AoLE Cross-Curricular Numeracy
Examples of Cross-Curricular Numeracy
  • Hwb Summer Family Enterprise Challenge

    The Summer Enterprise Challenge is for anyone aged 16 or under in Wales with a great idea that could be a business or help the community The Big Ideas Wales Family Enterprise Summer Challenge is for any young person in Wales aged 16 or under who has had an idea during the lockout that could […]

  • BBC Bitesize Lessons

    BBC Bitesize have released a fantastic new daily schedule of lessons for children of all ages, with many celebrities taking part. You can find the resources at feel free to use these resources in addition to the work we are sending home if you wish. Please note, these are just ideas for you and your children […]

  • Sumdog Competition!

    Tomorrow morning at 8am will see the start of a UK wide Sumdog Maths competition! Your children will have 1000 questions to complete by Thursday 9th April at 8pm. For a class to qualify, at least 10 of the students need to take part. This will be a good opportunity to get on the leaderboard […]

  • Celebrity Lessons throughout the day!

    We are sure you have all taken part in the Body Coach workouts, but there also are other celebrities offering lessons for various subjects across the curriculum! We hope you find some of them useful! Kind Regards,  Mrs Norman

  • Sequencing Recounts

    In Year 2 we have been learning about recount texts, and how they must be in chronological order. We have also been learning about telling the time on analogue and digital clocks. Today the children were asked to use their reading and numeracy skills to sequence a diary. The boys and girls were fantastic, and […]

  • Marvellous Magnets!

    The Year 2 children had great fun learning about magnets this week. They worked well making predictions before testing various items, and recorded their results carefully in a table. The children also learned how the opposite poles attract. Some children even went on to learn more about magnets by reading information books on Get Epic!

  • Mirror image…

    Year 4 have been learning about symmetry this week. As part of their work, they focussed on mirroring each other to create symmetrical positions. They also used Chrome Music Lab to cheat symmetrical musical patterns!

  • Are you mean?

    In maths today we learnt a new meaning to mean; we also learnt about mode, median and range. Whilst developing our Health and Well-being skills, pupils threw tennis balls 🎾 (How many throws in a half a minute?) and repeated 5 times. We then calculated the mean, mode, median and range.

  • Stylish Spaceships

    As we have learnt a lot about the creation of Earth (God or the Big Bang debate) planets, stars, seasons, time zones and the history of space travel; we now move on to the element of flight. To engage pupils enthusiasm we started with our Design and technology project. Year 6 have been designing, making […]

  • Beautiful Bird Boxes

    As part of our Design and Technology project, Year 6 have been designing a bird box for a robin. Today Mr Hughes came in to school to help the children assemble the boxes. They also varnished the wood to protect them from the weather. Next week we will be making fat balls of seeds. We […]

  • World Book Day in Year 2

    Year 2 had a great time celebrating World Book Day, and all looked fantastic in their costumes and pyjamas! Our focus author was Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed reading some of his stories and used Get Epic to research his life online. The children used their problem solving skills effectively to complete a task based on […]

  • Year 1 Making a Rain Gauge

    This afternoon the children have been busy transforming empty plastic bottles into rain gauges. They used their reading skills to follow the instructions and their measuring skills to make a ruler to stick on the side. Next week we will be collecting data and measuring the rain that falls every day.

  • Year 2 Dawnsio Gwerin!

    As part of the children’s learning for Welsh Week, today they learnt a lovely Welsh folk dance called Cylch Y Cymru. They worked with a partner to practice the moves before all working together to create the class dance. Dawnsio gwych!

  • The Legend of King Arthur!

    As part of our learning during Welsh Week, Reception pupils have had lots of fun studying the legend of King Arthur! Pupils particularly enjoyed learning all about the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Pupils first began by writing a wedding invitation to the wedding of King Arthur and Guinevere where they had to use all […]

  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Safer Internet Day 2020

    The Year 2s enjoyed completing lots of work for Safer Internet Day. We talked about personal information and learned about information that needs to be kept private when online. We also discussed people who we can and cannot trust with out personal details. The children enjoyed making online identity posters which showed what they like […]

  • What’s the time Mr Sundial?

