provide food, air and protection for the chick growing inside. They enjoyed finding out about the air sac, yolk, albumen and shell…and got very messy along the way! The children worked on recording their results carefully in different ways. They are now egg experts, and are looking forward to our class eggs arriving on Monday. We can’t wait to watch them hatch into chicks! Gwaith gwych, Year 2!

Move over Jack.. Reception are planting Beans!

As part of our Fairytales topic, Reception have been busy planting. We got out the soil, beans, gloves and trowels.. We set to work!

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Happy Mother’s Day from Year 5!

I trust that the children have already woken you up and are serving you a delicious breakfast in bed. Hopefully you have received your cards and presents too! The children were keen for me to blog today showing you the process of them becoming recording artists towards the end of the week. We had great fun following the karaoke version of Spice Girls ‘Mama’ although they made me feel old when most of them didn’t actually know who the Spice Girls are! After a few practices throughout the week, we were ready to record. A big thank you to Mr. Keegan for bringing in his professional recording equipment. Also, thank you to Aimee for designing and helping the children with their cards throughout the week. Have a wonderful day with your newly crowned pop stars.
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Animal Adaptation – Year 5

Year 5 followed on from their Savannah climate work earlier in the week by looking at how animals have adapted to various surroundings in Africa. They researched via a pre populated Hwb Playlist and recorded their findings in J2E office! They followed this by creating their own playlists on their Hwb accounts based on photosynthesis. A very busy afternoon! Some examples of the work are attached. You can view you child’s work by asking them to log on to their Hwb site. Have a great weekend.
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Year 3 Candle Creations

On Monday, the year 3’s were lucky enough to take part in a candle making workshop as part of our topic, light and sound. One of our lovely mums, Mrs. Isaac, offered to come in and help the children create their very own scented candles. Mrs. Isaac talked the children through the making process and provided them with lots of interesting information – did you know that wax comes from plants? They began by melting the wax which then followed with them adding their chosen colour. In order to ensure all the molecules in the wax had absorbed the colour, the children needed to give the wax a good stir. Next, the children had to decide on a scent. There were so many lovely scents to choose from – chocolate cake (a big favourite), lemon drizzle cake, freshly cut roses, raspberries or lavender. After adding their scent, the children carefully added the wick and left the candles to set. The children couldn’t wait to see their creations the following day and were very excited to give their candles to their mums as a special Mother’s Day gift – we really hope you like them!

Mrs. Isaac has just opened her very own shop ‘Little Bit Different’ in Gorseinon (next door to Frampton’s cake shop) where you can purchase some of her beautiful candles, or you can visit her website at

Thank you Mrs. Isaac!


Year 3 Shadow Investigation

The children have been busy the past two days investigating shadows. The question we were investigating was what happens to the size of a shadow as you move the light source away from an object? We had a mixture of predictions with some children thinking the shadow would get bigger and some predicting that the shadow would get smaller. In small groups the children carried out the investigation, recorded their results and created a bar chart, they then used their results to write a conclusion. The results clearly showed that the shadow got smaller as the light source moved away from the object. Ardderchog Year 3.

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