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Year 2 Visit St. Fagans

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Today the Year 2 children visited St. Fagan’s as part of our learning about the topic ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’. We began by visiting Y Maestr school, where we learned about how school used to be over a hundred years ago. The children were very shocked by the punishments used, and how different the classrooms were. They decided that school nowadays is definitely better! We then had a walk around the village, stopping off at Gwalia stores and Y Siop Losin, where the children enjoyed being treated to some traditional sweets which they could take home as a memento of the day. We then went to visit Beti Bwt, who asked us to help her wash a huge pair of bloomers! The children enjoyed having hands-on experience of what washday used to be like a long time ago. They decided it was very hard work, and are thankful that we now have washing machines that do the hard work for us! We then had a look around the farm, where we saw pigs, chickens and sheep. The children were very excited to see some lambs that were only a few days old! We then had a look at houses throughout time. The children couldn’t believe that people used to use chamber pots, tin baths and how some toilets used to be in the back garden! Finally, it was time for lunch. The children certainly worked up an appetite with all the walking. I’m sure they will all sleep well tonight… and so will the staff! What a fantastic, informative and fun-filled day we had.

Sut mae’r tywydd heddiw?

Year 1 have been using the Ipad and green screen in school this week to create their own weather forecast videos in Welsh. Here are some snapshots of their fantastic creations, da iawn!
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Happy Saint David’s Day!

Have a very Happy Saint David’s Day!

Reception looked wonderful in their costumes today, we have made cards, coloured some beautiful pictures and said our Welsh poem to the school!

A special visitor…

We were so lucky to have a special visitor reading a Welsh story to us this week…Poppy’s mum! She read us a story about a penguin on holiday, which linked beautifully to our topic of Countries and Cultures. The children also had the chance to explore some props from the story. We all had such a lovely morning…thank you so much to Poppy’s Mum for coming in.
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A carousel of activities

We are carrying out some topic based independent learning this week in Year 5. We have a carousel of 3 activities:

Easter Story – Independent learning (R.E)
Kingdom of Benin – Supported learning (History)
Photosynthesis- Supported learning (Science)

Each group spends one lesson in the afternoon carrying out each activity until all 3 are completed. The children are enjoying the independence and the different tasks that are on offer.
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Happy Chinese New Year…

Year 1 have ‘visited’ China this week. We have loved learning about how the Chinese celebrate their New Year and we have done lots of different activities and challenges this week linked to China. The children were fascinated by videos of Chinese New Year celebrations, in particular the dragon dancing.
A highlight of our week has definitely been food tasting. We started by breaking open fortune cookies and reading our fortune messages and then we enjoyed a banquet of different food, including rice, noodles, wontons, spring rolls, prawn crackers and prawn toast. The children developed their fine motor skills by using chopsticks and I was really impressed with the children’s willingness to try food that was new to them. The children also followed a Chinese custom by taking home red envelopes filled with treats.
The children have enjoyed practising speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin this week. We have learnt how to say Happy New Year in Mandarin Chinese and the children explored writing Chinese symbols. The children found another use for chopsticks too and have been using them to write Chinese symbols for numbers in sand and even writing their spelling words by painting their words using chopsticks!
We’ve also been very creative this week and the children have made Chinese drums using paper plates, Chinese lanterns and a Chinese dragon puppet. Some of the children have used our construction area to complete a challenge of building a Great Wall of China and thinking about how they would measure it. Ardderchog!

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Year 2 Investigate Dinosaurs and Pangea

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Over the past two weeks, as part of our ‘Take a Trip in a Time Machine’ topic,the year two children have been busy finding out what the world was like when the dinosaurs were alive. They have been enjoying reading the story ‘Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish’, and they have written some lovely sequels to the story. The children have also been busy using their research skills to help them make dinosaur information posters on Hwb. They now know how to add text and images in a document, and have been thoroughly enjoying experimenting with changing the fonts, colours and text size.
They have also further developed their creative skills by making fantastic dinosaur fossils, which they can’t wait to bring home tomorrow.
Today we learned about the supercontinent Pangea. The children were fascinated to learn how the continents were all connected during the time of the dinosaurs. They enjoyed watching informative films about the topic before getting busy and exploring Pangea. They worked in groups to compare Pangea and the modern world, and showed a fantastic level of understanding about how the world has changed over time. They also had fun using continent cut outs to try and connect them in the way they could have looked when they were known as Pangea. Then children also used atlases to identify the continents and could see how far each piece of land had moved over time.
What a busy fortnight we have had in Year 2! Gwaith ardderchog!

Chinese culture & craft

Year 1 had a visit today from some representatives from the Chinese community in Wales. We learnt about their culture and language, listened to some traditional music and made some super Chinese lanterns.
On Sunday February 11th between 11am and 4pm, they will be in Swansea Waterfront Museum, where there will be the opportunity to participate in more crafts and activities. You are invited to go and participate.
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