“I can if I try!”

Dear Parents / Annwyl Rhieni,


I am thrilled to have the opportunity of teaching your child this year and I am thoroughly looking forward to all the exciting activities we have planned.

Starting nursery is a very important part of your child’s life and at Pontlliw Primary we believe that children thrive within a caring environment, where they feel appreciated and valued.

Class Topics

The topics for this year are:

Autumn Term:  Out of this World!

In this topic we will be exploring space, the planets, rockets, spacemen, stars and any other things that are in outer space.

Spring Term:  Roll Up, Roll Up!

We will be learning all about the exciting and colourful world of the travelling circus.

Summer Term: Oh, I do like to be Beside the Seaside!

We will be learning about the different aspects of the beach, e.g. creatures that live on the beach, building sandcastles and how to stay safe.

Class routines


Our special sound of the week is introduced today. We follow the Jolly Phonics scheme, which is a fun and multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy.  With actions and songs for each of the forty two letter sounds, the method is both motivating and enjoyable for children. It would be beneficial for your child if you could support their learning at home by looking for things that begin with this initial sound, or by playing I spy games. In class, our phonics are reinforced through a variety of different methods that suit all learning styles. For the children that are quite confident with their sounds, alternative, appropriate activities are provided.

Each week, one group will be given the opportunity to bring an item to school that begins with our special sound for show and tell. Please, nothing fragile or valuable!


‘Magical maths’. Today we concentrate on learning our shapes and numbers.

We also have circle time where we develop our personal, social and emotional skills.

‘Welly Wednesday’

Every Wednesday we will be teaming up with the reception class and taking our learning outdoors. Throughout the morning the children will participate in activities based in the outdoor area. These activities will incorporate all of the foundation phase areas of learning. We are very lucky to have the use of our very own nature reserve but it can sometimes get a little bit muddy, so could your child please bring to school a pair of wellingtons and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.


Our PE session will be every Thursday. This will include both indoor and outdoor sessions depending on the weather and time of year. Could you please ensure that your child wears trainers on this day and clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in.


On Fridays, your child will be given the opportunity to participate in a cooking activity. We will be cooking something that is connected to our special sound of the week. Could you please ensure that you keep me up to date of any allergies or food intolerances.
Today is the day your child can choose a library book to take home to share and enjoy with you. They can return their book the following Friday and choose a new one. If you require a book bag, they are available from school at a cost of £3.50.

Welsh is taught daily through a combination of songs and activities, and through incidental Welsh (phrases that are used regularly).

Every week, one child will be given the opportunity to take home Doug the dog for the weekend. Could you please help your child by filling in Doug’s book so that when they return Doug on Monday they will be able to share their experiences with the rest of the class.

Every day your child is able to order a healthy snack from our fruit tuck shop at a cost of 20p.

In foundation phase the emphasis is on experiential learning which involves spending time outdoors, so could you please ensure that your child comes to school with a warm coat. Alternatively if the weather is sunny, could your child bring a hat and please ensure sun cream has been applied. Could I also ask that you please label all of your child’s clothing, as this can save a lot of time, and tears, trying to reunite items with the correct person.

Finally, if you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to pop in to see me.

Looking forward to a fun filled year,

Mrs Richardson.


What have Nursery been up to?
  • Learning About Shapes.

    The afternoon nursery children enjoyed learning about shapes today. They played a game on the smart board where they had to feed the correct shape to the correct monster. Gwaith da boys and girls!

  • Developing Our Fine Motor Skills

    The nursery children have been participating in a range of activities to develop their fine motor skills. They have been stretching loom bands and placing them on pine cones,  screwing washers and nuts onto bolts, and chalking onto carpet tiles. They also took part in dough disco, which involves moulding play dough in time to music […]

  • Exploring The Outdoor Area.

    The afternoon nursery children had fun exploring our nature area for the first time. They enjoyed investigating the different areas and walking across the bridge. Before they made their way back to class, they sat in the outdoor classroom and had a sing along. Well done!

  • Building Colourful Towers

    The nursery children have been learning about different colours, so this morning they decided to use the colourful blocks to build some tall towers. Good work boys and girls!

  • Invisible Mark Making!

    The nursery children used some special invisible ink during their mark making session today. Then they shone a special light onto the paper to reveal their work. How Exciting!

  • Lollipop Stick Trolls

    This afternoon, the nursery children used lollipop sticks, feathers and googly eyes to make some colourful trolls. Don’t they look amazing!

