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Christmas Candle Jars

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Last week the Year 2 children solved a problem for Santa, and sent him a candle which would help him to make toys for a long time during the North Pole power cut. This week, Mrs. Claus got in touch with the children to eplain there had been a slight problem; Edgar Elf had knocked over the candle and their Christmas tree had caught fire! Mrs. Claus asked the children to design and make candle jars which would stop this happening again. The jars had to let light through, have a heatproof base, would be safe and would look Christmassy. The children got straight to work and designed some fantastic candle holders. They then created their jars, following their designs carefully. I think you’ll agree that we have some very creative children in Year 2! The designs will be sent to Mrs.Claus and the children are looking forward to taking their completed projects home. The next step for the class is to discuss their jars, comparing similarities and differences, and thinking about what they would improve or change.

Christmas Traditions in Iceland

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This morning, Year 2 and Year 5 pupils enjoyed a live web chat with Mr. Stonham’s cousin Darren. Darren lives in Iceland and he told us all about their various Christmas traditions. The children listened attentively, and asked lots of thoughtful questions. They enjoyed learning about the thirteen trolls who leave treats for children, the difference in daylight hours and about the unusual food eaten by people out there (including reindeer!). A big Diolch yn Fawr to Mr. Stonham for organising this morning’s web chat.

Awesome Advertising!

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The Year 2 children have been learning about persuasion texts. They have enjoyed watching and reading lots of adverts, and now understand the persuasive features used by companies to get us to part with our money. The children learned about superlatives, and then used them when creating their own adverts using their fantastic computer skills. The children used Jit5 and were able to search for images online and used shapes and different fonts to enhance their poster designs. Super persuading, Year 2!

Santa SOS!

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The Year 2 children were super excited this week to find a letter that Santa had sent them asking the children for help. He told us that there had been a power cut in the North Pole, and asked us to send him a candle which would help him continue making toys in the dark. The children decided that the candle would need to burn slowly and came up with an investigation to test the burning times of various candles. The children began by researching candles available online. They then made predictions and came up with a clear method for their test. They then made observations and measurements, and finally decided that the green pillar candle was the most suitable for Santa. The children made fantastic bar charts on Hwb to show the difference in lengths of the candles before and after burning, and even learned how to email Santa to tell him what they found out! Jackson volunteered to take the winning candle to Lapland with him to give to Santa. Well done, Year 2! You have saved the day for Santa!

Jelly Bean Problem Solving

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Today the Year 2 children were very excited to find that one of Santa’s elves had set them a problem. The children needed to work together to sort the mixed up jelly beans. However, it wasn’t as easy as they first thought! They children grouped the sweets, using their welsh colour vocabulary with confidence. They then counted in 2s and 5s to find the totals of each group. They children recorded their results in tables using tallying. They then went on to Hwb to show their results by making bar and pie charts. Finally, the children used their addition and subtraction skills to answer questions about the jelly bean data. What a sweet morning we had!

Toys, Toys, Toys!

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This week the Year 2 children have been working on a Rich Task based on the theme ‘toys’. The children worked brilliantly applying their numeracy, literacy, ICT and Welsh language skills to complete a range of focused tasks. The children wrote fantastic letters to Sion Corn, using known sentence patterns. They used our Wal Cymraeg to help them with their Welsh spellings, and used an online Welsh translation tool to help them find new topic words. The children then played a toy shop bingo game, where they had to total groups of coin, say the totals in Welsh and be the first to cover all their toys with price tags on their bingo board. Finally the children enjoyed discussing old and new toys. They had group discussions about whether toys were modern or from a long time ago, looking at the materials used, ways that they move etc. They then used a Venn diagram to sort the toys, explaining their choices. The children also started to learn the Welsh words for these toys. What a super week where lots of skills were practised and further developed. Ardderchog!

Marvellous Measuring!

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The Year 2 children have worked on further developing their measuring skills this week, using metres, centimetres and decimetres. They worked well selecting the appropriate unit of measurement, made excellent estimations and recorded their results carefully when measuring their shoe size, heights, lengths of Christmas wrapping paper and objects around the classroom. The children were also able to see that they could work out measurements in cm when measuring with decimetres by using their ten times table! Gwaith gwych, Blwyddyn 2!

Directions, Positions and Movement in Year 2

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This week the Year 2 children have been further developing their understanding and use of positional, directional and movement vocabulary. They learned about full, quarter, half and three quarter turns, and showed a good understanding of clockwise and anticlockwise movements. Some of the children also enjoyed learning about compass points. The children then used the Bee Bots to practise giving clear step by step instructions, guiding the robots through increasingly challenging mazes and tasks. Da iawn, Blwyddyn 2!

Faraday Engineers

Year 6 have had a very challenging day today. They became engineers for the day and had the fulfil a STEM workshop to design and make an aeroplane and a transporter. Each member of the group had a role and each group were given 140 Faradays to buy the materials to make the plane and transporter.
The plane needed to fly and then be transported 3 meters.
The children worked extremely well as a team and definitely have developed their skills in engineering… look out future…here we come!