“You’re off to great places! Today is you day! Your mountain is waiting! So… get on your way!”

Dear Parents / Annwyl Rhieni,

Welcome to Year 2!  I hope your child is excited about everything that this year has to offer. I am thrilled to have your child in my class, and I believe that by working together we will make this a very happy, productive and successful school year.  This is an important year in your child’s school career, as we will be reviewing a lot, learning even more, and of course having lots of fun along the way!   

It is very important that you play an active role in your child’s education. I invite you speak to me any time that you have a question regarding your child’s progress in school. I will keep you informed by sending home class letters and homework regularly.  The school blog will be updated every week, and this is a great way for you to see some of the exciting things that happen in class.  Spare copies of homework activities and letters will be posted on the noticeboard found outside my classroom.  Also, I would appreciate it if you would keep me informed any time your child has a concern/ difficulty whether it be it academic, social, or emotional.

Please find below some useful information that you will need: 


Class Staff

Class Teacher: Mrs. Kirsty Cusack
TAs:  Miss C. Rasbridge, Miss L. Davies,&  Mrs. R. Rees 

PPA Cover: Mrs. R.Stonham/ Miss L. Williams 

SLT Time Teacher: Mrs. R.Stonham/ Miss L. Williams 

Outdoor Learning

The children will be working outdoors regularly, whatever the weather!  Therefore please ensure that your child comes to school dressed appropriately for the weather e.g. coat, sun hat etc. 


This year our P.E. days are every Friday.  N.B.  Pupils will need to come to school dressed in their P.E. kits.  Suggested clothing for P.E. is navy jogging bottoms, white polo shirt and trainers.  All jewellery must be removed and long hair must be tied back for P.E.   


P.P.A. (Planning, Preparation and Assessment)/ SLT (Senior Leadership) Time

My P.P.A. session is on a Friday morning and Mrs. Stonham/ Miss Williams will be teaching the class.  They will  also teach the class every Friday afternoon when I take my Senior Leadership Time. 


Class Topics

The topics for this year are as follows: 

Autumn Term:Glitter and Glow
Spring Term:Take a Trip in a Time Machine
Summer term:Journey with Us over Land, Sea, Air & Space 

 I’m sure that the children will thoroughly enjoy the practical experiences and focus activities offered to them in an environment which supports a range of learning styles.  If your child has any books, artefacts, DVDs etc linked to the current learning theme, they are more than welcome to bring them in to school.  Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 


Reading Books

Please ensure that your child brings his/ her reading book to school every day.  Your support with your child’s reading development is crucial and I greatly appreciate your comments in his/ her reading diary.  Regular reading at home will greatly support the work that we do in school.   



Homework will be distributed as follows:
Spelling Words:Sent home every Tuesday  and can be returned at any time during the week.   

Maths:Allocated online every Friday.  Activities will review key concepts covered in school throughout the week. 


Once again, please feel free to pop in to see me with any questions/ concerns that you may have.  May I take this opportunity to thank you in anticipation for your support throughout the coming year.  Let’s work together to make this year a success and a happy, memorable time in your child’s school career! 


Mrs. Cusack 

What's been happening in Year 2?
  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Glossary Challenge

    we have been learning about features of explanation texts in Year 2. This week we focused on the use of contents pages and glossaries. We learned about the way the different pages are organised, and how contents pages are in numerical order, whilst glossaries are in alphabetical order. The children were set the challenge of […]

  • Creating Labelled Diagrams

    As part of our learning about the features of explanation texts, this week the Year 2s enjoyed using J2E5 to create fantastic labelled diagrams of chicks and chickens. They used the text, picture and line tools confidently.

  • Emotion Tools

    As part if our school’s Erasmus European project, this week the Year 2 children have been focusing on emotions and self-regulation. We read lots of fantastic stories, which helped us to think about the way various emotions affect us. We discussed times when we felt delighted, anxious, frustrated, scared and so on. We then talked […]

  • Safer Internet Day 2020

    The Year 2s enjoyed completing lots of work for Safer Internet Day. We talked about personal information and learned about information that needs to be kept private when online. We also discussed people who we can and cannot trust with out personal details. The children enjoyed making online identity posters which showed what they like […]

  • Welsh Music Day

    Friday 7th of February marked national Welsh Music day. Pontlliw pupils celebrated by listening to a range of Welsh artist and Welsh song, completing a variety of activities including folk dancing.

  • Awesome Addition Skills!

    In Year 2 we have been working hard to further develop the strategies that we use to solve addition problems. The children have worked their socks off this week, and enjoyed trying out various methods for solving missing number sentences.

