Christmas Candle Jars
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Last week the Year 2 children solved a problem for Santa, and sent him a candle which would help him to make toys for a long time during the North Pole power cut. This week, Mrs. Claus got in touch with the children to eplain there had been a slight problem; Edgar Elf had knocked over the candle and their Christmas tree had caught fire! Mrs. Claus asked the children to design and make candle jars which would stop this happening again. The jars had to let light through, have a heatproof base, would be safe and would look Christmassy. The children got straight to work and designed some fantastic candle holders. They then created their jars, following their designs carefully. I think you’ll agree that we have some very creative children in Year 2! The designs will be sent to Mrs.Claus and the children are looking forward to taking their completed projects home. The next step for the class is to discuss their jars, comparing similarities and differences, and thinking about what they would improve or change.

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