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ESafety Factor!!

We are only 6 days away from Pontlliw Primary’s very own ESafety Factor. The groups are refining their routines and are getting very excited for the show that will be held in the Village Hall next Thursday afternoon!
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Digital Leaders Introduce Kahoot!

A massive thank you to the digital leaders for taking time after school to introduce the staff to a new website. Kahoot is a quiz based site and the digital leaders showed staff how to create quizzes linked to their topics and then play the quizzes to assess understanding within the class. As you can see, when the staff played, it became quite competitive. You may be able to just about make out who won!
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We are top of the (daily) league!

Congratulations to Year 5 who finished top of the daily leaderboard in Swansea’s Sumdog competition!! We finished 7th overall in the county for the week! We had two pupils who finished 3rd and 5th across the whole of Swansea also! Well done Holly and Ben! The children have all been given certificates to mark their achievements. Sumdog is available for them to play online at home to help develop their mental maths skills in a fun, interactive way!
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Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?

Year 1 have been using the Ipad and green screen in school this week to create their own weather forecast videos in Welsh. Here are some snapshots of their fantastic creations, da iawn!
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ESafety Assembly – Airbrushing!

Part of the new digital framework requires schools to look at digital images and the fact that they can be altered, meaning things aren’t always what they seem! We began by singing an ESafety factor song using the tune ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran. We then looked at celebrities and how the glossy magazines can be deceiving! The children were shocked and now realise that these ‘perfect’ celebrities are actually just like you and I.
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Predators, Poo and Food Chains!

Well, what a few days! We have been working on a carousel of Science activities:

1- Making the ultimate predator
2 – Food chains
3 – Digestive system

The children got to build their ultimate predator, using the most deadly parts of different animals to make a new ‘King of the Savannah’

Also, they looked at Savannah food chains. There were a few surprises, but all children were able to confidently create 3 or 4 step food chains.

Finally, we take a journey through the body and discovered exactly what happenes to our food as it passes through the various organs! We used bread, water, vinegar and food colouring to make he final product. We rounded it off with a Kahoot quiz to ensure the children retained what they had learnt. Enjoy the photos.
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Egg Experts in Year 2!

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Today the Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed investigating eggs. They learned how eggs provide food, air and protection for the chick growing inside. They enjoyed finding out about the air sac, yolk, albumen and shell…and got very messy along the way! The children worked on recording their results carefully in different ways. They are now egg experts, and are looking forward to our class eggs arriving on Monday. We can’t wait to watch them hatch into chicks! Gwaith gwych, Year 2!

Cymraeg am Skype!

We perform Welsh drilling for 10 minutes every day across the school to enhance our Welsh language skills across the curriculum. In Year 5, we have started to Skype a Carmarthenshire school once a week as one of our drilling sessions. It was great to see what we had in common with the Year 5 class at Richmond Park Primary. The children enjoyed talking Welsh and are already looking forward to next week’s session! Bendegedig pawb!
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Happy Mother’s Day from Year 5!

I trust that the children have already woken you up and are serving you a delicious breakfast in bed. Hopefully you have received your cards and presents too! The children were keen for me to blog today showing you the process of them becoming recording artists towards the end of the week. We had great fun following the karaoke version of Spice Girls ‘Mama’ although they made me feel old when most of them didn’t actually know who the Spice Girls are! After a few practices throughout the week, we were ready to record. A big thank you to Mr. Keegan for bringing in his professional recording equipment. Also, thank you to Aimee for designing and helping the children with their cards throughout the week. Have a wonderful day with your newly crowned pop stars.
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Animal Adaptation – Year 5

Year 5 followed on from their Savannah climate work earlier in the week by looking at how animals have adapted to various surroundings in Africa. They researched via a pre populated Hwb Playlist and recorded their findings in J2E office! They followed this by creating their own playlists on their Hwb accounts based on photosynthesis. A very busy afternoon! Some examples of the work are attached. You can view you child’s work by asking them to log on to their Hwb site. Have a great weekend.
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