“Always remember. You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Dear Parents / Annwyl Rhieni,

Aims of Year 6

  • Participation & social skills
  • Prepare the children for the end of key stage assessments.
  • Prepare them for a smooth transfer to secondary school.
  • To help the children to gain more independence.
  • For a fun and enjoyable final year!

Class Topics

Autumn term – Doodlebugs and Dictators
Trip – Borfa House

Spring term – Flight and Space
Trip – TBC

Summer term – Tour de France (Transition project)
Trip – Oakwood

Working Together

  • This year is all about development for the Year 6 pupils. They need to develop skills at organising their belongings and getting their homework done on time.
  • They will need to take responsibility for their own learning and organisation. It is no longer just your responsibility!
  • Please try and encourage your child to prepare their own equipment for school, make their packed lunch, get their homework done, read to you and ensure they have all the correct equipment for school.
  • You will be helping them enormously if you let them take responsibility for their own mistakes.
  • It could be a good idea to give your children additional jobs to do at home.
  • Please encourage them to spend their time wisely at home – continue to save games consoles and televisions for treats when everything else is done!


  • The Year 6 children are set Maths homework on Thursday. Occasionally they are set English homework on Tuesday which will normally involve the topic but this changes.
  • Spelling lists are given out on a Tuesday. The previous list is tested on the same day and you will find this on the back page.
  • We do expect the correct amount of time to be spent on homework and for it to be high quality. Children will be asked to do it again if it is not of the correct standard and may miss part of break times as a sanction for this.
  • This is all good practise for Pontarddulais Comprehensive School.


  • Ensure your child reads every night.
    20 minutes aloud every day is the ideal!
  • Encourage them to read fiction and non-fiction.
  • Try to listen to your child read and ask them questions about the text.
  • Help them with the different skills of reading especially ‘skim’ reading where they are looking for key words in the text.
  • Speed reading
  • Reading homework – comprehension.


  • Again, reading a variety of texts – the more children read, the more familiar they become with different text types
  • Reading homework – text analysis
  • Writing homework – sentence structure
  • Spelling – spelling lists / rules every week
  • Grammar and punctuation homework


  • Times tables must be known up to at least 12 x 12
  • Estimating, weighing, measuring are all good to discuss and do practically. Must use metric measures.
  • Money – using it in the shops, working out change, adding up bills, questions e.g. if 1 bag of sugar costs 56p, how many will 7 cost?
  • Mental addition, subtraction, multiplication & division
  • Reading and writing numbers to 100 000
  • Doubling and halving, including decimals
  • Solving number puzzles e.g. Sudoko


  • Children are taught about their Welsh heritage
  • Children are taught incidental Welsh (commands in Welsh in every lesson)
  • Emphasis on developing knowledge of the Welsh language as we work towards achieving our Siarter Iaith Bronze Award

How can you help?

  • The best help is interest taken in learning and progress.
  • Supporting homework.
  • Good communication between the school and home.
  • Getting a good sleep on a school night!

Year 6 Transition Process

  • Discussions held with head of year 7, SENCO and nurse after Easter.
  • MAT visits during year for ICT and Art
  • Opportunities for visits to cook and see Christmas production.
  • CATs testing in June
  • Transition week spent in
    Pontarddulais Comp to experience new school.
  • IMPORTANT – Application is online (see Swansea City and County website for details)

Other information

  • PE – Tuesday and Thursday (Swimming on Tuesday morning, late autumn term)
  • Parent Evenings – One in autumn term and one in spring term.
  • Keep up to date on school blog at www.pontlliwprimary.co.uk
  • Sign up to Parent Mail

and finally…

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions please pop in before of after school. We hope your child enjoys their year in Year 6.

Weekly Timetable

What's been happening in Year 6?
  • Friends For Life

    “You gave it all, You gave it plenty, YOU were the class of 2020” “Friends… The one where we were quarantined”

  • Reminiscing About The Past

    Year 6 pupils shared their favourite memories, funniest moments and greatest achievements. It was so nice to laugh about the good times and remember everything that they have done and achieved. We are all so proud of who they have become. Good Luck Year 6 as you set off on the next chapter of your […]

  • After a Storm, Comes a Rainbow

    Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils for graduating from Pontlliw

  • Thank you for being you!

    This week saw the return of our Year 6 pupils. We have missed them so much. It has been an absolute delight to have them back in school with us. The children enjoyed playing hide and seek as its’s been such a long time since they have interacted face to face with each other. We […]

  • Keeping Our Language Alive.

