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Sports Relief a Real Hit

Sports relief this morning was a hit. Ozzie Osprey also got stuck in with the sports this morning. The teachers highlight of the day however was winning 4-1 to the pupils… not that we were extremely competative at all!

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World Book Day 2018 – Year 4

Year 4 have enjoyed their start to World Book Day 2018! They have turned out in a fantastic array of characters and costumes, including Captain Hook.

The author we are basing today’s work on is Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines – a futuristic world where people live on moving platforms called traction cities. We have listened to parts of the book and are building our own traction city! Building works are currently underway…


Year 4 Poetry Workshop

Year 4 enjoyed a poetry workshop with Mr Bowen this morning where they got to work through writing a poem about robots. The class came up with some fantastic suggestions, and worked through different rhythmic patterns to create their robotic poem.

They also enjoyed listening to a selection of poems performed by Mr Bowen.

“Robots work for us, Robots made from metal, Robots that are humanoid, They walk they talk they settle, On whatever it is they’ve got to do, And do it with care and speed. Robots that give help to us, Robots that we need.”

Da iawn blwyddyn 4!

Zumba! Zumba!

This half term, year 4 have been enjoying indoor PE sessions working through and learning Zumba dances from They have loved dancing along with the instructors on the screen and everyone has gotten involved!

As part for our Robots topics, for creative moevement the class composed their own dance moves for a joint dance, AND they wrote the music to perform it to.

After 45 minutes of intense dancing, it was hard to see anyone who hadn’t gotten a good exercise session in, including the staff!