  • Exploring Explanation Texts

    This week the year 2s have been exploring the features of explanation texts. They enjoyed working together and as individuals to discuss and find the various features, including labelled diagrams, topic words, glossaries, contents pages, sub-headings, captions and facts.

  • Dyn Eira Models

    Last week the Year 2s designed their own Dyn Eira, writing about the clothing worn in Welsh. This week the children enjoyed following their designs to make their Dyn Eira models. The children used Welsh clothes and colours vocabulary to talk about their designs.

  • Fantastic Fossils!

    This week the Year 2s enjoyed learning about how fossils are formed. The boys and girls then experimented with making their own fossils, making prints in clay using interesting parts of dinosaur models. The children commented on the textures and shapes they could see.

  • Seren and Sparc

    The Welsh Language Charter, a project to encourage the use of Welsh socially in primary schools in Wales, has welcomed two new characters. The two heroes on posters and badges will encourage children between 4 and 7 years old to use the Welsh language in the playground, at home and the classroom. As part of […]

  • Year 2 Digital Musicians

    The children have been using a website called Google Chrome Music Lab this week to create musical masterpieces! They used the website’s Kandinsky experiment to draw pictures linked to their topic which then produced a piece of music. They were able to talk about some musical elements such as pitch and dynamics. They had an […]

  • Properties of Materials

    The Year 2s have been learning about properties of materials, and enjoyed showing their learning using J2E5. They made posters using lots of words linked to materials, including rigid, opaque, transparent and waterproof..

  • Dyn Eira Designs

    We have been using lots of Welsh vocabulary about Winter in Year 2 this week. We read a lovely story called ‘Hwyl yn y Parc yn y Gaeaf’, and we described lots of clothing in Welsh. After discussing what they like to do in the park in the Winter, the boys and girls set to […]

  • Building Materials

    This week the Year 2s went outside to investigate the various materials that buildings are made from. We discussed the reasons for the various choices of materials. The children understood that glass is used for windows because it is transparent, brick is used for walls because it is rigid and strong, and that plastic is […]

  • Super Problem Solvers!

    We did lots of problem solving in Year 2 this week, focusing on the strategy of ‘making an organised list’. This strategy really helped the children to organise their ideas and work.

  • How was Earth formed?

    This week the Year 2s enjoyed using their research skills to learn about how the Earth began. We talked about where Pontlliw is and the children loved using Google Earth to locate our school. We then zoomed out and looked at Swansea, Wales, the UK and finally zoomed right out to look at the shape […]

  • Super Shared Writing Skills

    The story Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish has taught the Year 2s a lot about issues regarding recycling and what can happen if we don’t look after our planet. The children enjoyed looking closely at an illustration from the book, which showed the effect of cutting down trees, not recycling and air pollution. The children […]

  • Reading for Information

    This week the Year 2s have been reading the story Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish. The children decided that the rich man in the story would need a rocket to travel to the star, and explained why this would be the best form of transport. They were then given a design brief from the rich […]

  • Super Spellers!

    Super spelling work by the Year 2s this week! The children used lots of different methods to learn their spelling words, including rainbow writing, dictionary hunts and word building.

  • Writing Welsh Recounts

    The Year 2s enjoyed using J2E to write recounts about our class trip to the museum. They used Welsh past tense sentences to write about where they went, how they got there, who they went with, what they saw, what they ate and what kind of time they had. The children confidently used shared images […]

  • Kerbcraft

    The Year 2s enjoyed their first outdoor Kerbcraft session this week. They went down to the Zebra crossing and learned how to use it correctly and safely. The boys and girls were very sensible and worked brilliantly.

  • Year 2 A Bucket of Kindness

    In Year 2 today we having been talking about showing kindness to others and ourselves. During our Circle time session, the children each had a slip of paper with a child’s name on. They then had to write about a time when they had seen that person displaying kindness. They were then put into our […]

  • Symmetrical Snowflakes

    The Year 2s decided that, as part of their topic this term, they wanted to learn about the changes in the seasons, especially Winter. They made super snowflakes, and were able to show where the lines of symmetry were. The boys and girls enjoyed comparing their designs, and were able to discuss similarities and differences.

  • Kerbcraft Session 1

    On Monday, Charlie came in for our first Kerbcraft session. The Year 2s discussed the Kerbcraft rules and what they will be doing in the sessions each week. The boys and girls are very excited and are looking forward to learning important road safety skills this term. They cannot wait for our first outdoor Kerbcraft […]



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