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Year 3 Poison Dart Frogs

For Design and Technology this term the children have been busy creating Poison Dart Frog beanbags! They have all thoroughly enjoyed this project from start to finish! They designed their frogs, wrote detailed instructions about how they were going to make them, made them and then evaluated them. I have been amazed at the children’s sewing skills and the care and attention to detail they all had when making them. Ardderchog boys and girls!

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National Award Winners 🏆 💻 📱

A massive congratulations to all the children involved in our ESafety Factor project show before Easter. We can now reveal that we have won the UK Community Education Award for Internet Security!! The children beat off 344 other schools across the UK. Yesterday, the Leader of Learning from ERW came to present the certificate and glass trophy to them! This is a fantastic achievement and they should be extremely proud!
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Bronze Siarter Iaith Achieved

This afternoon the whole school was presented with our Bronze siarter iaith for achievements in the Welsh language. The children and staff are extremely proud of all we have achieved during our journey to receiving the award.
In September we will begin our journey to achieving the Silver Award 🥈 to raise standards in the welsh language further.

Fabulous Flapjacks, Lovely Lists and Cracking Coding!

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As part of their work on ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic’ story, this week the Year 2 children made some delicious flapjacks for the story character Mr. Grinling. The children used their super reading skills to read and follow instructions, and they used their excellent measuring skills to weigh the ingredients carefully. The children also developed shopping lists on the computers, and thought of many fantastic adjectives to describe the picnic food. The children also worked well when using their coding skills, developing sequences of clear, step by step instructions to move Mr. Grinling around the village. Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

Hazards around the Home in Year 2

As part of their learning in Personal and Social Development, the children have been finding out about hazards around the home. Each group was given a different picture of a room with lots of dangers in. They had to identify them and then present them, using a mind map, to the rest of the class. They also thought of some potential dangers  that were not in the pictures. Great group work all.

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The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic

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The Year 2 children have had a great morning working on activities based on The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic. They used their coding skills to move the Lighthouse Keeper from building to building around the village. They used their word-processing skills to develop shopping lists for Mr. Grinling. The children used their Welsh language skills when asking for ingredients to make sandwiches for the Lighthouse Keeper’s picnic, and practised cutting them into quarters. The children also enjoyed leading their own learning by constructing Lego lighthouses, drawing their own illustrations for the book, painting lighthouse scenes and researching lighthouses on Get Epic! They are looking forward to continuing these activities next week, and they will even get to make some delicious cakes for the picnic!

Criw Cymraeg mewn Derbyn.

Diolch yn fawr!

Thank you to our year 4 representatives, they have spent Fridays after lunchtime working with the Reception Class. They have read Welsh books, played Welsh bingo and completed some Welsh activities.

Mae hi’n amser hyfryd!

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Foundation Phase Film Club

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The Foundation Phase Film Club has been a real success so far. The children are enjoying watching films based on different themes. We have discussed how music and colour create atmosphere. The children have enjoyed watching a wide variety of films, including some which made us laugh an awful lot, and some which gave us something to think about. We are looking forward to even more film club fun next Tuesday!

Fantastic Fine Motor Skills

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Throughout the year, the Year 2 children have enjoyed further developing their fine motor skills through lots of exciting activities, such as Cheerios challenges, using tweezers and printing to name just a few. This week we decided to improve our fine motor skills by threading patterns on the fences outside. The area is looking really colourful, and the children have shown great dexterity. The children are looking forward to more exciting physical activities over the next few weeks.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

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This week the Year 2 children have enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They worked well when thinking about adjectives to describe the seagulls in the story. The children then worked on developing questions to ask Hamish the cat, and thought of what Hamish would say in response to their questions. The children also undertook some fantastic research about lighthouses, and even enjoyed chalking their own lighthouse designs outdoors. The children are looking forward to more lighthouse keeper fun next week!