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A Wet, Windy Welly Wednesday!

What a wet and windy Wednesday it was today, so we had to do some of our activities indoors. We went on a walk in our nature area to collect some sticks, acorns and leaves, and we used the sticks when we made our salt dough hedgehogs. We also made some fabulous playdough faces on  pumpkins and matched the correct number of sticks on the Stick man pictures. We did some super Stick man puzzles and looked for sticks in the sand.

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We do like to be beside the seaside!

Look out Aberavon here comes Pontlliw primary!

Bags packed, registers taken, sandwiches checked, buckets and spades in hand, and we were off!

It was a fantastic day and the weather was kind to us too…..

We dug, paddled, run, played football, and frizbee.

After the first round of fun we sat for our lunch, even with the avid onlooking seagulls, waiting for an opportunity of a crumb here and there. Soon we were up again for more sand castles and the second half of the footie!

A lovely day had by all!

Windy Welly Wednesday

The nursery and reception children had great fun this week learning all about air and wind. We learned that air is all around us but we can’t feel it unless it moves, so we tried to think of ways to make it move. We listened to the story of the three little pigs where the big bad wolf used his breath to huff and puff and blow the house down. We used our breath to huff and puff and blow paint, to make a lovely blow painting picture. We washed dolls clothes and hung them on the line for the wind to blow them dry. We used squeezy bottles to blow air into the water to see if it would make bubbles. We made blow tubes from cardboard tubes and tissue paper, that we could blow into to see the effect on the coloured paper; very pretty! We made cloud pictures from cotton wool balls and we even ran really fast around the yard to see if we could feel any movement in the air.

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Monday Morning in Nursery

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Today was the beginning of another busy week in nursery. The children started their day with some fabulous dance moves. Just look at them ‘Shaking their Sillies Out’! Then they did some Finger Gym, where they had to squeeze, squash and roll the playdough before they used scissors to chop up their playdough sausages. They also used their fine motor skills to use tweezers to sort out different pom poms. They sorted them by size and then into different colours. They also started painting their sunflower pictures where they used a fork instead of a paintbrush!  Some of the children also read with Mrs Lewis. All that as well as playing in the sand, building with lego and playing in the home corner. What a busy morning! I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Enterprise Troopers waw the Governors.

To kick start our Governors meeting this evening, our enterprise troopers presented and did an excellent job! They have worked so hard to implement their enterprises so today they got to show off! They talked about the skills they have developed, their ideas to start their businesses and why they believe they should be entered into the competition.
The Governors have now got the tough decision of choosing one to go through! Watch this space!
Good luck to all groups and thank you for all your hard work. You are amazing, ardderchog!

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