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Santa SOS!

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The Year 2 children were super excited this week to find a letter that Santa had sent them asking the children for help. He told us that there had been a power cut in the North Pole, and asked us to send him a candle which would help him continue making toys in the dark. The children decided that the candle would need to burn slowly and came up with an investigation to test the burning times of various candles. The children began by researching candles available online. They then made predictions and came up with a clear method for their test. They then made observations and measurements, and finally decided that the green pillar candle was the most suitable for Santa. The children made fantastic bar charts on Hwb to show the difference in lengths of the candles before and after burning, and even learned how to email Santa to tell him what they found out! Jackson volunteered to take the winning candle to Lapland with him to give to Santa. Well done, Year 2! You have saved the day for Santa!

Year 3 Tooth Decay Investigation

As part of our science topic this half term, we have been learning about our teeth. The children are now teeth experts and know the names of each type of tooth as well as what their “job” is. We also spent some time talking about how important it is to brush our teeth and why we need to do it every day. We found out what happens to our teeth if they don’t get cleaned – the build-up of plaque reacts with the sugars in food to create an acid that attacks the teeth!

Last week, we conducted an experiment using hard boiled eggs to act as the teeth – each egg was placed in a different liquid (coke, orange juice, vinegar, black current squash, milk and water) and left for a week to see if it had any effect on the shell.

This week we have started our observations of the eggs. We were all quite shocked at the results! The vinegar decayed the egg the most by entirely disintegrating the shell leaving us with a squishy egg, the coke cracked and discoloured the egg quite badly,  the orange juice left a slimy skin all over the shell, the squash stained and cracked the shell and the milk and water had little effect. This led to very interesting discussion and some good ideas for their conclusions. What an interesting and fun experiment, fantastic work Year 3!!

Home on the range

Year 4 have been busy starting the construction process of their Wild West inspired prairie schooners. They have used their designs to help guide decorating and shaping of their carriages and are excited to see the final products!

DVLA Code Challenge

Three of our boys represented the school fantastically well today at the DVLA Code Challenge. They made a fantastic simulation game, combining all 3 Emergency Services in one place. They won the DVLA’s special prize for their creation and bagged IT prizes worth over £1000 for the school. They also got to meet BBC presenter Lucy Owen along the way, who was hosting the awards. Well done boys! If you would like to play the game, the link is below…

Emergency Simulator

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Faraday Engineers

Year 6 have had a very challenging day today. They became engineers for the day and had the fulfil a STEM workshop to design and make an aeroplane and a transporter. Each member of the group had a role and each group were given 140 Faradays to buy the materials to make the plane and transporter.
The plane needed to fly and then be transported 3 meters.
The children worked extremely well as a team and definitely have developed their skills in engineering… look out future…here we come!

Light Investigation in Year 2

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This week the Year 2s enjoyed completing their light investigation. They were previously set the challenge of finding out which source of light would be the best to use as a nightlight for Baby Bear, after reading the story ‘Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?’. The children came up with a clear plan of what to do, and showed a super understanding of fair testing. They all made super predictions, and began looking at variables.
This week, the children worked together to make a bear cave in the classroom, and tested each light source. They worked on recording their results carefully, developing conclusions and looked back at their predictions to see whether they were right or wrong. The children thoroughly enjoyed the investigation, showing enthusiasm and excellent understanding. “This is so much fun!” was a constant phrase used!

Outdoor Learning

Year 4 got outside this afternoon as part of their science investigation into filtering and cleaning water. They collected shells, stones and rocks and have planned their investigation ready for later in the week.

They also completed some difficult literacy challenges, including using a cypher to decode a word, and worked on drawing and interpreting graphs and charts.

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Making Poo! 💩💩

We recreated the human digestive system in Year 5 today! Children used scissors as teeth, water as saliva, vinegar as stomach acid, and tights as an intestine! The children recreated the process and could see how nutrients leave the intestine into the body to be used, while the waste gets processed through the intestine and into the toilet!

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RSPB visit to Year 1

The wet weather didn’t dampen the spirits of the Year 1 children as they enjoyed our Wild Words session with the RSPB. The children loved exploring our outdoor environment and used a range of equipment to heighten their senses further. We discussed and used lots of different vocabulary and adjectives to describe what was around us. Thank you to Sarah and Wendy for such a fun, informative session.

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