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› connect and apply their knowledge and skills to create ideas and products
› think creatively to reframe and solve problems
› identify and grasp opportunities
› take measured risks
› lead and play different roles in teams effectively and responsibly
› express ideas and emotions through different media
› give of their energy and skills so that other people will benefit

Pea Brain Budget!

Year 6 have been learning about budgeting this week. They understood that in order to run a successful business, good budgeting is essential. They were given a challenge, in groups, to budget the running of a home. Each group was given forty dried peas to begin! They were told that the peas were worth £2000 and had to work out how much one would be. They then had to choose how to spend their peas from a variety of scenarios, not forgetting to pay tax! We discussed the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. The children were very sensible, although choosing a few luxuries! We were pleased to find out that each group was left with at least £400!

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This is the second week of our year 6 entrepreneurs club ‘Attitude’. The group runs a variety of activities, this week the pupils got a chance to show off the dance moves with just dance… warming up for Sports Relief tomorrow.

Move over Jack.. Reception are planting Beans!

As part of our Fairytales topic, Reception have been busy planting. We got out the soil, beans, gloves and trowels.. We set to work!

We hope to get some very large beanstalks, and maybe even get to climb one! Continue reading

Movie Makers Entrepreneur Club

We had a fantastic first Movie Makers Club today run by the Year 6 entrepreneurs. The children had the opportunity to plan a short film in their groups. Next week they will be starting to make them. We’re looking forward to viewing the films once they are finished! Well done to the group running the club, the first session was a success!  Continue reading

World Book Day in Reception!

What a wonderful day had by us all. The children looked terrific!

It was such a pleasure to watch all of the children show off their favourite books and characters, we had a Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland and even Mr Stink!

The children enjoyed listening to the visiting author Helen Docherty, and had some lovely suggestions for the characters in her books. We also listened to Mrs Griffiths telling us her favourite book ‘The Twits’ and then decorated Mr Twits beard with lots of horrible food! Continue reading

Celebrating World Book Day in Nursery.

We have had lots of fun in nursery today. The children and staff looked fabulous dressed as their favourite book characters. Our chosen author was Eric Carle, so we looked at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We used tubes to print caterpillar pictures, made caterpillars out of playdough, searched for butterflies hiding in the sand and even made an edible caterpillar out of cucumber and tomatoes. Delicious! We were also lucky enough to have a visit from a real author. Helen Docherty came to read a couple of her stories to us. What a wonderful World Book Day we have had!

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Year 2 Celebrate World Book Day

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The Year 2 children have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day. We have been focusing on the author Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed looking at rhyming words in his stories, exploring the Seussville website, and completing a problem solving activity based on the book ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’. The children also participated in an author workshop with Helen Docherty, where they completed some lovely activities based on her book ‘Abracazebra’. Fun has been had by all, and we are all feeling inspired to write our own stories!

World Book Day 2018

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Today the children eventually got to celebrate World Book Day! Everybody looked fabulous dressed up as story book characters. Thank you for the £1 contributions. The money raised will be used towards replenishing our school reading books. We had a wonderful assembly by the author Helen Docherty. She talked to us about how she became an author, and read some of her fantastic books. The Foundation Phase children enjoyed their workshops with Helen, and were really inspired to create their own stories and characters. Earlier in the week the Junior pupils worked on their creative writing skills with the poet Phil Bowen, and each class produced some excellent writing. Thank you to all the parents for the support with providing and making costumes for the children. We really appreciate your support.

Year 6 Teamwork Towers!

As part of their work on Entreprenuership, the children have been developing a variety of skills to enable them to become successful business people. Today, they worked as a team to design and then build the tallest tower possible using just spaghetti and marshmallows! They thought carefully about the structure to ensure it could stand alone. They later measured them and then evaluated the task. We had joint winners!  Many skills were used including problem solving, risk taking and determination! Great teamwork Year 6!

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