“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Dear Parents / Annwyl Rhieni,

Welcome to Year 1!
I am really looking forward to teaching your children and I hope that they are excited about the year ahead. I am sure that by working
together, we will make this a fun, happy and productive year.
Here is some general information about our class, however should there be anything you need to know, please do not hesitate to come and see me. I would also appreciate it if you could keep me informed if there are any issues or concerns that I need to be aware of regarding your child.


Year 1 Class teacher: Mrs Davis
Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Sharon Jones, Miss Laura Miles & Mrs Rhian Stonham

PPA Teacher: Mrs Stonham (every Wednesday afternoon).


General Information

In Year 1, we will be encouraging the children to become more independent and show more responsibility for their belongings. During registration, the children are expected to organise themselves, i.e. put their coat and bag on their hook, place their reading book in the reading book box,
remove any fruit money, homework or letters and place in the correct tray. I will also spend the first few weeks this term getting to know your child and doing some activities that will help me gain a good perspective of his/her needs.

Dinnertime & Playtime

As in reception, school dinners are payable via Squid. Please ensure that your child has a healthy snack and drink for morning playtime. If your child has sandwiches, please ensure that his/her lunchbox is clearly marked with his/her name. Alternatively, we also provide a variety of fruit for the children to buy at play time. This can also be paid for via Squid.


Throughout the year we will plan activities based on particular themes. We will provide fun, hands-on activities within a safe and stimulating learning environment which will promote your child’s learning. Our topics for this year will be ‘Superheroes’, ‘Countries and Cultures’ and ‘Commotion in the Ocean.’



What's been happening in Year 1?
  • Halloween In Year 1!

    Year 1 have had so much fun today undertaking lots of Halloween themed activities and of course, having a Halloween party! We started the day by learning a little bit about why Halloween is celebrated. The children then had lots of fun completing their Halloween spooktacular activity packs created by South Wales Police- real life […]

  • The Evil Pea Strikes Again!

    Year 1 had a big surprise this week when we had a visit from the Evil Pea! The Evil Pea had stolen our class mascot- Ioan the Sheep and sent us a video message challenging us to persuade him to return Ioan! Therefore, this week the children have been learning all about how to write […]

  • Superhero Training Day!

    Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed training to be Superheroes today! The children undertook lots of different activities that all involved having to apply key skills that we have learnt this term! Year 1’s favourites were: Using the coding sheet to work out their secret superhero name. They then wrote this down using a secret ink […]

  • One More & One Less!

    Over the past 2 weeks, Year 1 have been working really hard in Mathematics to find one more and one less. The children have really enjoyed undertaking a number of activities, such as writing number sentences, playing one more and one less board games, creating number sentences with magnets and using Numicon to solve one […]

  • Shwmae Day in Year 1!

    Year 1 have had a lot of fun today joining the school in celebrating Shwmae Day! We started off by discussing why we celebrate Shwmae day and what made our Welsh language special. The children were incredibly excited for our celebrations and we set a challenge to say Shwmae to all of our friends during […]

  • Learning all about Animal movements and adaptations!

    This week in Science Year 1 have learnt all about how animals move and the adaptions that allow them to move in this way. We started by observing videos of animals and then discussing how they move e.g. crawl, stomp, bounce etc. We then spoke about their adaptions that allow them to do this e.g. […]

  • Friendly or Unfriendly?

    This week Year 1 have started to learn all about ‘Supertato’ the hero and we looked at what qualities Supertato had that made him a kind friend to others. Year 1 then had lots of fun thinking about what actions could be classed as friendly or unfriendly. We looked at various scenarios and the children […]

  • Creating Superhero Underpants!!

    What a super fun afternoon we have had today in Year 1! After reading the story Charlie’s Superhero Underpants, the children were incredibly excited to design and create their own as part of our D&T project. All pupils were able to create their superhero underpants independently, and enjoyed choosing a superhero word to write on […]

  • Learning all about likes and dislikes in Welsh!

    After learning all about Harvest and the fruits and vegetables that grow, we have worked really hard to learn how to say what fruits and vegetables that we like and dislike in Welsh. The children were all able to use the pattern ‘Dw i’n hoffi’ and ‘Dw i ddim yn hoffi’ when writing sentences and […]

  • Year 1- Mental Health Awareness.