    Today we rolled back time to 3500BC and challenged ourselves to make a sundial to tell the time just like the ancient Greeks and Romans did. Children measured 15 degrees with a protractor and marked out the time for each hour from 6am to 6pm. Unfortunately we were unable to test if our sundials worked […]

  • Safer Internet Day Year 5

    After our KS2 assembly this morning, we delved further into our online presence this afternoon and how to create a positive identity online. We looked at what we say, how we interact and even our usernames can have an effect on how we are perceived online by our peers and even future employers! We have […]

  • Can the Solar System Fit onto our Yard?

    This was the challenge that Year 6 were set: Can you fit our Solar System onto the school yard? After looking at data about the distance of each planet from the sun, children rounded to the nearest 1,000,000km and decided on a scale of 1cm = 1,000,000km. So in answer to the question…YES, you can […]

  • Designing and creating Gingerbread men!

    Reception pupils had lots of fun designing and making gingerbread men this week! They started off by using a planning sheet to name their gingerbread man, they then drew a design and made a list the ingredients that they would use. After making the gingerbread men, pupils then wrote an evaluation for what went well […]

  • Maths Year 3 Symmetry

    Today Year 3 have been taking part in various symmetry activities. Here are some images of their learning:

  • Outdoor Maths

    Year 4 put their estimation and measuring skills to the test this morning by heading outside and measuring various objects around the school. Their estimations were pretty good, and they used teamwork to measure larger objects. Da iawn Blwyddyn Pedwar!

  • Using Numicon To Learn about Numbers

    We’ve had lots of fun using numicon shapes to learn about numbers. We pressed numicon shapes into play dough, chalked around giant numicon shapes in the yard and dipped numicon shapes into paint to make pictures.  

  • Coding with Logo

    Year 4 have been practising their coding and problem solving skills using the J2Code LOGO app. They tested using the repeat function, and had to work out angles for a variety of shapes to create repeating patterns using different shapes and colours.

  • Solar System Scavenger Hunt

    We linked Science and Technology and Health and Well-being this afternoon by taking part in a scavenger hunt. Clues were hidden around the school linked to the Science of Space and the children had to run to find the answers to the questions. We added a little competitive element and timed the children, challenging them […]

  • WRU 6 Nations 2019

    In preparation for the start of the 6 Nations on Saturday, Year 6 have been busy researching and collecting data on the 6 Nations 2019 Pupils needed to create a database on J2Data, create fields, research and input data. They then created graphs and analysed the data developing their Numeracy skills across the curriculum based […]

  • Coding with our bee-bots!

    Reception pupils really enjoyed using their coding skills to programme their bee-bots to move along our map! Pupils worked in pairs to help the three little pigs arrive at their homes by giving each other directions. All pupils were able to follow the directions and programme their bee-bots accordingly- da iawn Reception!

  • Year 1 China

    The children have thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks learning lots of new facts about China. They have tried Chinese food, written their own message for a fortune cookie (and tasted a real one), looked at maps and atlases, tried Chinese writing, as well as completing lots of tasks independently – challenges that they thought […]

  • Learning symmetry through creative movement!

    Reception pupils used their mathematical skills in our creative movement lesson today! Here their task was to create a dance routine with a partner whilst ensuring that they were symmetrical in their actions. Pupils enjoyed the challenge and then demonstrated their routine to the whole class. Pupils then had the secondary task of performing actions […]

  • How was Earth formed?

    This week the Year 2s enjoyed using their research skills to learn about how the Earth began. We talked about where Pontlliw is and the children loved using Google Earth to locate our school. We then zoomed out and looked at Swansea, Wales, the UK and finally zoomed right out to look at the shape […]

  • Year 1 The Great Race

    During our Chinese New Year activities the children asked why each year is named after an animal – as we are currently coming to the end of the year of the pig and ready for the new year of the rat. Together we read the Chinese Zodiac Story which tells how the order of the […]

  • Freeee Nelson Mandela 🇿🇦

    Year 5 have studied the life of Nelson Mandela this week. They researched different facts about him from birth, prison, presidency and death. They worked collaboratively to create in depth Powerpoints explaining his life and submitted them to me on Microsoft Teams.

  • The Three Little Pigs Science Investigation!

    This week Reception pupils have thoroughly enjoyed conducting The Three Little Pigs Materials Investigation. To start, pupils made predictions about which material they believed would be the strongest and not fall down. Pupils then decided upon a method on how to test which material was the strongest- pupils chose to use a hairdryer to act […]

  • How Fit is an Astronaut?

