AoLE Digital Competence

What does ‘digital competence’ mean?

Digital competence is the set of skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable the confident, creative and critical use of technologies and systems. It is the skill set that enables a person to be a confident digital citizen, to interact and collaborate digitally, to produce work digitally and to be confident in handling data and computational thinking (problem solving).

Digital Competency Framework – Your Questions Answered

Presentation to Governing Body about Digital Competence

Examples of Digital Competence at Pontlliw
  • Roller Coaster Databases 🎢

    We worked in groups of three this afternoon to create collaborative databases on J2E in Year 5. Children researched the fastest, tallest, most expensive, newest roller coasters in the world and populated the data in a shared database. We are going to analyse our databases on Monday to compare and contrast the rides.

  • Drone Club 🚁

    We had our first drone club this afternoon and it was awesome! Children from across KS2 enjoyed flying the drones around the yard and even racing each other’s drones across the playground. The children loved interacting with the machines and the technology that controls them. Next week they will learn how to code them and […]

  • Online Wellbeing

    Please see below some information and website link from “Childnet” regarding children’s health and well-being whilst online. There are some handy tips and advice found on their website…   Young people are growing up in a world where technology has always been present for them and this can have both a positive and negative impact […]

  • Minecraft Competition

    Over 30 pupils have entered a minecraft competition run by ERW over the next month. They have been challenged with creating a futuristic school, 100 years from now. It has been amazing to see the initial engagement and I’m looking forward to seeing their creations develop.

  • Algorithms 🧐🤨

    We had an ICT lesson on paper this afternoon. We learnt that an “Algorithm” is simply a set of instructions, they can be found in cook books, Lego kits and many other walks of life. The children worked together to build number sequences, then attribute algorithms to them. Can you work out the missing number […]

  • Research Skills in Year 2

    The Year 2 children have been using their research skills in preparation for this week’s work, when we will be writing information texts using the facts that they found out about their choice of endangered animal from our class story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train!’.

  • Enterprising Event

    All year, Year 6 were presented with an enterprise project. This project has provided them with opportunities to develop their Literacy,Numeracy, Digital and Creative skills. They have been researching, writing letters to companies for advice, trailing products in school, collecting popularity data and analysing results, making, designing, advertising, presenting and finally selling. Thank you to […]

  • Netflix Parental Controls

    Please click the link below if you would like to find out how to install parental controls on Netflix. Information is provided by “”    

  • Oil spillage in Year 1…

    We have been learning about water pollution and how we can help the planet. We read two books ