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Strong Passwords 💪🏼

We had an E-Safety lesson this afternoon in Year 5 and we looked at the features of strong passwords. They need to memorable as we don’t want to have to write them down anywhere. We looked at ways we can strengthen them and make it extremely difficult for and would be hackers to access our online accounts. Children made their own fictious passwords to see if their partners could crack them!

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Fabulous Faces!

Reception have been exploring the features on their faces, we looked at some faces without eyes and mouths, the children decided that we needed both to work out how we feel.

We had some fun creating our own faces using pumpkins and biscuits, yummy!

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Eco Warriors meet again!

Look out Pontlliw here come the warriors!

The first Eco meeting of the term, generated some great ideas! The children were full of enthusiasm thinking of ways to make our school an Eco friendly place.

We have talked about a mascot, and how this could promote positive Eco thinking.

First task for The Eco warriors will be the ‘clothes to school’ recycling day. Please don’t forget to bring in your bags of clothes on Tuesday morning and drop them at the P.E shed in the junior yard for weighing.

Microbit Magic

This afternoon, Mr Tavender from Bont comp came into school to further develop pupils knowledge of coding and programming microbits. The children were awesome; Mr Tavender was so impressed they were challenged to complete Year 7’s coding activities. Continue reading

Searching for Signs of Autumn

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This week the Year 2s enjoyed working outdoors to search for various signs of Autumn. Some were easy to find, whilst others were more challenging. They used different senses and recorded their findings. They enjoyed discussing what they found, and applied their previous learning showing confidence and enthusiasm. They are looking forward to more outdoor learning experiences next week. Gwaith ardderchog, Blwyddyn 2!

Foundation Phase Code Club 📱💻

With the help of our brilliant Digital Leaders, children from Reception to Year 2 were able to log on to Hwb and try out coding on Just 2 Easy. They started by using the ‘simple’ setting but many of them quickly moved the ‘advance’ setting, where they had to pre-programme their rocket or car to move around the screen. 📱

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An Interview With Janette

As part of our Science topic we are studying Microorganisms, so in order to also develop our Literacy skills we created open ended questions to gather information about Jeanette’s job. It is so strict to work in the kitchen to ensure hygiene is kept to the 5 star current rating 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

A Cool Carousel

For the last lesson over the past 3 afternoons, Year 5 have been rotating around 3 tasks.

Task 1 – Learn all about the Digestive System – led by Mr Stonham

Task 2 – Estimate the size of a Celtic roundhouse – led by Aimee

Task 3 – Independent drawing and labelling of inside and outside a roundhouse.

The digestive system task taught the children how the body digests and processes the food we eat, how we use the bits we need and get rid of the bits we don’t 💩. The children explained each part of the process using scientific language.

With Aimee, the children went outdoors to estimate the size of a 5m diameter roundhouse. They looked at different things that could help them estimate accurately. Some of them moved on to work out the permimeter of their drawings. They checked their estimates with meter rulers.

Finally, the independent task was just that. Children had to come up with their own learning objective based on the materials they were given. They then helped each other to completed the task in their ‘bubble group’. After reading information on a Celtic roundhouse, they were able to accurately draw the inside and outside of the houses the Celts used to occupy.

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