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Fishy Fruit in Year 1

The children enjoyed making their own healthy snacks linked to our topic of ‘Under the Sea’. They used a selection of fruit to create sea creatures, such as fish and turtles. We revisited our recent maths lesson linked to finding half of an item and we used several storybooks to give us inspiration for our designs. They loved eating their creations at the end too!
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Lighthouse Junk Modelling

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The Year 2 children made some excellent junk model lighthouses this week. They were set the task of designing and creating model lighthouses that were at least 25cm high, with a working door and a light at the top. As you can see they worked brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Excellent work Year 2!

Space Travel in Year 2

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As part of their topic, this week the Year 2 children enjoyed finding out about the history of space travel. They enjoyed sequencing a timeline of space firsts, researching the planets and were amazed to watch the film of the first moon walk.

Real Life Probability 🐎

After studying probability towards the end of last week, Year 5 put their skills to the test this morning with some real life probability scenarios. Each child started with a virtual £10 and placed bets across 4 different horse and greyhound races. We discussed the probability of winning in each race and it soon became clear that we will probably lose if we place a bet!
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Year 5 have been duped!

On Friday afternoon, Year 5 were tasked with researching the “Tree Octopus”. We saw that it was endangered as people were taking them out of the rainforest and wearing them as hats! Despite a few confused faces, they began to make their campaign posters to save the Tree Octopus. After twenty minutes, I told them to google the Tree Octopus and they could see by checking the second website down that it was a hoax! They realised that it is important to check multiple sources before we believe everything we read on the Internet!
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Traffic Survey

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This morning the Year 2s enjoyed participating in a traffic survey as part of their learning about road safety. They were amazed at how busy the road outside school is. We then analysed the data and next week the children will be creating bar charts and pie charts on Hwb to show what they found out. Gwaith da, Blwyddyn 2!

Enterprising Engineers

Year 6 pupils took part in a STEM challenge and stepped into the shoes of an engineer for the day. Pupils had the challenge to get the lighthouse keeper out of his lighthouse in a storm by designing and making a carrier with a light that can be seen in the dark. They then had to wire the circuit in order to light the bulb. They also had to create a device with a motor to be transported back up the zip wire to rescue the lighthouse keepers friend! They were given £120 Faradays and had to budget in order to buy all of their equipment from the classroom DIY store. The winning team of the day will visit Pontardullais Comp on July the 12th to represent Pontlliw in another STEM challenge day.

Fabulous Flapjacks, Lovely Lists and Cracking Coding!

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As part of their work on ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic’ story, this week the Year 2 children made some delicious flapjacks for the story character Mr. Grinling. The children used their super reading skills to read and follow instructions, and they used their excellent measuring skills to weigh the ingredients carefully. The children also developed shopping lists on the computers, and thought of many fantastic adjectives to describe the picnic food. The children also worked well when using their coding skills, developing sequences of clear, step by step instructions to move Mr. Grinling around the village. Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

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The Year 2 children have had a great morning working on activities based on The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic. They used their coding skills to move the Lighthouse Keeper from building to building around the village. They used their word-processing skills to develop shopping lists for Mr. Grinling. The children used their Welsh language skills when asking for ingredients to make sandwiches for the Lighthouse Keeper’s picnic, and practised cutting them into quarters. The children also enjoyed leading their own learning by constructing Lego lighthouses, drawing their own illustrations for the book, painting lighthouse scenes and researching lighthouses on Get Epic! They are looking forward to continuing these activities next week, and they will even get to make some delicious cakes for the picnic!

Enterprise Troopers Regional Final

A huge congratulations to the Year 6 enterprise club ‘Attitude’ who got through to the regional finals held today in Blaenavon. Throughout the day Joe, Poppy and Carys got the opportunity to speak to a number of judges about their work and take part in some exciting workshops. The judges were really impressed with all their hard work and believed they definitely had the right ‘attitude!’ Llongyfarchiadau pawb!

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