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Diolch Movie Makers!

A big thank you to the Year 6 boys who have been running the after school club Movie Makers over the last term. They have done a fantastic job and everyone has enjoyed. After weeks of filming and editing, today the children got to watch their movies on the big screen! Another successful enterprise. Bendigedig!

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Liberty Stadium Tour

Year 5 had an amazing time at the Liberty Stadium this morning! We started off in the Away dressing room (where great teams such as the Scarlets have sat 😜) and then moved around into the press room, physio room, Ozone and trophy cabinet. We finished our tour in the impressive home changing room where both the Ospreys and Swansea City prepare for their home games. Finally we got to go through the tunnel and out to pitch side. Before going home we got to eat our dinner in the stands and even sung Calon Lan!
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Year 2 Royal Wedding Party

What a fantastic day the children have had celebrating the forthcoming wedding of the Royals! This morning all of Foundation Phase had an outdoor party which was lots of fun! They then took part in some lovely activities including designing a wedding cake involving fractions, decorating their own cupcakes, designing a bouquet for Meghan using real petals and more! They all looked wonderful in their outfits. Take a look at some of the fun they had here.


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Super Research Skills

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As part of our topic ‘Journey With Us Over Land, Sea, Air & Space’, the Year 2 children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train!’ They enjoyed reading about various endangered animals wanting to get on a train to escape, as they were facing threat from humans in various ways. The children were shocked to discover ways in which humans harm animals, sometimes unintentionally. We discussed these issues as a class, and the children then decided to research the animals from the story.
They used their ICT skills brilliantly, using QR codes and Get Epic to find the answers to their questions. They also enjoyed using maps and atlases to locate the countries where the animals live.
Next week the children will begin to draft reports on their choice of endangered animals.

Microbits 💻

This afternoon, Year 5 took a step forward with their coding skills and moved on to coding Microbits! These are mini computers that children transfer programs to. We began by experimenting with music and programmed the Welsh Nation Anthem onto them, we then programmed the microbit to time us on our daily mile! Next week we will programme them to become pedometers!
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Year 1: The Titanic

We have been finding out all the the Titanic in Year 1. The children have been busy researching and have found out some surprising (and shocking!) facts about the tragedy. The children loved using their GetEpic accounts on the computers to find texts about the Titanic and also did wordsearches to familiarise themselves with some of the new vocabulary. The children couldn’t believe that it took 3 years to build the Titanic so tried to build their own versions using the construction in class- they even tried to include the different decks and compartments and then realised what a tricky job it is to build a huge ship! Some of the children loved gathering different facts and have been busy planning a show that they want to perform to help us learn even more about the Titanic too.
We hope to find out even more about the fascinating even over the next few days…
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Crazy Kahooters

This morning Year 6 were in for a treat…4 new teachers! Our digital leaders taught the rest of the class to take part in an online quiz called Kahoot. Pupils competed against each other and also wrote their own quiz for others to answer. Why don’t you test their knowledge against yourselves at home?

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