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Pontlliw Bake Off

The children were set a challenge to develop a variety of skills on Friday.
1. Research a wartime recipe – ICT
2. Buy the ingredients and bring in the utensils. LNF
3. Follow the instructions. Literacy
4. Weigh and measure the ingredients. Numeracy

We then cooked the ingredients. While the food was cooking, pupils washed their dishes and cleared the hall.
Then came the most important part… pupils tasted their creations. (Some tastier than others)
Pupils were independent throughout and were absolutely fantastic! Continue reading

Year 2 Christmas Traditions Trip

Yesterday the Year 2 children visited Swansea museum and the Waterfront museum to find out more about Christmas traditions. Our topic this term has been ‘Glitter and Glow’, and we have enjoyed finding out about different celebrations.
In Swansea museum, we listened to stories which explained where different traditions began. We all enjoyed acting out the stories, and had a turn at playing with toys from long ago. In the afternoon we moved on to the Waterfront museum, where we learnt about Victorian Christmas traditions. We then enjoyed making some Victorian Christmas cards and pomanders. A fantastic time was had by all.

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Y2 Backed the Bid Today!

Today Year 2 pupils were asked to Back the Bid for Swansea to become the City of Culture. Even though Swansea wasn’t successful, it was a fantastic opportunity for the children, and they did us proud as always.
Follow the link below to see Y2 backing the Bid…

Non-uniform Day Tomorrow




The Winter Fete is due to take place on Thursday 30th November. In preparation for this the PTA are asking families to kindly donate items towards stalls, the raffle and for prizes.

In return Mrs Norman has kindly agreed that the children may have a non-uniform day on Wednesday 22nd November.

We are requesting items such as :-

• Tins, jars or bottles suitable for the 100 club stall
• Bottles of beer, wine or pop
• Items suitable as hook a duck prizes, such as small packets of sweets, stickers or glow sticks
• Gift sets
• Good quality second hand items (sorry no books or videos)

Any items you wish to donate can be passed to the Class Teacher.

The PTA would also like to take this opportunity not only like to thank parents who have contributed to past events, but we would also like to thank any extended family, Grandparents and family friends who have also contributed towards the PTA’s fundraising events. Without your continued support the PTA would not be able to purchase much needed items for the school.

If you have any questions or would like to help out please contact Jane (PTA Chair) via the Class Teacher, School Administrator or email me on

Many thanks

Jane Rees
PTA Chair

Children in Need – Reception

What a great day we all had.

Reception dressed the part and had fun making masks, counting spots and creating fantastic Pudsey pictures.

All for a very good cause!

We were all so busy, they should be tired teddy bears tonight!

Children in Need Fun!

Wow, what a wonderful day!

Pontlliw Primary did themselves proud, we pulled out all the stops (and spots).

The morning was full of busy entrepreneurs willing to give their hard earned cash to a worthwhile cause.

The whole school enjoyed purchasing toast and cakes, and even had some stalls with face painting, crayons and candles to buy.

Pontlliw swapped their blue jumpers for PJ’s, spots and Children in Need T-shirts to support other children in Britain.

So far the school have raised a fantastic total of £460 with some small amounts being brought to us next week.

CONGRATULATIONS Pontlliw, you have helped to change some lives.

Look out for our name on the show tonight