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We are the Champions 🏆🥇➕➖➗✖️

After an intense week of competition, I’m extremely pleased to reveal that Year 5 have won the Swansea Sumdog Competition! It was a fantastic effort by all the pupils and they should be very proud of winning such a hotly contested competition. Well done to the 4 pupils from Year 5 and 6 who finished in the top 10 of the individual competition. Certificates will be handed out tomorrow! 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓

Swansea Sumdog Competition ➕✖️➗➖🏆

A huge congratulations to all the pupils in Year 5 who have won the daily competition in the Swansea Sumdog competition. We are also sitting nicely in 3rd position for the weekly competition. They worked hard at various points throughout the day improving their maths skills. Two of our pupils have even managed to break in to the top 10 in Swansea! With 3 of the Year 6 pupils also in the Top 10, Pontlliw are dominating! Well done all. Let’s see if we can get first place for the week by using up all our questions!

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Strong Passwords 💪🏼

We had an E-Safety lesson this afternoon in Year 5 and we looked at the features of strong passwords. They need to memorable as we don’t want to have to write them down anywhere. We looked at ways we can strengthen them and make it extremely difficult for and would be hackers to access our online accounts. Children made their own fictious passwords to see if their partners could crack them!

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Bont’s Best Books 📖

Year 5 and 6 have kicked off “Bont’s Best Books” with a bang today. We have partnered up with someone from the other year and will be reading books that each other recommend. Any books that both partners love will be placed on the Best Books Padlet site. At the end of the Spring Term, both classes will vote on the best review/recommendation. The chosen pair will then represent the school in a cluster event during the summer term, where the Best Books from our family of schools will be celebrated! We are hoping that this encourages children to become bookworms and fall in love with reading whilst having fun.

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BBC Live Lesson! 📺

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Year 5 joined 100s of class rooms up and down the country to watch a BBC live lesson all about poetry. They learnt lots of different techniques to help  improve their poetry and got to listen to poems from Joseph Coelho and Tony Walsh. They then created their own poems using the skills they picked up.

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Microbit Magic

This afternoon, Mr Tavender from Bont comp came into school to further develop pupils knowledge of coding and programming microbits. The children were awesome; Mr Tavender was so impressed they were challenged to complete Year 7’s coding activities. Continue reading

Awesome Owls!

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This week the Year 2s have enjoyed reading the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We discussed the structure of the story, using the 5 story mountain parts. The children then used their own story mountains to retell the story. The children were very keen to find out more about owls, and lots of the children chose to go on Get Epic and research owls using non-ficton texts. The children have worked brilliantly, and are looking forward to more owl activities next week!

Foundation Phase Code Club 📱💻

With the help of our brilliant Digital Leaders, children from Reception to Year 2 were able to log on to Hwb and try out coding on Just 2 Easy. They started by using the ‘simple’ setting but many of them quickly moved the ‘advance’ setting, where they had to pre-programme their rocket or car to move around the screen. 📱

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