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Diolch Movie Makers!

A big thank you to the Year 6 boys who have been running the after school club Movie Makers over the last term. They have done a fantastic job and everyone has enjoyed. After weeks of filming and editing, today the children got to watch their movies on the big screen! Another successful enterprise. Bendigedig!

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Year 1: Ship challenge

The Year 1 children have been set the challenge of creating ships that can sail across an icy ocean, without sinking! The children investigated which materials would be best and then got to work building their ships.
Next, the children had to name their ships and, using their persuasive writing skills, create a poster to try and convince their peers to buy tickets for the maiden voyage. Today, the children will use their maths and problem solving skills to sell tickets and record how many tickets they have sold and profit made, however they need to think about how many tickets they sell as their ships will need to carry the passengers! There’s a lot to think about!
We are looking forward to sailing our ships later this week…
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Year 3 Rainbow Roses

This week in science the children have been studying how flowers drink water. They learnt about the importance of the roots and the stem and how they transport nutrients around the flower. To demonstrate this we set up a rainbow experiment. With adult help the children cut the stem in half and put each half in a coloured beaker of water. We have been observing the roses over the past few days and even though the experiment didn’t quite go to plan, as only a few drops of colour were observed on the petals, the children thoroughly enjoyed the process. This is one we will definitely have to try again!

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Microbits 💻

This afternoon, Year 5 took a step forward with their coding skills and moved on to coding Microbits! These are mini computers that children transfer programs to. We began by experimenting with music and programmed the Welsh Nation Anthem onto them, we then programmed the microbit to time us on our daily mile! Next week we will programme them to become pedometers!
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Year 3 Flower Dissection

The children had lots of fun this afternoon learning all about the different parts of a flower. They were shocked to learn that flowers all have male and female parts. After a long discussion they had the opportunity to put on their rubber gloves and use tweezers and magnifying glasses to investigate further. They thoroughly enjoyed dissecting the flower and tallying how many of each part their flower had. Ardderchog!

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Strong Levers!💪🏼

Continuing on with forces in Year 5, we looked at levers today. We witnessed how a small force could move a heavy resistance if you used a lever and fulcrum correctly. We even proved it with some of the smallest members of our school vs one of the heaviest! When the children had witnessed this we came back into class and experimented with different weights to put the theory to the test!
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Super Children…. With Superworm!

Welly Wednesday has been all about wonderful worms, and the fantastic book ‘Superworm’.

We listened to the story, joining in with the Superworm chant…..

‘Superworm is super long, Superworm is super Strong….’

we then danced to the Superworm rap, and then completed our fun activities… Take a look at the pictures. Continue reading

Crazy Kahooters

This morning Year 6 were in for a treat…4 new teachers! Our digital leaders taught the rest of the class to take part in an online quiz called Kahoot. Pupils competed against each other and also wrote their own quiz for others to answer. Why don’t you test their knowledge against yourselves at home?

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Forces – Friction

We have moved on to Friction in our forces investigation this week in Year 5. We created informative posters from the research that we carried out. In the second half of the afternoon, we put our newly found knowledge into action and made YouTube style videos of our friction mini-investigation. The children enjoyed testing toy cars on different surfaces and explaining to their “subscribers” what impact Friction was having in each case. Finally, we edited the videos in iMovie and then uploaded to our J2E accounts.

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