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Natural Symmetrical Butterflies

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Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about lines of symmetry. The children then worked outside to apply their knowledge and skills by creating symmetrical butterflies using natural materials. The children could explain how to make their art work symmetrical, looking at position, colour and shape.


For Nursery and Reception today, we found out what it means to be a friend. We played some circle time games encouraging us to find new, old, or different friends to work with.

We also had fun shouting SHWMAE! and making hats to show how proud we are.

Reception challenged themselves to say ‘Shwmae’ as many times as they could in 20 seconds, and played the ‘Shwmae’ game.

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Owl Collages

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This week the Year 2s enjoyed making beautiful collages of owls using natural materials. They discussed the different shades of the leaves and which materials would be best suited to the different parts of their owl pictures. I’m sure you’ll agree that the finished collages looked wonderful.

Gingerbread Superheroes

This week, we have been using the story ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants’ as a basis for some of our work. One of the children suggested that we create our own underpants designs using gingerbread men. What a fantastic and fun idea! The children enjoyed using the icing and ingredients to create their own design…and I imagine they loved eating them too!
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A Cool Carousel

For the last lesson over the past 3 afternoons, Year 5 have been rotating around 3 tasks.

Task 1 – Learn all about the Digestive System – led by Mr Stonham

Task 2 – Estimate the size of a Celtic roundhouse – led by Aimee

Task 3 – Independent drawing and labelling of inside and outside a roundhouse.

The digestive system task taught the children how the body digests and processes the food we eat, how we use the bits we need and get rid of the bits we don’t 💩. The children explained each part of the process using scientific language.

With Aimee, the children went outdoors to estimate the size of a 5m diameter roundhouse. They looked at different things that could help them estimate accurately. Some of them moved on to work out the permimeter of their drawings. They checked their estimates with meter rulers.

Finally, the independent task was just that. Children had to come up with their own learning objective based on the materials they were given. They then helped each other to completed the task in their ‘bubble group’. After reading information on a Celtic roundhouse, they were able to accurately draw the inside and outside of the houses the Celts used to occupy.

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Transition Planning

This afternoon Year 6 have been taking a lead in their learning in preparation for their transition project in the Comprehensive in the Summer. The topic of the project is Health and Well-being. They need to plan under the headings: Physical, Mental and Social. The planning stage is underway and pupils are extremely excited.

Year 5 are Super Movers!

The children were introduced to BBC Super Movers today. It is a fantastic platform, where children can learn literacy and maths skills while being on the move. The videos are presented by various CBBC stars as well as Premier League mascots! We danced to a times table mash up today and the children thoroughly enjoyed! More to come next week from our Super Movers! You can see a video of the children enjoying the dancing and learning by clicking the following link: Super Movers

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