Santa SOS!
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Phew, what a busy week we have had in Year 2! Santa sent us a letter on Monday asking for our help. There had been a power cut in the North pole and the Elves couldn’t make any more toys because they couldn’t see what they were doing. The children decided they needed to send Santa a candle to help him out. They started by researching candles using Britannica Image Quest on Hwb. The children then decided that they needed to test a variety of candles, and came up with a super idea for a candle investigation.
We worked on coming up with a method, making predictions, completing labelled diagrams and used a table to record measurements of the candles before and after burning. The children decided that the pillar candle would be the most suitable, and we learned how to send an email to let Santa know what we found out. Mrs. Cusack sent the candle to Santa and the next morning we received another letter…this time from Mrs. Claus!
Edgar the Elf had knocked the candle over and it had set Santa’s Christmas tree on fire, so we designed and made candle jars that would let light through, be safe and would look Christmassy to cheer Santa up.
What a busy week we have had developing lots of skills…and having lots of fun along the way!

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