AoLE Cross-Curricular Literacy
Examples of Cross-Curricular Literacy
  • A day in the life of a Celt!

    Year 5 have look at how an everyday Celt lived in Wales nearly 3000 years ago this afternoon. They looked at various things the Celt use to do in their daily lives and then used their research to create a diary entry. Lots of the children were able to use the skills we have been […]

  • Woodland Animal Research

    This morning, we started reading a lovely story called ‘Pricklebum’s Amazing Adventure’. We talked about how hedgehogs are woodland animals and compared them to other animals that live in different habitats, listing all the animals we could think of and sorting them into an alphabet chart. The children then did lots of research about woodland […]

  • Fish is the Dish! 🐟

    Year 5 had a very special treat this afternoon hosted by Swansea Council. We learnt about the different types of fish that can be sourced from Swansea Bay! It fitted in well with our science focus as we learnt about the benefits that fish has on our bodies and brains! Finally we got to taste […]

  • Going on a Bear Hunt!

    What a beautiful day for a Bear Hunt and Reception are NOT scared! We had great fun exploring our outdoor area, and collecting dinner for the Bear. We acted out the story by moving our bodies, and even made some fruity kebabs! Luckily the Bear didn’t arrive to steal the delicious fruit and we ate […]

  • Learning all about Super Healthy Heroes!

    When asked about what they would like to learn about this term, Year 1 were very eager to learn all about the kind of things superheroes would do to look after their body and mind. Therefore, this week we have been exploring lots of things that we can do to ensure we are super strong […]

  • Learning about our Rights in Year 3

    Today, we learnt all about children’s rights. These are all the things that children need to grow up happy, healthy and safe. We began by looking at each article and discussing why each one was important. The children then considered which of the articles they thought were the most important in helping us to create […]

  • What Do We Celebrate and When?

    Yesterday, the Year 2 children enjoyed finding out more about what we celebrate and when the celebrations happen. The children discussed our birthdays and sequenced them onto a class birthday timeline. They also enjoyed using the internet to find out the dates of popular celebrations, and then sorted them into the correct months. Super researching […]

  • Learning all about fast and slow objects in Year 1!

    During our EPIC planning this term, the children were particularly interested in learning all about how superheroes fly so fast and they wanted to know if any objects are super fast like them! Therefore, in Science we have started to explore objects that are fast and slow and the forces surrounding them. The children started […]

  • WANTED in Year 4!

    Year 4 have been working hard writing some creative WANTED posters for villains in the Wild West! There have been funny crimes, dastardly crimes and nicknames to boot! They used their writing and creative skills to create posters which were weather worn and beaten. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Instrumental Sounds

    The listening activity in nursery was a lot of fun today. The aim of the activity was to develop the children’s awareness of different sounds. They had to listen very carefully, to sounds made by various instruments. The activity included, comparing and matching sounds, playing instruments alongside a story and making loud and quiet sounds. They […]

  • Missing a Number?

    Reception have spent the week sorting out numbers. They have been using a variety of activities to order numbers, group items, and create patterns. The children have also used their Welsh counting skills to match the groups to the numbers! Well done Reception you found all the missing numbers in our number line!

  • Year 2 – Mistakes are ok!

    In Year 2 this week the children listened to a lovely story called ‘The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes’. It is a lovely growth mindset book for children which encourages children to learn and grow from their mistakes. In the story, Beatrice Bottomwell has NEVER made a mistake. She never forgets her homework, she never […]

  • Developing our Number Bonds in Year 3

    This week in maths, we have been developing our understanding of Number Bonds. The children have completed a range of activities to help develop these skills, with their favourite being the game ‘Find My Number Bond Partner’. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing this game throughout the week and were eager to try and beat their […]

  • Developing our Reading Skills in Year 3

    This week, the children have been developing their reading techniques and have worked on strategies such as questioning, visualisation and prediction skills. We started the week by reading our class novel ‘There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath’ by Jeremy Strong. We began by looking closely at the front cover of the book and discussed what […]

  • Time to Save The World

    Today Year 6 developed their orienteering skills. Pupils marked out hidden ‘bombs’ on their maps and their partners had to find them in the limited time before the school blew up (WW2 related of course) Everyone enjoyed and every pupils learnt a brand new skill of orienteering a map. We have had a fantastic first […]

  • Which is the most common tree in Pontlliw park?