  • A Fun Filled Friday Afternoon.

    The nursery children had a lot of fun this afternoon. They played with the trains, in the home corner and in the sand. They developed their mark making skills by writing on the smart board and they also made a smiley face biscuit using coconut and raisins. Delicious!

  • Hapus or Trist?

    The nursery children have been learning about different emotions this week and today we  discussed what made them happy. They said it was playing with their brothers and sisters, going to the park, and playing with their toys. I am very pleased to say that some said that it was coming to school that made […]

  • Afternoon Nursery’s First P.E Session

    The nursery children thoroughly enjoyed their first P.E session today. They practised balancing and jumping, and even did a bit of dancing!

  • Balancing and Jumping!

    Just look how good the nursery children are at balancing and jumping!

  • Fairy Hunt – Part Two

    The afternoon nursery children also went on a fairy hunt today. They were all really excited when they managed to find all the fairies. Well done!

  • We’re Going On A Fairy Hunt!

    The nursery children went on an outdoor fairy hunt today. The fairies were hiding everywhere! They were on the fence, on the benches, and even up in the tree. The children were really clever and found them all!  Then they used chalk to draw their very own fairy. Da iawn boys and girls!

  • We Love Dressing Up!

    The nursery children had great fun dressing up as different characters today. We had princesses, super heroes and even a dinosaur!

  • A Fun Filled First Week.

    What a fabulous first week our afternoon nursery have had. They thoroughly enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine today.

  • Nursery Fun.

    The nursery children have thoroughly enjoyed their first week back in school. Today they were able to choose a new library book to take home and they made some delicious fairy cakes. We are all looking forward to another fun filled term.

  • First Day In Nursery.

    Today was the first day of our afternoon nursery sessions. The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting their new friends.        

  • Nursery’s Trip to see Santa.

    The nursery children had a lovely day out in The Gower Heritage Centre. They sang some Christmas songs, waited, and then …… Santa appeared! They all went to see him in his grotto and as they had all been such good boys and girls, he gave them a present. They also participated in some ‘elf […]

  • Christmas Crafts.

    What can you make with a salad spinner, some paint and some glitter? Just have a look at what the nursery children made; some amazing spinner art. They put some paper, paint and glitter into the salad spinner, turned the handle and just look at the result. Amazing! They also made a super snowy Christmas […]

  • Christmas Crumpets

    The nursery children enjoyed some lovely Christmas tree shaped crumpets today. They were delicious!

  • Painted Pebbles.

    The nursery children finger painted some lovely Christmas pebble decorations. Don’t they look amazing!

  • A Christmas Treat

    The nursery children have thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas cooking. Just have a look and see how delicious it looks.

  • Christmas Fun!

    The nursery children have had lots of Christmassy fun today. They wrapped presents, made elf pictures and even made an edible reindeer. Delicious!

  • Elvis The Elf Has Returned!

    Christmas has officially arrived in nursery! Elvis the Elf has returned and sprinkled his magic Christmas cheer around the classroom.

  • Sêr Yr Wythnos

    Llongyfarchiadau to our stars this week.

  • Leaf Art

    Lots of lovely colourful leaves had fallen from the trees in the nursery yard, so we decided to make some ‘leaf art’. Just have a look at our lovely leafy pictures.

  • Children In Need

    The nursery children have had a lovely morning participating in a range of ‘Children In Need’ activities. They made biscuits, finger painted a lovely Pudsey picture, decorated cakes and made toast. What a fun way to raise money for a good cause. n  

  • Aldi Kit for Schools.

    Unfortunately we have 70 spaces left to fill on our poster. We have filled a staggering 830 stickers! Wow, thats an outstanding amound spent in Aldi. The closing date to send the poster, is the 18th of November, to be in with a chance of winning the sports kit and the £20,000 draw. A massivve […]

  • Boxes Of Fun!

    How much fun can you have with a large cardboard box? Just ask the nursery children! This morning the children had great fun using their imagination to decorate and play with some large boxes. First it was a house, then a rocket, then a castle. What do you think it looks like?

  • Making Shapes Outdoors

    Just have a look at how clever the nursery children are. We have been learning all about 2D shapes, so we decided to go outside and make shapes out of skipping ropes. The children compared the shapes to see which were the biggest and smallest, and they counted how many children they could fit into […]

  • Growing Grassheads.

