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Dear Parents / Annwyl Rhieni,

Transition from Nursery to Reception

Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from the Nursery to Reception continuing their Early Years Foundation Stage education. Learning through play will continue to be an important part of the school day. The children will work in small focus groups on Literacy and Mathematics activities to promote motivated, enthused and eager learners. Please do not hesitate to come and see me either before or after school if you have any questions or queries.

Reading in Reception:

During the coming weeks your child will receive their home reading book and reading record.

The children have a daily shared reading lesson with activities, and individual reading to promote reading for enjoyment and information at school.

The 1:1 reading with your child at home is really beneficial- it gives your child a chance to practice what they have learned, build up their reading knowledge and learn about how books work- it is an essential part of their learning. Thank you for your support.

Reading Books

These will start to contain simple words which the children will meet regularly – we call them ‘tricky words’ and throughout year the children will build up their sight vocabulary of them e.g. the, go, to. The books also have words that they can blend with their letter sound knowledge e.g. c-a-t. Please try to find a quiet time (without distractions) when you can share this book with your children. Talk to them about the pictures, help them if they are finding it tricky, discuss with them if they liked the book or their favourite part, the illustrations etc. When they have finished the book please write a comment in their reading record return them to school and we will change it for a new one during the week. Please keep on reading other books to your child as it helps them build up vocabulary, story patterns and knowledge of how books work.

Numeracy in Reception

We will also be continuing with our number/maths sessions with lots of learning linked to the class topic.

We will start looking at basic number skills, the identification of number, addition and subtraction, and how number relates to the child in the wider world. The children will begin to problem solve using the ‘RUCSAC’ method (More information to follow).

It is essential for the children to experience Maths as part of their everyday lives in order for them to understand its use.

Reception throughout the week

The children will continue with their outdoor learning. Each week the children will take part in ‘Welly Wednesday’. Throughout the day the children will have activities based in the outdoor area. Therefore the children will need to bring to school a pair of wellingtons and wear clothing that you are happy to get dirty. This will begin Wednesday 14th of September. (Waterproof outerwear will be provided)

Monday will be ‘Manic Maths day’ this will encourage the children to think about problem solving, not only through Maths but within other learning areas.

‘Phonic Fridays’ where the children will be encouraged to focus on their writing skills and the phonics they have learned throughout the week, within focussed language sessions as well as our topic.

Reception P.E days are : Monday a.m. (Outdoor) and Tuesday a.m. (indoor) .

P.E Kit: Trainers, White t-shirt (polo shirt) and dark shorts/ joggers. For the outdoor sessions you may want to provide your child with a warm jumper.

My PPA session will be on a Tuesday afternoon, and the class will have Mrs Richardson to cover.

General Reminders…

In Reception the children will have the chance to order fruit from our Healthy Tuck Shop, at a cost of 20p a day.

Please remember that all children need to come to school with a warm coat as they will continue with outdoor learning and play. Alternatively if the weather is fine please could your child bring a hat and ensure sun cream is applied.

Please ensure to label ALL of your child’s clothing. If things get misplaced it helps us to match the item to the child quickly before things get lost or muddled with another child’s clothing. (Please do not send you child into school with anything expensive or valuable)

Finally any queries or concerns please come to see us! We will always do our best to help you in any way we can. You are always welcome to make an appointment or pop in after school.

I hope your children have a fantastic year of learning, growing and smiling.

Most of all I hope your children have fun with us.


What's been happening in Reception?
  • Reception Catch Up Sessions!

    Over the past 2 weeks we have been lucky enough to welcome back some of our Reception children. We have had lots of fun learning about hand washing, talking about home learning and most importantly, we have had a lot of fun playing outside. Have a lovely Summer to all Reception Pupils- see you in […]

  • Keeping Our Language Alive.

    BBC Bitesize is an excellent tool for learning Welsh. I’ve included the link on this post to help develop the language in a fun way, for adults and children to help with learning Welsh as a second language. Diolch, Mrs Evans. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zxkq3k7

  • A special message…

    Here’s a photo with a special message for our lovely children and families…

  • Fun Phonics!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this week continuing to learn their phonic sounds through playing a variety of games. Pupils favourite game was rolling the the dice and jumping the amount that it landed on through the hoops- they then had to identify what sound they landed on and name an object beginning […]

  • Thank you to Brett Johns for coming in to school this afternoon to open and close our Sport Relief event.

  • Baby Chicks in Reception!

    Yesterday, Reception pupils were lucky enough to meet the baby chicks that are being looked after by Year 2. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed holding and stroking the baby chicks and learning all about how they are being looked after. Thank you Year 2!!

  • Foundation Phase Sport Relief Fun

    The Foundation Phase children had a great time this morning working their way around various stations as part of our Sport Relief activities. They enjoyed further developing a range of skills, including kicking, throwing, catching, hitting, jumping, balancing and skipping.

  • Reception Gymnastics!

