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The White Feather

Year 6 have had a wonderful day today. We have been to see ‘The White Feather’ produced by the outstanding Theatre Na’Nog, which was fantastic, retelling the horrific events of WW1 (in memory of 100 years next year).
In the afternoon, pupils developed their knowledge of the World Wars, taking part in activities in the old and new Swansea museums. Continue reading

Wonderful Woodland Animals!

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When introducing this term’s topic a few weeks ago, the Year 2 children shared lots of their own fantastic ideas about what they would like to learn about. Some children said that they would like to find out about different animals such as owls, foxes and hedgehogs. Today, the children enjoyed using the Arkive website to research these woodland animals. They were interested to learn about lots of other woodland animals too, including voles, stoats and badgers. The children are eager to continue their research tomorrow!

Moving Lego Scarecrows

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Today the Year 2 children enjoyed using Lego Education Simple Machines kits to create moving Lego scarecrows. The children were set a challenge: make a scarecrow that looks scary and has at least one type of movement to scare the birds away. The children enjoyed investigating gears and talked in detail about their designs. It was great to watch the problem solve, work collaboratively and improve their designs after testing them. Gwaith gwych!

Year 1 use their superpowers…

This week, we read the story ‘Eliot Midnight Superhero’ and thought about what powers we would all have if we were superheroes. The children then had to use their ‘superpowers’ to problem solve and work as a team to rescue the superheroes from the ice.
We have also been busy developing our fine motor skills by measuring the superheroes using spaghetti and cheerios! To support our counting skills that we have been practising in maths this week, we then had to count how many cheerios tall each superhero is.
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Yay! It’s Welly Wednesday!

Our first Welly Wednesday has caused a bit of a stir! We have been on a Bear Hunt!

The Nursery and Reception Children listened to the story performed by Michael Rosen and joined in….. Then the challenge was set! We needed to complete the morning challenges to become ‘Real Investigators’ ready for the big outdoor hunt next week.

Mrs Griffiths has lost her favourite bear, and needs the help of reception and nursery to find him…. I hope we have luck!

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We do “Lego Wedo” in Year 5

On Friday, Year 5 got the chance to have a go at our amazing, new Lego WeDo kits. The children get the chance to follow a set of instructions on the WeDo app and build a model. They then get to code the model, programming it to do amazing things! This is a great STEM activity and the children absolutely loved the challenge!
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Year 2 Autumn Colour Mixing

This week the children have been finding out about the changes that happen in Autumn. We looked at the changing colour of leaves and they had the opportunity to experiment with some colour mixing and printing. They used the primary colours to make  the right shades needed for their leaves and created  some lovely paintings. Da iawn.

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Starting Superheroes…

This week, we have been busy activating our prior knowledge ready to begin our topic of Superheroes! The children had to use their ‘magnetic powers’ to catch pictures from Spiderman’s web and sort them into groups, based on whether they are linked to our topic or not. The children were also very creative and drew pictures of different superheroes that they know and ones they would like to be. We also began to explore some of the resources we have in class. A super first full week in Year 1 and we are all looking forward to really getting stuck in to our topic next week…
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Ready for Reception!


Reception have made a great start to the year. They have begun their new topic all about me, and are practising writing their names.

Handwriting has been the focus of the week, and the children have been using their pencils to practise writing cursively.

well done Reception, you have worked so hard!

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Code club!

A huge thank you to our amazing digital leaders who helped run code club after school! They used their expertise to help children from reception, year 1 and year 2 to code. The digital leaders even suggested a new app that we could use to help progress the children’s coding skills. Excellent effort everyone!
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