    A few weeks ago, the nursery children sowed grass seeds into pots. They watered them, watched them and waited. Just look at them now!

  • Learning About 2D Shapes

    In nursery, we have been learning all about 2D shapes. The children were shape detectives and went on a hunt around the school to see how many 2D shapes they could find. They also hunted for shapes hidden in shaving foam and made different 2D shapes out of colourful pipe cleaners. They thoroughly enjoyed making […]

  • Fireworks!

    The nursery children have been participating in a range of firework themed activities today. First they listened to some bonfire night safety tips from Fireman Sam, then they made firework pictures, paintings and a delicious breadstick sparkler.

  • Pumpkins!

    The nursery children have been having a lot of fun learning about pumpkins this week. They used wooden hammers to tap golf tees into the pumpkins to see how hard they were on the outside. Don’t worry they put their safety goggles on first!  They then enjoyed investigating the inside.

  • Outdoor Adventures!

    The nursery children have had a busy morning in the outdoor nature area. They played musical instruments and sang songs, and they decided they wanted to use a Santa blanket to make a den! After all that excitement we all sat down and had some tasty, warm vegetable soup and a bread roll. Delicious!  

  • Harvest Service 2019

    Today saw the whole school head to Pontlliw Village Hall for our annual Harvest Service. The children performed their individual songs brilliantly, led by the Year 6 pupils. The children made us extremely proud and showed just how talented a school we have. Da iawn!

  • Edible Stars.

    As part of our ‘Out of this world’ topic, we decided to make some edible stars. We used puff pastry and grated cheese, and we looked at how the cheese and pastry changed after they had been in the oven. The children thoroughly enjoyed making them. They were delicious!

  • Looking For Signs Of Autumn.

    The Nursery children have been busy looking for signs of Autumn by going on a walk around the school grounds. They collected lots of different coloured leaves, which we will use in our Autumn investigation and then in our nature art activity.

  • We Love Dressing Up!

    Today in the nursery classroom, we had princesses, super heroes, Buzz Lightyear and even a dinosaur! The children thoroughly enjoyed trying on all the dressing up clothes. They looked amazing!

  • Learning About Number 3

    The nursery children have been learning all about our special number of the week; number 3. They practised the correct formation and participated in a range of number 3 themed activities. Gwaith da nursery. Well done.

  • What Can You Hear?

    The nursery children took part in a fun activity today, with the aim of developing an awareness of different instrumental sounds. They were given a selection of different instruments, and they had to close their eyes when an adult played one of the instruments. They then had to identify which musical instrument had been played. […]

  • Having Fun In P.E

    We practised our jumping skills today. Just look at how good we are!

  • Nursery’s Listening Walk

    The nursery children went on a listening walk today. They especially enjoyed walking around the nature area, where they heard birds singing and the leaves on the trees rustling in the wind.

  • Learning About Number 2

    The  nursery children have had lots of fun learning all about the number 2. They looked for the number 2 in shaving foam, practised the correct formation on the whiteboard, made numbers with multilink cubes and carried out other number 2 activities with the grown ups. Well done nursery! Gwaith da!

  • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going To The Moon!

    The Nursery Children have been busy making their very own space rocket, and today it was finally ready! Zoom, zoom, zoom off to the moon!

  • Space Rocks And Rockets!

    As part of our topic, “Out of this world!”, the children made edible space rocks and rockets. They made space rocks out of Rice Krispies, and rockets by wrapping wraps around hot dog sausages. Delicious!

  • Balance Bikes

    The nursery children have been busy practising their balancing skills and today they progressed to the balance bikes. Just look at how clever they are!

  • Outdoor Mark Making

    The nursery children had a fun and messy morning participating in a range of mark making activities. The activities included, using paintbrushes and water to make marks on the floor, chalking, using whiteboards and different coloured pens, and painting. They even used their hands to draw different shapes and patterns on cling film.

  • Number 1

    Today the nursery children have been learning all about the number 1. They practised writing it on the interactive whiteboard, finger painted it, looked for number 1 pieces of Numicon in the water and sang number songs. Well done, good job!

  • Aldi’s Kit for School

    Aldi’s Kit for Schools promotion is giving 20 primary schools the chance to win £20,000 to kick-start a health legacy for their school. What’s more, every school who enters by completing their Aldi’s Kit for Schools poster will also receive an exclusive school sports kit! Collect a sticker with every £30 spent in store and […]