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Sports Relief a Real Hit

Sports relief this morning was a hit. Ozzie Osprey also got stuck in with the sports this morning. The teachers highlight of the day however was winning 4-1 to the pupils… not that we were extremely competative at all!

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Year 3 Techniquest Trip

What an amazing time we all had at Techniquest today. As soon as we arrived, the children were eager to explore all of the interactive exhibits – and they weren’t disappointed. They began by watching a lively presentation about light in the science theatre, which they thoroughly enjoyed – they learnt so much! They were then able to take what they had learnt back onto the exhibition floor to continue their self-directed learning and discovery. What a wonderful opportunity for the children which allowed them to learn through investigation, discussion and collaboration. Well done Year 3, you were a credit to our school today.

Enjoy the photos …

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Year 3 Northern Lights Artists!

We looked at some amazing photographs this afternoon of the Northern Lights – looking at the colours and patterns that they produce in the sky. The children then had the opportunity to create their own pictures using chalk pastels for the night sky and then cut out black silhouettes of mountains, trees and animals to stick on. This looked so effective and the children should be so proud of the work they produced!

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Year 3 Candle Creations

On Monday, the year 3’s were lucky enough to take part in a candle making workshop as part of our topic, light and sound. One of our lovely mums, Mrs. Isaac, offered to come in and help the children create their very own scented candles. Mrs. Isaac talked the children through the making process and provided them with lots of interesting information – did you know that wax comes from plants? They began by melting the wax which then followed with them adding their chosen colour. In order to ensure all the molecules in the wax had absorbed the colour, the children needed to give the wax a good stir. Next, the children had to decide on a scent. There were so many lovely scents to choose from – chocolate cake (a big favourite), lemon drizzle cake, freshly cut roses, raspberries or lavender. After adding their scent, the children carefully added the wick and left the candles to set. The children couldn’t wait to see their creations the following day and were very excited to give their candles to their mums as a special Mother’s Day gift – we really hope you like them!

Mrs. Isaac has just opened her very own shop ‘Little Bit Different’ in Gorseinon (next door to Frampton’s cake shop) where you can purchase some of her beautiful candles, or you can visit her website at

Thank you Mrs. Isaac!


Year 3 Shadow Investigation

The children have been busy the past two days investigating shadows. The question we were investigating was what happens to the size of a shadow as you move the light source away from an object? We had a mixture of predictions with some children thinking the shadow would get bigger and some predicting that the shadow would get smaller. In small groups the children carried out the investigation, recorded their results and created a bar chart, they then used their results to write a conclusion. The results clearly showed that the shadow got smaller as the light source moved away from the object. Ardderchog Year 3.

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Year 3 World Book Day

What a fantastic day we have had in Year 3 celebrating World Book Day. We have studied Roald Dahl and the children have completed lots of different activities. They spent time researching Roald Dahl’s life and have made a fact page about him on Hwb. Today we focussed on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and discussed how Roald Dahl’s wonderful descriptions help us to build very clear pictures of his characters in our minds. The children had a go at this by creating their own character name and completing a character profile – we had some interesting names including Margaret Tittletattle and Bernard Squareyes. The children were then transported to Willy Wonka’s invention room where they designed their very own sweet – this made us all hungry! The inventions included the everlasting time turner and the super duper gum shooter. Ardderchog!

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Year 3 Poetry Workshop

This morning, Year 3 had a special visit from Mr. Bowen. They took part in a poetry workshop where they shared lots of lovely ideas and generated some excellent vocabulary to create a poem linked to our topic, light and sound. What do you think of our poem? …

Light and Sound, light and sound, things we hear all around, things we see, things we found, in the air, on the ground, light and sound, light and sound.

Ardderchog Blwyddyn 3!