    Last week during our EPIC planning session, lots of the children came up with interesting questions about trees, such as ‘Why do we have Christmas trees?’, ‘Why do some trees have different colour leaves? and ‘Where do conkers and acorns come from?. Today we used these questions as the start of a lesson. We talked […]

  • Sketchbook Poetry in Year 4

    Year 4 have been writing poems called “I didn’t” – a funny list of weird and wonderful things they didn’t get up to in the holidays! They have been brilliantly creative in their writing, and have also been practising using different layouts and designs in their sketchbooks. Da iawn Blwyddyn Pedwar!

  • Learning about our rights!

    This week pupils have had lots of fun learning all about their rights. Pupils particularly enjoyed exploring the difference between our needs e.g. water, food and what we want e.g. toys, bikes. They have all worked so hard- da iawn Year 1.

  • Getting to Know You

    The Year 2 children enjoyed completing a ‘Getting to Know You’ activity last week. Each child thought of a unique question that they could ask their friends The children worked in an organised way to gather and record their data. They then used J2E chart on Hwb to create bar charts showing what they found […]

  • Year 3 Are Curious!

    This year, I have introduced a Curiosity Cube to our classroom in order to promote curiosity, communication and exploration. Every Monday, an item will be placed in the Curiosity Cube for the children to discuss. They will be encouraged throughout the week to talk about what they can see, what they think it might be […]

  • Expressive Musical Art

    Year 6 listened to music from WW2 today. We played along to ‘We’ll meet again’ using bells and Glockenspiels. Pupils followed the music and drew a creative piece of art work linked to mood and tempo. Pupils them had an opportunity to compose their own piece of music using Google Music Lab

  • Our first missions of the year

    Year 5 started their missions with a bang this afternoon by independently carrying out activities about Roald Dahl in readiness for Roald Dahl day on 13th September. The children came up with the activities and enjoyed working through them throughout the afternoon in groups.  

  • Year 3 are Bucket Fillers!

    Today, we read the story “Have you filled a bucket today?” by Carol McCloud. It is a beautiful book which encourages positive behaviour by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love. The idea is that we all carry an invisible […]

  • Exploring our Big Question!

    The children had lots of fun this week beginning to explore our big question for the term- ‘Do all Superheroes wear capes?’. The children enjoyed EPIC (Everybody Planning In Class) planning where they contributed lots of ideas in regards to what they would like to learn about this term. Pupils particularly enjoyed writing down on […]

  • EPIC Planning in Year 2!

    At the start of every term, we ask the children to work together to discuss what they would like to learn about. Today we did our EPIC planning (Everybody Planning In Class), based on this term’s big question ‘Why Do We Celebrate?’. Using picture prompts to generate discussions, the children cam up with fantastic smaller […]

  • Our First Day In Year 1!

    We have all had so much fun today settling in to Year 1 and the children all enjoyed being back together again! The day consisted of us talking about our new classroom and creating our own class charter. The children particularly enjoyed creating their own unique crayons to display in our classroom. We also had […]

  • Hwb Keeping safe online – Summer challenge

    Hwb competition details and entry form: We’ve all been spending more time online during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, whether to stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with school work or for entertainment. Keeping yourself safe online has never been more important. Many of you will have been taking steps to protect yourselves […]

  • Hwb Summer Family Enterprise Challenge

    The Summer Enterprise Challenge is for anyone aged 16 or under in Wales with a great idea that could be a business or help the community The Big Ideas Wales Family Enterprise Summer Challenge is for any young person in Wales aged 16 or under who has had an idea during the lockout that could […]

  • Reminiscing About The Past

    Year 6 pupils shared their favourite memories, funniest moments and greatest achievements. It was so nice to laugh about the good times and remember everything that they have done and achieved. We are all so proud of who they have become. Good Luck Year 6 as you set off on the next chapter of your […]

  • Keeping Our Language Alive.

    BBC Bitesize is an excellent tool for learning Welsh. I’ve included the link on this post to help develop the language in a fun way, for adults and children to help with learning Welsh as a second language. Diolch, Mrs Evans.

  • BBC Bitesize Lessons

    BBC Bitesize have released a fantastic new daily schedule of lessons for children of all ages, with many celebrities taking part. You can find the resources at feel free to use these resources in addition to the work we are sending home if you wish. Please note, these are just ideas for you and your children […]

  • Harry Potter at Home! ⚡️🧙🏼‍♂️

    We know from the World Book Day fancy dress costumes earlier in the year that we have an awful lot of Harry Potter fans in school, so we thought we would share the below website with you. It’s full of fun activities that the children can complete courtesy of J.K. Rowling. Enjoy! Mrs Norman

  • Celebrity Lessons throughout the day!

