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Safety Soldiers Meeting

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This week the Safety Soldiers pupil voice group worked on gathering ideas for improving road safety outside our school. The children discussed the issues and how unsafe parking affects different people. They came up with some fantastic ways to improve road safety, and will be working on them in the coming weeks.

Home on the range

Year 4 have been busy starting the construction process of their Wild West inspired prairie schooners. They have used their designs to help guide decorating and shaping of their carriages and are excited to see the final products!

Magical Maths Team!

Congratulations to our ‘Maths Magic’ team, who took part in our cluster Maths event in Pontardulais Comprehensive. Each team played their heart out, and showed that Pontlliw has great Mathematical skills.

All of our year groups showed great team spirit and encouraged each other to do best they could. Our Year 5/6 team got though to the final and won their heat.

Well done everyone, we are proud!

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Cacen Cymraeg

Our after school Welsh club is a real hit. Lead by our Cymraeg Cwl pupils, each week is planned for and caters for a variety of different Welsh language patterns and activities. This week pupils decorated cakes in the colours of the Welsh flag, ensuring they ask for the ingredients in Welsh. Da iawn, dal ati.

Outdoor Learning

Year 4 got outside this afternoon as part of their science investigation into filtering and cleaning water. They collected shells, stones and rocks and have planned their investigation ready for later in the week.

They also completed some difficult literacy challenges, including using a cypher to decode a word, and worked on drawing and interpreting graphs and charts.

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International Learning

Year 4 were incredibly lucky this afternoon to have taken part in a Skype history and geography lesson with a teacher in Wyoming, USA. They learnt all about the state of Wyoming and how it is a state of “firsts” in America. They also got to see artefacts and interesting objects related to the Plains Indians and other people who lived there in the past (including some shocked faces when they saw a water bottle made out of a bison’s bladder!). They learnt about the mountain men who trapped beavers, then used the pelts to make hats, and learnt about the process of felt making and how hatters were affected by mercury poisoning.

They listened brilliantly and asked lots of questions about what’s they had learnt about. We’re looking forwards to another lesson from America later on in November!

Having Fun in ‘Fun Club’.

We have been having lots of fun in ‘Fun Club’. Our activities include: cooking, painting, crafts, football, iPads and Crome books, board games, and music and dancing. Just have a look at the photos to see how much fun we have.

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Friend or Foe?

Year 4 were visited by PC Parry this morning to talk and learn about friends or foes. They looked at different people and thought about whether they could trust them, or not, and also worked through different scenarios and discussed what would be the best course of action in that situation.

They were brilliant in their discussions, mature with their suggestions and showed just how sensible and aware children I never Pontlliw are – da iawn!