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Brechdanau Bendigedig yn Blwyddyn 2!

This afternoon the year 2 children enjoyed using their Welsh speaking and listening skills whilst making delicious sandwiches for Mr. Grinling, the lighthouse keeper. They had to ask for ingredients and equipment in Welsh, and expressed likes and dislikes confidently. We had some weird and wonderful concoctions, and the children also used their understanding of halves and quarters when cutting their sandwiches. Gwaith Gwych, blwyddyn 2!

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Year 2 Enjoy Spelling in the Sun

The year 2 children have been making the most of the beautiful weather, and enjoyed practising their spelling words outdoors. The children worked very hard on a range of practical activities, including building words using foam dice, chalking their words, sponge printing words and building words using coloured stones and matchsticks. Gwaith da, blwyddyn 2!

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Year 2 Fire Safety Visit

On Monday, the Year 2 children were visited by Leanne, a fire safety officer, who came to teach us ways to stay safe. We were taught about smoke alarms and what to do in a fire. We listened to a lovely story about Tani, and we’re given some lovely fire safety activity books to work on. We had a great morning and now feel confident that we know what to do in a fire. Diolch, Leanne.

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Learning About Lighthouses in Year 2

This week, the children have enjoyed learning about lighthouses. We have been reading different stories by the same author, David Armitage, based on a lighthouse keeper. We enjoyed reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and The Lighthouse Keeper’s Picnic. We had some lovely group discussions about which was our favourite and why. We used our research skills to find out about lighthouses, and used our Numeracy skills to compare the sizes of different lighthouses across the world. We have also been working on lots of lighthouse themed activities through our enhanced provision, including designing Lego lighthouses with repeating patterns, lighthouse watercolour pictures, paper model lighthouses and using paint programmes on the PCs to paint lighthouses. Next week we will continue our learning about lighthouses by creating junk model lighthouses with working lights, making sandwiches for the lighthouse keeper and writing Welsh shopping lists for the lighthouse keeper’s wife.

Year 1 zoo helpers

Following on from our trip to the zoo the children have been very busy completing lots of different activities. They received a letter to say that there had been a storm and all of the enclosure fences had fallen down – the animals were all mixed up!! The first thing they did was create a bar chart to keep track of how many of each animal the zoo had. They have all worked hard designing new plans for the zoo – thinking about all of the different logistics – which animals can be next to each other and leaving a pathway for the zoo visitors. They also designed the enclosures thinking about what each animal needed. They then chose one of the animals and wrote a fact sheet about them ready for the visitors to read. What a fab few afternoons working on this project. Well done Year 1!!

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Year 1 at Manor Park Zoo

We had a wonderful day today at Manor Park Zoo. After learning all about different countries, it was fantastic to meet some different animals from around the world. We loved feeding the wallabies, cuddling the giant rabbits,    seeing some rhinos and hearing the monkey’s making lots of noise! It was a pleasure taking Year 1 to the zoo. Their behaviour was exceptional and a fun day out was had by all!

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