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Fire Safety in Year 5 🔥

Year 5 were very lucky to have a visit from the fire service this morning. We looked at the potential fire risks around the house including candles, non branded phone charges, open fires and overloaded multiple plug sockets. We also looked at what to do if we experience fire, including Stop, Drop and Rollas well as Get out, Stay out and phone 999. We were also reminded to test our fire arms weekly. Thank you to Gemma, all the children had a fantastic time! 👨‍🚒🔥

Year 2 Fire Safety Talk

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This morning, we were visited by Gemma, a fire fighter from Morriston Fire Station. Gemma came into class to teach us all about ways to stay safe around fire. She read us a story about Tanni, and we talked about the dangers of playing with matches and lighters. We also learned about how to call the fire brigade, and ways that smoke alarms can help us to stay safe. The children participated in the discussion with lots of enthusiasm, and some of us even got to try on the protective clothing worn by fire fighters. We then enjoyed completing some activities which tested our knowledge in our Tanni fire safety activity books that Gemma gave us. What a fun-filled, informative morning. The Year 2s are now fire safety experts!

Colour Changing Cocktails.

Wow! What a busy week.

Reception have been learning all about the properties of Ice in our STEM week sessions. Just for fun the children chose different ice cubes made of juice and built their own ice towers in a cup. We then watched them melt!

We had some different results depending on the order of ice cubes…

look at the pictures to see the fun!

If you are interested in the activity to try at home search for the STEM website and look for Early years home works.
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Entrepreneur at Castle Gardens.

Come on down to Castle Garden today to support our Entrepenure finalists. They have a stall near MacDonalds, along with 28 other Primary Schools in Swansea and are awaiting your custom.

Fantastic Fine Motor Skills

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Throughout the year, the Year 2 children have enjoyed further developing their fine motor skills through lots of exciting activities, such as Cheerios challenges, using tweezers and printing to name just a few. This week we decided to improve our fine motor skills by threading patterns on the fences outside. The area is looking really colourful, and the children have shown great dexterity. The children are looking forward to more exciting physical activities over the next few weeks.

Building Bridges.

The nursery children used their problem solving skills today to build bridges across the construction area. They worked as a team, using planks of wood and blocks to construct bridges that they were able to walk across. They then used their balancing skills to walk across their constructions. Gwaith da nursery! Think we have some future engineers!

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Year 5 World Cup Fever 🌎 🏆

The week of the football World Cup has finally arrived! We have begun to decorate the class room and each pupil has received a randomly selected team participating in the tournament. We will be researching facts about our relevant countries next week as we go football crazy and complete lots of World Cup activities. The winner will receive a prize at the end of the tournament so there is lots to play for! Pwb lwc pawb!
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