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What a busy pancake day we had in Year 2! We started by watching a short Fflic a Fflac clip which helped us to learn Welsh vocabulary and patterns linked to crempogau. We then worked together to use the Welsh patterns to complete some data collection about our favourite pancake toppings. We created bar charts and pie charts on JIT to show the data, and then put the charts into another document to analyse and write about the data that we collected. We designed some delicious healthy, happy faced pancakes whilst learning the names of lots of fruit in Welsh, and we used our labelling skills well. In the afternoon, we carefully followed our designs whilst using the Welsh fruit vocabulary. In pairs, we played a fun game in which we had to build a pancake face, and this helped us to learn the names for parts of our faces. Lots of fun was had by all, and we developed lots of important skills throughout the day. The boys and girls said their pancakes were delicious!

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