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STEM challenges in Year 2

As part of STEM week, the children have taken part in a number of activities. We looked at friction when they had to pick up jelly cubes using chop sticks. They then had to repeat this after dipping the cubes in vegetable oil. The oil blocked  the force of friction making it quite tricky. They made invisible messages by painting using lemon juice. When it had dried, they looked at the paper using a light and some could see their messages. This is because the lemon reacts with oxygen turning it slightly brown and allowing us to see it. They also had to make the tallest tower using just paper cups and then build a structure using pegs, lolly pop sticks and clips to hold a tray of 100 pennies. It was a lot more challenging than they were expecting! Lots of teamwork involved, an excellent effort all, da iawn.


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Bouncy Eggs and Volcanoes!

As part of our STEM week, we have carried out a number of Science and Technology activities in Year 5. This afternoon we realised that we could make a raw egg bounce after leaving it in vinegar for 48 hours. This happens because the acid in the vinegar eats away at the shell to expose the soft, bouncy membrane of the egg! We also created our own Volcanoes by mixing bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar!
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Melty Mess

Year 4 have been working hard this week planning and carrying out a science investigation to find out how quickly different materials melt. We were very particular about how we wanted to set everything up, and made sure everything was fair by using all the same containers and measuring as accurately as possible. We watched carefully as the race between the ice, ice cream and chocolate unfolded!

It could have all ended in a sticky mess as come containers threatened to fall over! But we managed to collect some good data to write up next week.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

As part of our topic, ‘Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!’  we decided to bring the beach to Pontlliw. The children built sandcastles, made ice cream sundaes, drank ice cool slushies and even paddled. What a fabulous morning!

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Year 5 Sport Relief!

What an exhausting day! We have had a fantastic time celebrating Sport Relief. We have taken part in Hockey, Netball, Football, CrossFit,and a 1 mile run around the village. We also met Ozzy the Osprey and Ospreys superstar Keelan Giles! The children had great fun and particpated in all activities whole heartedly! I imagine there will be some tired legs and a few lay ins tomorrow morning! Have a great weekend.
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School Closure

Dear Parents,

We will be closing at 12pm today due to the severe weather forecast. Please collect your children from the normal class exits at this time. Due to the early closure, lunch will not be provided today. A decision will be made about Friday as soon as possible and you will be informed through the usual methods: parentmail, School blog, Twitter, website and the wave.

Thank you
Mrs Norman