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› find, evaluate and use evidence in forming views
› engage with contemporary issues based upon their knowledge and values
› understand and exercise their human and democratic responsibilities and rights
› understand and consider the impact of their actions when making choices and acting
› are knowledgeable about their culture, community, society and the world, now and in the past
› respect the needs and rights of others, as a member of a diverse society
› show their commitment to the sustainability of the planet

Year 3 Paramedic Visit

We had a special visit today from paramedics Steff and Tash, along with their ambulance. In PSE this term we have been learning about first aid and the DR ABC method and are so lucky to have had this opportunity this afternoon. The session was so informative and the children thoroughly enjoyed having their stats read and being able to explore inside the ambulance. The children had lots of questions to ask and each of them was answered in detail. A huge thank you, I’m sure the children will remember this session for a long time!

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Space Travel in Year 2

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As part of their topic, this week the Year 2 children enjoyed finding out about the history of space travel. They enjoyed sequencing a timeline of space firsts, researching the planets and were amazed to watch the film of the first moon walk.

Real Life Probability 🐎

After studying probability towards the end of last week, Year 5 put their skills to the test this morning with some real life probability scenarios. Each child started with a virtual £10 and placed bets across 4 different horse and greyhound races. We discussed the probability of winning in each race and it soon became clear that we will probably lose if we place a bet!
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Year 5 have been duped!

On Friday afternoon, Year 5 were tasked with researching the “Tree Octopus”. We saw that it was endangered as people were taking them out of the rainforest and wearing them as hats! Despite a few confused faces, they began to make their campaign posters to save the Tree Octopus. After twenty minutes, I told them to google the Tree Octopus and they could see by checking the second website down that it was a hoax! They realised that it is important to check multiple sources before we believe everything we read on the Internet!
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Traffic Light Biscuits and Road Designing

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As part of our road safety learning, this week the Year 2 children enjoyed making traffic light biscuits. They also enjoyed designing their own roads outdoors, which included important safety features such as zebra crossings and traffic lights.

Amazing Animals!

Reception had an awesome morning! The children were greeted by some endangered animals, some they will never experience by visiting a zoo.

We had the pleasure of meeting a Bearcat, Agouti, a parrot, and a baby tortoise. The keepers gave us information about their habitat, and how they survive. Even the staff were excited!

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Year 3 Animal Encounter

What an exciting and informative session the children have had this morning meeting the wonderful animals from A & S Encounters. They had the opportunity to meet a baby tortoise, Poppy the Azara Aguti, Honey the Ring Tailed Coatimundi, Biscuit the Bearcat and Pako the Parrot. The children throughly enjoyed touching the animals and they learned lots of new facts too. They particularly enjoyed when Biscuit walked over their laps! This session fitted in perfectly with our current topic ‘Rainforests’ and the children will use this experience to create a fact book next week. A huge thank you again to A & S Encounters.

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Visiting the Mumbles Tram

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Today the Year 2 children visited the tram shed in Swansea Museum. We got to sit in the old Mumbles tram and listed to Miss Phoebe tell us what it was like travelling on the tram in Swansea long ago. We joined in with lots of stories and even tried on some of the clothes that people wore to go to the seaside a long time ago. We then finished the day off with a lovely ice cream treat as a reward for being so awesome on our trip.

Hazards around the Home in Year 2

As part of their learning in Personal and Social Development, the children have been finding out about hazards around the home. Each group was given a different picture of a room with lots of dangers in. They had to identify them and then present them, using a mind map, to the rest of the class. They also thought of some potential dangers  that were not in the pictures. Great group work all.

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