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We are the Champions 🏆🥇➕➖➗✖️

After an intense week of competition, I’m extremely pleased to reveal that Year 5 have won the Swansea Sumdog Competition! It was a fantastic effort by all the pupils and they should be very proud of winning such a hotly contested competition. Well done to the 4 pupils from Year 5 and 6 who finished in the top 10 of the individual competition. Certificates will be handed out tomorrow! 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓

Swansea Sumdog Competition ➕✖️➗➖🏆

A huge congratulations to all the pupils in Year 5 who have won the daily competition in the Swansea Sumdog competition. We are also sitting nicely in 3rd position for the weekly competition. They worked hard at various points throughout the day improving their maths skills. Two of our pupils have even managed to break in to the top 10 in Swansea! With 3 of the Year 6 pupils also in the Top 10, Pontlliw are dominating! Well done all. Let’s see if we can get first place for the week by using up all our questions!

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For Nursery and Reception today, we found out what it means to be a friend. We played some circle time games encouraging us to find new, old, or different friends to work with.

We also had fun shouting SHWMAE! and making hats to show how proud we are.

Reception challenged themselves to say ‘Shwmae’ as many times as they could in 20 seconds, and played the ‘Shwmae’ game.

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Super Shape Sorting

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This week the Year 2 children have been further developing their knowledge of properties of 2D shapes. They have been focusing on quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons, and comparing regular and irregular 2D shapes. Today the children applied their knowledge of shape properties and sorted shapes using Venn diagrams. The children selected their own criteria and showed excellent understanding. Bendigedig Blwyddyn 2!

Amazing Addition

We have been practising our number bonds in Year 1. One of our challenges this week was to rescue the superheroes! In order to rescue the superheroes, the children had to make a specific total. Each superhero had been locked up with a padlock containing a number and the children had to find the corresponding key to make a specific amount.
The children also used the guttering outdoors to practise their number bonds. Each team had to roll a certain number of items down the guttering and the other team had to make the total up to 5/10 etc. There was also some fantastic discussion regarding shapes that roll too!
Great maths work Year 1- keep it up!
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Learning About Shapes.

The nursery children have been really busy learning all about 2D shapes. They looked for shapes hidden in the sand and in shaving foam, and they cut shapes out of playdough. They participated in a range of different shape activities and looked for different shapes in the Lego. They printed with shapes to make a colourful picture to go on our classroom display and they developed their IT skills by completing an activity on the interactive whiteboard and iPads. Gwaith da nursery! Da iawn!

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A Cool Carousel

For the last lesson over the past 3 afternoons, Year 5 have been rotating around 3 tasks.

Task 1 – Learn all about the Digestive System – led by Mr Stonham

Task 2 – Estimate the size of a Celtic roundhouse – led by Aimee

Task 3 – Independent drawing and labelling of inside and outside a roundhouse.

The digestive system task taught the children how the body digests and processes the food we eat, how we use the bits we need and get rid of the bits we don’t 💩. The children explained each part of the process using scientific language.

With Aimee, the children went outdoors to estimate the size of a 5m diameter roundhouse. They looked at different things that could help them estimate accurately. Some of them moved on to work out the permimeter of their drawings. They checked their estimates with meter rulers.

Finally, the independent task was just that. Children had to come up with their own learning objective based on the materials they were given. They then helped each other to completed the task in their ‘bubble group’. After reading information on a Celtic roundhouse, they were able to accurately draw the inside and outside of the houses the Celts used to occupy.

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Year 5 are Super Movers!

The children were introduced to BBC Super Movers today. It is a fantastic platform, where children can learn literacy and maths skills while being on the move. The videos are presented by various CBBC stars as well as Premier League mascots! We danced to a times table mash up today and the children thoroughly enjoyed! More to come next week from our Super Movers! You can see a video of the children enjoying the dancing and learning by clicking the following link: Super Movers

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Databases Galore!

Year 5 have increase their knowledge of databases greatly today with the various activities we have undertaken . This morning, we analysed a database of over 800 Pokemon. Children started classifying the data with one search term, but soon were able to add 3 or more search criteria to find specific Pokemon on the list by their characterstics. We built on our skills this afternoon by collaborating on a whole class database, documenting the nutritional value in Burger King food. We used Boolean values to see how many items on the list contained Fruit or Vegetables , and were able to create graphs to compare the data. As always, we finished the week with a Kahoot. You will see both elation and despair in the photo, as the children get their results.

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