    BBC Bitesize is an excellent tool for learning Welsh. I’ve included the link on this post to help develop the language in a fun way, for adults and children to help with learning Welsh as a second language. Diolch, Mrs Evans. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zxkq3k7

  • A special message…

    Here’s a photo with a special message for our lovely children and families…

  • Mabinogion Welsh Tales

    Our KS2 pupils are in for a treat today. They will experience the very talented story teller from Big Foot Education Centre. The children will be told tales from the dark ages of the Welsh coast. They will also develop their drama skills as they take part and become part of the story.

  • Swansea Sports Awards 🏉

    Congratulations to last year’s rugby team who made the final of the Swansea School Team of the Year for 2019. We were treated to a wonderful night hosted by local celebrity Kev Johns. Well don’t boys on your hard work and dedication.

  • Are you mean?

    In maths today we learnt a new meaning to mean; we also learnt about mode, median and range. Whilst developing our Health and Well-being skills, pupils threw tennis balls 🎾 (How many throws in a half a minute?) and repeated 5 times. We then calculated the mean, mode, median and range.

  • Thank you to Brett Johns for coming in to school this afternoon to open and close our Sport Relief event.

  • Sportstatic for Sports Relief 🎾 🏀 ⚽️

    Today we are celebrating Sport Relief. We are working as a community to develop our skills and raise money for this amazing event. A huge Diolch to Blwyddyn 6 for stepping into their roles as teachers and leading sports stations this morning.

  • Stylish Spaceships

    As we have learnt a lot about the creation of Earth (God or the Big Bang debate) planets, stars, seasons, time zones and the history of space travel; we now move on to the element of flight. To engage pupils enthusiasm we started with our Design and technology project. Year 6 have been designing, making […]

  • Beautiful Bird Boxes

    As part of our Design and Technology project, Year 6 have been designing a bird box for a robin. Today Mr Hughes came in to school to help the children assemble the boxes. They also varnished the wood to protect them from the weather. Next week we will be making fat balls of seeds. We […]

  • WBD Y6 2020

    Year 6 enjoyed learning about our famous author, J.K Rowling. They enjoyed creating a character profile of a story book characyer then completing a profile on J.K Rowling. They enjoyed watching Harry Potter and analysing the special fx.

  • Big Huge Thank You

    The Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Ambassadors) would kike to say a huge thank you to every one who supports our wonderful PTA. With your help, support and donations, we have been able to resources our teachers to develop the Welsh Language in Welsh lessons.

  • Communicating Using Sign

    Year 6 have recently learnt how to use sign language to communicate. It is wonderful to see them putting it in to practice. Gwaith Gwych Blwyddyn 6.

  • Pob Lwc Merched

    Good luck to our Year 6 girls who are competing in a Welsh Urdd Competition today. Pob Lwc Merched. Smash it

  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

    We have already had a busy morning at Pontlliw, celebrating St David’s Day. This afternoon the children will be in our Eisteddfod: reciting, singing and being presented with certificates for the winning art and writing competitions. And of course we will be finding out who will be crowned as our ‘chair’ of the Eisteddfod from […]

  • Pentre Graig Away 🏉

    The rugby team were in action again this afternoon in Pentre Graig Primary School. It was a hard fought game and Pentre Graig eventually run out as winners in what was a physical and competitive game. The children did themselves and the school proud and will look to bounce back with a win in their […]

  • Jac Y Do

    This term, one aspect of our PE is dance. What better way to start the unit by also learning about our Welsh Herritage. In PE this week, Year 6 learnt a Welsh folk dance. Over the next couple of weeks, they will be dancing to a variety of folk songs and dances and finishing off […]

  • Have you Packed for Wales?

    This week we have been studying Welsh film. Or focus film was called, Have you Packed for Wales? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Year 6 studied the film and threw a dice to discuss aspects of film: Story, setting, sound, colour, camera and character. Pupils then generated 10 questions about the film ensuring each sentence began with a different […]

  • Emotion Tools

    Year 6 have been producing a variety of products to enable pupils to build up a bank of strategies to deal with emotions such as: anger, anxiety and depression. Products included a chatter qube, dice, poster, magnets, PowerPoint and a game coded by emotion. Pupils have enjoyed being part of such a valuable project; it […]

  • What’s the time Mr Sundial?

    Today we rolled back time to 3500BC and challenged ourselves to make a sundial to tell the time just like the ancient Greeks and Romans did. Children measured 15 degrees with a protractor and marked out the time for each hour from 6am to 6pm. Unfortunately we were unable to test if our sundials worked […]

  • I Love to Ride my 🚲

    This week, Year 6 have been developing their cycling skills on the school yard, in our local estate and some have been cycling onto the main roads.

  • Can the Solar System Fit onto our Yard?

    This was the challenge that Year 6 were set: Can you fit our Solar System onto the school yard? After looking at data about the distance of each planet from the sun, children rounded to the nearest 1,000,000km and decided on a scale of 1cm = 1,000,000km. So in answer to the question…YES, you can […]