Exploring Explanation Texts!

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This term the Year 2 children will be learning about explanation texts. This week they worked in groups to make predictions about the text features that they might find inside an explanation book. The children worked brilliantly together. The group managers made sure that everybody took turns and had a chance to share their ideas, and the group scribes worked really hard writing down everybody’s ideas and predictions. The children then moved on to reading an explanation text about the life cycle of a hen, in preparation for our class eggs arriving after half term! The children were so pleased that many of their predictions were correct, and they spotted lots of the text features such as captions, labelled diagrams, bold topic words, a glossary and a contents page. The children then worked on labeling the text features on pages from the book. Other explanation texts were then provided for the children to extend their learning, and many children decided to search Get Epic for more explanation texts.

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