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Dividing with Remainders in Year 2

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Today the Year 2 children have shown fantastic maths skills. We have been investigating halving numbers, using dividing by 2. The children were set a challenge: Which numbers divide equally, and which have remainders? They worked in an organised way, showing their workings clearly. Gwaith bendigedig, blwyddyn dau!

We are top of the (daily) league!

Congratulations to Year 5 who finished top of the daily leaderboard in Swansea’s Sumdog competition!! We finished 7th overall in the county for the week! We had two pupils who finished 3rd and 5th across the whole of Swansea also! Well done Holly and Ben! The children have all been given certificates to mark their achievements. Sumdog is available for them to play online at home to help develop their mental maths skills in a fun, interactive way!
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Pea Brain Budget!

Year 6 have been learning about budgeting this week. They understood that in order to run a successful business, good budgeting is essential. They were given a challenge, in groups, to budget the running of a home. Each group was given forty dried peas to begin! They were told that the peas were worth £2000 and had to work out how much one would be. They then had to choose how to spend their peas from a variety of scenarios, not forgetting to pay tax! We discussed the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. The children were very sensible, although choosing a few luxuries! We were pleased to find out that each group was left with at least £400!

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Reading Temperature in Year 2

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This week the Year 2 children have been working hard learning about temperature. We have learned how to read various scales, and have compared temperatures, using counting on to find the difference. We enjoyed reading and matching temperatures. We also used the iPads to look at weather forecasts online, and compared the temperatures in various cities around the world.

Year 2 Celebrate World Book Day

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The Year 2 children have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. We have been focusing on the author Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed looking at rhyming words in his stories, exploring the Seussville website, and completing a problem solving activity based on the book ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’. The children also participated in an author workshop with Helen Docherty, where they completed some lovely activities based on her book ‘Abracazebra’. Fun has been had by all, and we are all feeling inspired to write our own stories!

Learning about Colours.

The nursery children have enjoyed learning about colours today. They sorted compare bears into the correct colour cups and made colourful patterns out of stickle bricks and lego. They decorated the letter j, our special sound of the week, and they played a colour matching game on the iPads. They even used puffy paint, with a little sprinkling of glitter, to see what would  happen when they mixed the colours together. What an interesting result!

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Feeling the Love in Year 2!

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Today the Year 2 children have been further developing their language, maths and personal & social and creative skills whilst learning about Valentine’s Day. We began the day by discussing what valentine’s Day means to us, and then did some data collection about our favourite Valentine’s Day symbols. We then moved on to using Hwb to create pictograms using the gathered data, and we looked at what the data showed. We also had some lovely group discussions based on ways that we can be good friends, and how we can show our friends that we care for them. The children responded with enthusiasm and maturity to the various scenarios. The children also made some lovely Valentine’s Day cards and cakes, which they will bring home tonight to give to someone that they love. We finished the morning with listening to the story of St. Valentine. We certainly have been feeling the love in Year 2 today!

Year 5 Prime Number Investigation

We have been investigating Prime Numbers in Mathematics this morning. We have had some challenging questions to answer:

– Is 1 a Prime Number?
– Which Number between 1-30 has the most factors?
– 13 and 31 are Prime Numbers, can you think of any other 2 digits that remain as Prime Numbers when reversed!

Our heads are hurting but we have had lots of fun working them out!

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Looking after our teeth.

This week the nursery children are learning about the importance of taking care of their teeth. They watched a demonstration of how to clean their teeth, then practised their technique on some giant teeth. They played a selection of dental related maths games and even pretended to be a dentist by playing games on the interactive whiteboard.

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