    Year 1 have had lots of fun developing their mental health awareness today, in preparation for World Mental Health Day (Saturday October 10th). We started off by looking at what World Mental Health Day is and why it is important. We then talked about ways in which we can understand our own emotions and that […]

  • Food Around The World!

    Year 1 had lots of fun this afternoon learning all about different foods from around the world and the countries that they come from. The children particularly enjoyed using their map of the world and their information leaflets to research about all of the different foods/countries. They then recorded everything that they found out on […]

  • Year 1 Superhero music

    Year 1 have been super listeners this afternoon just as a superhero would be! They have been listening to a variety of superhero themed music and talked about the sounds and instruments they could hear. They used lots of words to describe the music including some musical elements such as pitch and tempo! They then […]

  • ‘Super’ Colours In Welsh!

    This week, Year 1 have enjoyed learning all about Lliwiau in Welsh! The children enjoyed using their understanding of Welsh colour vocabulary to follow the instructions and design superhero costumes. Now that we are in Year 1- we extended ourselves by learning about how to ask for a light or dark colour in Welsh! Da […]

  • Creating and interpreting bar charts in Year 1!

    This afternoon, Year 1 really enjoyed creating bar charts on J2E (HWB) . We took a class vote on which colour was the most popular (for a superhero costume) and the children then displayed these results using their ICT Skills. The children then showed their bar charts to the class and answered key mathematical questions […]

  • Virtual Class Assemblies.

    Moving with the times, each week a different class will lead a whole school assembly via Teams online. This week, it was Year 6 to kick us off with this new tradition. We spoke to the whole school about our virtual meeting with the Jersey pupils from last Friday. We also showed the whole school […]

  • Designing our own Web Warriors!

    Year 1 have had lots of fun this afternoon designing their own web warriors online using their ICT skills. The children had to navigate the software and make several selections within that software to select their heroes powers, costumes design, colours, powers etc. All the children managed to do this independently- da iawn Year 1!

  • Learning all about Number Bonds in Year 1!

    This week the children have had lots of fun undertaking a variety of activities linked to number bonds. The children particularly enjoyed making number bonds with some guttering outdoors, writing number bonds in their books and playing a number bond board game. Da iawn Year 1!

  • Spelling Fun In Year 1!

    This morning the children have had lots of fun practising their spelling words through lots of practical activities. The children particularly enjoyed writing their spellings in foam, forming their spelling words with wool and stamping the correct letters to form their spelling word. The children also enjoyed rainbow writing their spellings in their language books.

  • Designing And Creating Superhero Cuffs In Year 1!

    Year 1 had lots of fun this afternoon designing and creating their very own Superhero Cuffs! The children independently designed their cuffs- choosing the colour, pattern, materials and shapes that they used! The superhero cuffs all turned out brilliantly and the children had lots of fun sharing their designs with their friends. Another fantastic week- […]

  • Learning all about Super Healthy Heroes!

    When asked about what they would like to learn about this term, Year 1 were very eager to learn all about the kind of things superheroes would do to look after their body and mind. Therefore, this week we have been exploring lots of things that we can do to ensure we are super strong […]

  • Learning all about fast and slow objects in Year 1!

    During our EPIC planning this term, the children were particularly interested in learning all about how superheroes fly so fast and they wanted to know if any objects are super fast like them! Therefore, in Science we have started to explore objects that are fast and slow and the forces surrounding them. The children started […]

  • Learning about our rights!

    This week pupils have had lots of fun learning all about their rights. Pupils particularly enjoyed exploring the difference between our needs e.g. water, food and what we want e.g. toys, bikes. They have all worked so hard- da iawn Year 1.

  • Exploring our Big Question!

    The children had lots of fun this week beginning to explore our big question for the term- ‘Do all Superheroes wear capes?’. The children enjoyed EPIC (Everybody Planning In Class) planning where they contributed lots of ideas in regards to what they would like to learn about this term. Pupils particularly enjoyed writing down on […]

  • Our First Day In Year 1!

    We have all had so much fun today settling in to Year 1 and the children all enjoyed being back together again! The day consisted of us talking about our new classroom and creating our own class charter. The children particularly enjoyed creating their own unique crayons to display in our classroom. We also had […]

  • Welcome Back Year 1!

    It was lovely to welcome lots of the Year 1 children back to school this week. We had great fun in our ‘Check In and Catch up’ sessions.