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Sports Relief a Real Hit

Sports relief this morning was a hit. Ozzie Osprey also got stuck in with the sports this morning. The teachers highlight of the day however was winning 4-1 to the pupils… not that we were extremely competative at all!

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Pea Brain Budget!

Year 6 have been learning about budgeting this week. They understood that in order to run a successful business, good budgeting is essential. They were given a challenge, in groups, to budget the running of a home. Each group was given forty dried peas to begin! They were told that the peas were worth £2000 and had to work out how much one would be. They then had to choose how to spend their peas from a variety of scenarios, not forgetting to pay tax! We discussed the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. The children were very sensible, although choosing a few luxuries! We were pleased to find out that each group was left with at least £400!

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This is the second week of our year 6 entrepreneurs club ‘Attitude’. The group runs a variety of activities, this week the pupils got a chance to show off the dance moves with just dance… warming up for Sports Relief tomorrow.

World Book Day Celebrations

Today pupils have had such a fun day today celebrating World Book Day. Our focus author was J.K Rowling, we wrote biography’s, book reviews and read stories to each other. We ev n had PE as various character. That was wonderful to witness! Continue reading

Year 6 Teamwork Towers!

As part of their work on Entreprenuership, the children have been developing a variety of skills to enable them to become successful business people. Today, they worked as a team to design and then build the tallest tower possible using just spaghetti and marshmallows! They thought carefully about the structure to ensure it could stand alone. They later measured them and then evaluated the task. We had joint winners!  Many skills were used including problem solving, risk taking and determination! Great teamwork Year 6!

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Blwyddyn 6 Poetry Workshop

This afternoon we had a special treat, Mr P Bowen visited Pontlliw to compose and listen to a range of poems.

We created poems related to our previous and relevant topic:
Lights, Camera, Action
For starts of the silver screen,
In Hollywood the biggest studio,
Where anyone, who’s anyone, is seen!
Lights, Camera, Action
Where everyone plays their part,
Going out tonight to the movies,
Before the main feature starts.

Gwaith Gwych Blwyddyn 6.

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