    Today, Year 6 have been developing their skills across the curriculum. We have focused on: Literacy – research about the required fitness to be become an astronaut. Health and Well-being – a poster promoting living a healthy lifestyle. Sport Science – thinking of different exercises to do in a minute and discussing muscle groups activated. […]

  • Fraction Hunt

    Fraction hunt! This week Year 3 have been comparing and ordering fractions. They have achieved this by undertaking a number of practical, written, digital and independent tasks.

  • Skills Across the Curriculum

    This week Year 6 have been developing their Numeracy skills as well as their Health and Wellbeing and Welsh skills. Pupils asked questions in Welsh to collect data related to being healthy.

  • Symmetrical Snowflakes

    The Year 2s decided that, as part of their topic this term, they wanted to learn about the changes in the seasons, especially Winter. They made super snowflakes, and were able to show where the lines of symmetry were. The boys and girls enjoyed comparing their designs, and were able to discuss similarities and differences.

  • Sorting Materials

    This week the Year 2s discussed the different materials that objects are made from. We talked about the importance of recycling and watched a really interesting video showing us what happens to the waste that we send for recycling after it leaves our houses. The children were fascinated. We then looked at some household waste […]

  • Learning all about symmetry in Reception!

    This week receptions pupils have learnt all about symmetry through a variety of fun learning activities. Pupils first created symmetrical butterflies through finger painting. They then created symmetrical images through colouring and drawing shapes. Lastly, pupils enjoyed creating symmetry through copying their partners actions and movements! A very fun week in Reception- da iawn!

  • Space Composition and Exploration.

    As part of our bubble lesson this week, pupils used Google Chrome Music Lab to compose music related to the 4 stages of visiting Space: 1 Preparation for Flight 2 Take-Off 3 Flying in Space 4 Landing For each stage pupils focused on Tempo, Dynamics, Rhythm and Pitch. For our second bubble we looked at […]

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

    Whilst assembling the origami stars pupils listening to music related to stars from various artists and researched facts about stars. The facts were mind blowing: A star is a massive, bright, sphere of very hot gas called plasma which is held together by its own gravity. Stars radiate energy created from nuclear fusion, which is […]

  • Pupils Involved in Planning

    Pupils have been developing their independence and are taking more and more responsibility for their own learning. At the start of each topic, pupils write a question on a leaf about something they want to find out about related to our topic this term, Space and Flight. The children came up with awesome ideas about […]

  • Origami Stars

    Year 6 have been as busy as bees first week back and hit the ground running, completing lots of tasks to enthuse them ready to start learning about their new topic, Space and Flight. One of our lessons this week developed following instruction to create an origami star whilst developing numeracy skills across the curriculum.

  • Creative Christmas Cards

    This term, the Year 2s have been working hard to be more independent, to further develop their creative skills and to apply their numeracy skills across the curriculum. When making theit Christmas cards this year, they were set a challenge to follow a success criteria to create a unique Christmas tree card. The success criteria […]

  • Minecraft Hearts! ❤️

    After a day learning about the heart Friday, Year 5 were tasked with recreating a 3D heart in minecraft with all four chambers with valves for the blood to pass through. We had some wonderful creations

  • Year 2 Festive Craft

    The children have enjoyed choosing a variety of materials to create these beautiful tree decorations this week. You’ll be lucky enough to have their lovely creations when they bring them home next week!

  • Designing and creating Sprout Cakes!

    Reception pupils thoroughly enjoyed designing and making Sprout Cakes today! First, pupils completed a planning sheet where they had to decide what flavours and ingredients they would need to create their cakes. Pupils then sketched their design, paying particular interest to Sprout Boys emotions. Reception then used their plans to create a sprout cake using […]

  • Christmas Co-ordinates 🎄⛄️🎅🏼

    We have been looking at co-ordinates in maths this week. We learnt that all points needed to be on the line and some pupils even took on 4 quadrant coordinates. You can see some of the finished articles below.

  • Coming Home by Michael Mopurgo

    Year 6 have been studying the short film Coming Home. Pupils activated their senses of how their houses smell, sound, feel. We then looked at the robins journey to his home. Pupils completed a ‘role on the wall’ of the robin. They has to describe his appearance, movements and personality , using similes, metaphors and […]