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› connect and apply their knowledge and skills to create ideas and products
› think creatively to reframe and solve problems
› identify and grasp opportunities
› take measured risks
› lead and play different roles in teams effectively and responsibly
› express ideas and emotions through different media
› give of their energy and skills so that other people will benefit

Enterprise Troopers Regional Final

A huge congratulations to the Year 6 enterprise club ‘Attitude’ who got through to the regional finals held today in Blaenavon. Throughout the day Joe, Poppy and Carys got the opportunity to speak to a number of judges about their work and take part in some exciting workshops. The judges were really impressed with all their hard work and believed they definitely had the right ‘attitude!’ Llongyfarchiadau pawb!

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Year 2 Investigating Circuits!

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As part of our learning about ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, today the Year 2 children investigated circuits. They were all set the challenge of ‘Can you make the lightbulb shine for the lighthouse?’, and were given a range of batteries, wires and bulbs to try out. They enjoyed seeing if various circuits worked, and every child successfully lit the bulb! The children then decided to extend their learning further and made buzzers work! A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had by all, and lots of learning too! Gwaith gwych, blwyddyn 2!

World Cup Collaboration 🌎🏆

This afternoon every pupil in Year 5 worked on the same spreadsheet at the same time! Mr Stonham shared an excel file with the class, and each pupil filled in details of players from their allocated World Cup country. We gathered the data from the World Cup site. We discussed the benefits of collaboration and also the disadvantages and possible issues that could arise. Next week we will collate all the data and upload it to a database so we can analyse it effectively. As is tradition now, we finished the week with a Kahoot, and you’ve guessed it, it was a World Cup themed quiz. The children should be fully loaded with World Cup facts ready for a weekend of football on TV.
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Colour Changing Cocktails.

Wow! What a busy week.

Reception have been learning all about the properties of Ice in our STEM week sessions. Just for fun the children chose different ice cubes made of juice and built their own ice towers in a cup. We then watched them melt!

We had some different results depending on the order of ice cubes…

look at the pictures to see the fun!

If you are interested in the activity to try at home search for the STEM website and look for Early years home works.
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Entrepreneur at Castle Gardens.

Come on down to Castle Garden today to support our Entrepenure finalists. They have a stall near MacDonalds, along with 28 other Primary Schools in Swansea and are awaiting your custom.

Building Bridges.

The nursery children used their problem solving skills today to build bridges across the construction area. They worked as a team, using planks of wood and blocks to construct bridges that they were able to walk across. They then used their balancing skills to walk across their constructions. Gwaith da nursery! Think we have some future engineers!

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Digital Persuasive Leaflets

After studying various theme park leaflets and drafting the features, it was time to create our own persuasive leaflet, based on our class novel “Full Tilt”. We used the Internet site Canva to produce our leaflets that included bossy verbs, feel good words, rhetorical questions, glossy pictures and vital information for customers. The children are looking forward to finishing their leaflets Friday.
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Lego WeDo

Some of our digital leaders had a great afternoon yesterday testing out our new cluster Lego WeDo sets! It is a great activity to promote STEM across the school. The sets combine reading, understanding, numeracy, and digital skills. They will help other students get to grips with the new technology when the rest of the sets arrive in the new academic year.
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Year 3 Animal Masks

This afternoon the Year 3 children have been very creative producing fantastic animal masks. We first discussed the variety of animals found in the rainforest, which ones were our favourite and why. Some of the children’s responses included the sloth, monkey, jaguar and snake! We then put on some calming rainforest music as the children completed their masks with tissue paper. Can you guess who is hiding behind each mask??

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