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Making Poo! 💩💩

We recreated the human digestive system in Year 5 today! Children used scissors as teeth, water as saliva, vinegar as stomach acid, and tights as an intestine! The children recreated the process and could see how nutrients leave the intestine into the body to be used, while the waste gets processed through the intestine and into the toilet!

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Practical Maths

Year 5 were learning about imperial and metric units today. We carried out practical activities to see if they could estimate a pound in weight with classroom objects (approximately 450g), their height in feet and inches (2.5cm per inch) and finally estimating a pint (568ml)! It was a fun, interactive session and the children learnt lots about these ‘old’ units of measure.

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Roman Research Collaboration 💻

Year 5 used their research and collaboration skills today. They used a hwb playlist to find out about the Roman invasion of Britain and then collated their research on our class note book, where they could physically see each other typing on the same document. We discussed the pros and cons of collaboration before sharing the information with the class.

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Transatlantic Skype! 🇺🇸 🇬🇷

Year five were treated to a Skype video call to America this afternoon with Katherine Petrole! She is a Roman specialist originally from Corinth but currently works in America. She told us all about a fabulous Roman Mosaic floor that had been discovered in Corinth and how they carefully restored it piece by piece. The children were fascinated by this wonderful project and are looking forward to studying more about the Romans after half term! As you would expect, we finished on a high with a Halloween themed Kahoot!

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Crisp Fat Experiment

Year 5 have been independently investigating how much fat is in various brands of crisps. We crushed the crisps on to squared paper and counted the amount of squares that were at least half covered in grease. We made sure the test was fair by keeping all conditions the same (dependant variables) apart from the brand of crisps (independent variable). Ask the children what they kept the same to see if they can list all the dependant variables we had. We are going to evaluate each other’s results and create corresponding graphs later this week.

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Having Fun in ‘Fun Club’.

We have been having lots of fun in ‘Fun Club’. Our activities include: cooking, painting, crafts, football, iPads and Crome books, board games, and music and dancing. Just have a look at the photos to see how much fun we have.

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Caroline Lawrence – How to write a great story!

The wait was over for KS2 today as they finally got to meet, million selling author, Caroline Lawrence. She gave an overview of some of her amazing 35 books and then took us through the 7 stages of a great story! The children were engrossed in what she had to say and particularly loved the Roman ‘Poo Stick’ she presented! They also got to see and feel a Roman signature pad containing honey and a Roman belt pouch. She was then kind enough to stay behind after school and sign over 80 books for the children. The children learnt so much from this wonderful author and can’t wait to put these writing tips into practice. They also received a book each from her. I hope they enjoy them! They can find out more about the author at

In the link below, the children can watch some of the presentation again (it does take a while to load!)

Caroline Lawrence


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We are the Champions 🏆🥇➕➖➗✖️

After an intense week of competition, I’m extremely pleased to reveal that Year 5 have won the Swansea Sumdog Competition! It was a fantastic effort by all the pupils and they should be very proud of winning such a hotly contested competition. Well done to the 4 pupils from Year 5 and 6 who finished in the top 10 of the individual competition. Certificates will be handed out tomorrow! 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