    Reception pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning all about balancing and travelling during a gymnastics lesson today! Pupils started by completing a balancing circuit whereby they moved around in their groups and completed a different balance pose at each station. They then practised different travelling techniques such as skipping, jumping, crawling and hopping! Pupils then combined these […]

  • World Book Day In Reception

    We have had an action packed day in Reception completing lots of different activities for World Book Day! We began by reading the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ as this was illustrated by our author of the day Oliver Jeffers. Pupils enjoyed reading the letters written by the different crayons and then had a […]

  • Big Huge Thank You

    The Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Ambassadors) would kike to say a huge thank you to every one who supports our wonderful PTA. With your help, support and donations, we have been able to resources our teachers to develop the Welsh Language in Welsh lessons.

  • Heartstrings Drama!

    Following on from our introduction to the welsh short film Heartstrings, Reception pupils took to the stage to re-create scenes from the film! We started by pretending to be sculptures, where two pupils played the characters from the film and the other pupil the Artist. It was the artists job to model their sculptures and […]

  • Learning all about the short film Heartstrings!

    This week Reception pupils have had a lot of fun studying the short film Heartstrings which was created by a Welsh artist. Pupils first began by watching the short film and spoke about the different emotions apparent within the film. We then looked at the film more closely and discussed why there was no speech […]

  • Our Emotion Toolkits!

    Following on from our initial lesson whereby we chose to focus on the three emotions Happy, Angry and Worried, Reception pupils have spent the week creating the emotional tool kits that they chose to have when feeling such emotions. Reception pupils each chose to have a personalised notepad where inside they wanted to draw pictures […]

  • The Legend of King Arthur!

    As part of our learning during Welsh Week, Reception pupils have had lots of fun studying the legend of King Arthur! Pupils particularly enjoyed learning all about the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Pupils first began by writing a wedding invitation to the wedding of King Arthur and Guinevere where they had to use all […]

  • Creating healthy pancakes!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun this morning designing and creating pancakes for pancake day! We decided that fruit would be a healthy decoration for our pancakes and used our understanding of emotions to create different faces based on our favourite expressions. Reception pupils could not wait to eat their pancakes and perhaps not unsurprisingly […]

  • Jack’s Beanstalk Life Cycle!

    Having read the book Jack and the Beanstalk as part of our Fairy Tale topic, Reception pupils were eager to learn all about how a beanstalk and therefore plants grow. We therefore decided to examine the life cycle of a beanstalk and also go outdoors to witness the different stages our plants were at in […]

  • Learning all about weight through using balancing scales!

    This week reception pupils have particularly enjoyed exploring the use of balancing scales to determine if an object is the heaviest, lightest or balanced in weight! Pupils used numicon and their understanding of number bonds to balance the weight on both sides- da iawn dosbarth derbyn!

  • Reception Safer Internet Day!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun learning all about how to be safe when using the internet and their digital devices today. We started by discussing some popular apps and websites that pupils recognised and what they are for. We then looked at the story of Smartie the Penguin who taught us all about how […]

  • Welsh Music Day

    Friday 7th of February marked national Welsh Music day. Pontlliw pupils celebrated by listening to a range of Welsh artist and Welsh song, completing a variety of activities including folk dancing.

  • Our Potion Shop!

    Reception pupils continued to learn all about money this week and have paid particular attention to using coins to pay for items! Pupils took the opportunity to use our Muddy Kitchen to create potions and then practised their mathematical skills by selling and buying those items from their peers- Pupils even went on to providing […]

  • Designing and creating Gingerbread men!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun designing and making gingerbread men this week! They started off by using a planning sheet to name their gingerbread man, they then drew a design and made a list the ingredients that they would use. After making the gingerbread men, pupils then wrote an evaluation for what went well […]

  • WRU Schools Design a Mascot Challenge!

    Reception pupils have had lots of fun this week designing a mascot as part of the WRU schools challenge! First we received a special message off a Welsh Rugby Player asking us to complete the design a mascot challenge. We then undertook research looking at different Mascots around the world and decided as a class […]

  • Seren and Sparc

    The Welsh Language Charter, a project to encourage the use of Welsh socially in primary schools in Wales, has welcomed two new characters. The two heroes on posters and badges will encourage children between 4 and 7 years old to use the Welsh language in the playground, at home and the classroom. As part of […]

  • Learning all about Money!

    Reception pupils have started to learn all about money this week! We looked at the different types of coins and what value each coin was worth. Pupils then undertook a variety of exciting activities to develop their understanding- pupils favourites were buying and selling magical items using real coins, coin rubbing and undertaking a task where […]

  • Learning about our Emotions!

    As part of our Erasmus project, where our school is working with other schools across Europe on Health and Well-being projects, we further developed our understanding of Emotions. Here Reception pupils enjoyed meeting the various characters from inside out and then read a fantastic story titled ‘ The Colour Monster’. In the book we saw […]