    We are sure you have all taken part in the Body Coach workouts, but there also are other celebrities offering lessons for various subjects across the curriculum! We hope you find some of them useful! Kind Regards,  Mrs Norman

  • Marvellous Magnets!

    The Year 2 children had great fun learning about magnets this week. They worked well making predictions before testing various items, and recorded their results carefully in a table. The children also learned how the opposite poles attract. Some children even went on to learn more about magnets by reading information books on Get Epic!

  • Mabinogion Welsh Tales

    Our KS2 pupils are in for a treat today. They will experience the very talented story teller from Big Foot Education Centre. The children will be told tales from the dark ages of the Welsh coast. They will also develop their drama skills as they take part and become part of the story.

  • Skype a Scientist – Climate Change 🌎

    Year 5 were joined by some of our Eco committee this afternoon to take part in our Skype Call with scientist Dakota Holmes from the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is a Paleoclimatologist and he helped us understand the fact of climate change on our planet. We learnt the earth is getting hotter and […]

  • Stylish Spaceships

    As we have learnt a lot about the creation of Earth (God or the Big Bang debate) planets, stars, seasons, time zones and the history of space travel; we now move on to the element of flight. To engage pupils enthusiasm we started with our Design and technology project. Year 6 have been designing, making […]

  • Year 1 Kindness Jar

    This afternoon the children participated in a lesson all to do with kindness. We gave examples of how to use kind words and compared them to soft cotton wool balls. We also discussed examples of words that are unkind and compared them to scratchy sandpaper. The children felt both and compared the soft feeling to […]

  • Beautiful Bird Boxes

    As part of our Design and Technology project, Year 6 have been designing a bird box for a robin. Today Mr Hughes came in to school to help the children assemble the boxes. They also varnished the wood to protect them from the weather. Next week we will be making fat balls of seeds. We […]

  • Researching the 6 Nations Flags

    This week the Year 2s researched the flags of the countries involved in the 6 Nations rugby competition. They used Image Quest on Britannica online, to find out what each flag looks like. We also focused on the Welsh flag, and used 2D shapes to create our own versions of Y Ddraig Goch.

  • Year 3 World Book Day

    Year 3 have been taking part in World Book Day activities related to Roald Dahl. Here are some pictures of them working and their costumes:

  • World Book Day In Reception

    We have had an action packed day in Reception completing lots of different activities for World Book Day! We began by reading the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ as this was illustrated by our author of the day Oliver Jeffers. Pupils enjoyed reading the letters written by the different crayons and then had a […]

  • Celebrating World Book Day In Nursery

    Today, the children came into school dressed as their favourite book character or wearing their pyjamas. This was to celebrate ‘World Book Day’. Our chosen author was Roger Hargreaves, so the children participated in a range of different ‘Mr Men’ activities. They made Mr Men and Little Miss characters, and even made an edible Mr […]

  • WBD Y6 2020

    Year 6 enjoyed learning about our famous author, J.K Rowling. They enjoyed creating a character profile of a story book characyer then completing a profile on J.K Rowling. They enjoyed watching Harry Potter and analysing the special fx.

  • World Book Day 2020 Year 4

    Year 4 celebrated World Book Day 2020 by dressing up in pyjamas or costumes – they all looked fantastic! We wrote book reviews of our favourite books, and used our class novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes as inspiration for designing new front covers. They worked really hard and produced some lovely work.

  • Big Huge Thank You

    The Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Ambassadors) would kike to say a huge thank you to every one who supports our wonderful PTA. With your help, support and donations, we have been able to resources our teachers to develop the Welsh Language in Welsh lessons.

  • Communicating Using Sign

    Year 6 have recently learnt how to use sign language to communicate. It is wonderful to see them putting it in to practice. Gwaith Gwych Blwyddyn 6.

  • Year 1 Making a Rain Gauge

    This afternoon the children have been busy transforming empty plastic bottles into rain gauges. They used their reading skills to follow the instructions and their measuring skills to make a ruler to stick on the side. Next week we will be collecting data and measuring the rain that falls every day.

  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

    We have already had a busy morning at Pontlliw, celebrating St David’s Day. This afternoon the children will be in our Eisteddfod: reciting, singing and being presented with certificates for the winning art and writing competitions. And of course we will be finding out who will be crowned as our ‘chair’ of the Eisteddfod from […]