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Jelly Bean Problem Solving

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Today the Year 2 children were very excited to find that one of Santa’s elves had set them a problem. The children needed to work together to sort the mixed up jelly beans. However, it wasn’t as easy as they first thought! They children grouped the sweets, using their welsh colour vocabulary with confidence. They then counted in 2s and 5s to find the totals of each group. They children recorded their results in tables using tallying. They then went on to Hwb to show their results by making bar and pie charts. Finally, the children used their addition and subtraction skills to answer questions about the jelly bean data. What a sweet morning we had!

Magical Maths Team!

Congratulations to our ‘Maths Magic’ team, who took part in our cluster Maths event in Pontardulais Comprehensive. Each team played their heart out, and showed that Pontlliw has great Mathematical skills.

All of our year groups showed great team spirit and encouraged each other to do best they could. Our Year 5/6 team got though to the final and won their heat.

Well done everyone, we are proud!

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Marvellous Measuring!

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The Year 2 children have worked on further developing their measuring skills this week, using metres, centimetres and decimetres. They worked well selecting the appropriate unit of measurement, made excellent estimations and recorded their results carefully when measuring their shoe size, heights, lengths of Christmas wrapping paper and objects around the classroom. The children were also able to see that they could work out measurements in cm when measuring with decimetres by using their ten times table! Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

Directions, Positions and Movement in Year 2

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This week the Year 2 children have been further developing their understanding and use of positional, directional and movement vocabulary. They learned about full, quarter, half and three quarter turns, and showed a good understanding of clockwise and anticlockwise movements. Some of the children also enjoyed learning about compass points. The children then used the Bee Bots to practise giving clear step by step instructions, guiding the robots through increasingly challenging mazes and tasks. Da iawn, Blwyddyn 2!

Faraday Engineers

Year 6 have had a very challenging day today. They became engineers for the day and had the fulfil a STEM workshop to design and make an aeroplane and a transporter. Each member of the group had a role and each group were given 140 Faradays to buy the materials to make the plane and transporter.
The plane needed to fly and then be transported 3 meters.
The children worked extremely well as a team and definitely have developed their skills in engineering… look out future…here we come!

Outdoor Learning

Year 4 got outside this afternoon as part of their science investigation into filtering and cleaning water. They collected shells, stones and rocks and have planned their investigation ready for later in the week.

They also completed some difficult literacy challenges, including using a cypher to decode a word, and worked on drawing and interpreting graphs and charts.

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Let’s be Friends!

nursery and Reception have begun their week thinking about friendship! We read ‘Hugless Douglas’ by David Melling, and realised that we can all be good friends!

The session began with the children creating a handprint poster, showing of their ‘Helping Hands’, they made some beautiful heart toast with a friend. There is more to come later today with friendship bracelets, and making a mobile.

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Firework Problem Solving

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This week, the Year 2 children have enjoyed working on a number of problem solving activities linked to fireworks. They rotated around a number of activities, which included working on showing their workings when solving worded problems, using their 2 and 10 times tables to create fireworks using the Cuiseannaire rods, and further developing their mental maths skills. They showed super understanding, and really impressed me with the way they explained what they already knew, how they could work out the problems, and any patterns that they could see. Gwaith ardderchog, blwyddyn 2!