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Natural Symmetrical Butterflies

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Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about lines of symmetry. The children then worked outside to apply their knowledge and skills by creating symmetrical butterflies using natural materials. The children could explain how to make their art work symmetrical, looking at position, colour and shape.

Messy Monday.

Reception and Nursery have met again! Not to get up to any trouble but to complete activities all about ‘Stickman’.

We have listened to the story, so set to work making ‘Stickmen’ out of sticklebricks, sticks and even created some rainbow art..

Take a look at our pictures!

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Hwyl yn y Parc yn yr Hydref

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The Year 2 children have been working hard on their Welsh skills this week. They enjoyed listening to the story ‘Hwyl yn y Parc yn yr Hydref’, which is all about the different things that people like to have fun doing in the park in the Autumn. We decided that a visit to the park would definitely be needed to help the children decide what they like doing, so off to the park we went! The children asked each other lots of questions using ‘Beth wyt ti’n hoffi?’, and they enjoyed answering using the new phrases that we learned in the story. The children have now started making their own pages for our class book based on the story, and are using Hwb to add photographs and word-processed sentences to describe what they like doing in the park.

Owl Collages

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This week the Year 2s enjoyed making beautiful collages of owls using natural materials. They discussed the different shades of the leaves and which materials would be best suited to the different parts of their owl pictures. I’m sure you’ll agree that the finished collages looked wonderful.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt!

The nursery children teamed up with reception to go on a bear hunt. They looked all around the school yard for clues. They looked on the climbing frame, the stage, in the little houses and in the construction area, and there he was hiding up a tree! You found him! Da iawn pawb! To celebrate finding him, we made some delicious bear biscuits. Yummy!

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Searching for Signs of Autumn

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This week the Year 2s enjoyed working outdoors to search for various signs of Autumn. Some were easy to find, whilst others were more challenging. They used different senses and recorded their findings. They enjoyed discussing what they found, and applied their previous learning showing confidence and enthusiasm. They are looking forward to more outdoor learning experiences next week. Gwaith ardderchog, Blwyddyn 2!

Super Spellers!

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Every week, the Year 2 children enjoy learning their spelling words through a variety of multi-sensory, practical activities. This week chalking, spelling beads, magnetic letters and graffiti walls were the activities available to them, and they all showed super spelling skills!

A Cool Carousel

For the last lesson over the past 3 afternoons, Year 5 have been rotating around 3 tasks.

Task 1 – Learn all about the Digestive System – led by Mr Stonham

Task 2 – Estimate the size of a Celtic roundhouse – led by Aimee

Task 3 – Independent drawing and labelling of inside and outside a roundhouse.

The digestive system task taught the children how the body digests and processes the food we eat, how we use the bits we need and get rid of the bits we don’t 💩. The children explained each part of the process using scientific language.

With Aimee, the children went outdoors to estimate the size of a 5m diameter roundhouse. They looked at different things that could help them estimate accurately. Some of them moved on to work out the permimeter of their drawings. They checked their estimates with meter rulers.

Finally, the independent task was just that. Children had to come up with their own learning objective based on the materials they were given. They then helped each other to completed the task in their ‘bubble group’. After reading information on a Celtic roundhouse, they were able to accurately draw the inside and outside of the houses the Celts used to occupy.

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Outdoor Fun!

The nursery children had great fun exploring the outdoor area this morning. They explored the fairy garden, where they found snails and worms as well as fairies! They then decided to use the blocks in the construction area to build some houses for the fairies. Well done nursery. Gwaith da!

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Tree Detectives

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Today the Year 2 children were set a challenge. They were asked to find out which type of tree is there most of in Pontlliw park. We began by looking at leaf classification charts. We then discussed they ways in which they could gather their data. Then we went down to the park where the children worked brilliantly, discussing and comparing trees and gathering data carefully. Lots of the children wanted to know why leaves change colour in Autumn, so when we returned to school we discussed their findings before reading ‘Why Do Leaves Change Colour’ by Betsy Maestro. The children were fascinated, and are now keen to collect lots of leaves and tree seeds to bring to school for our investigation area. Tomorrow we will use Hwb to show our data in charts and tables. Ardderchog, Blwyddyn 2!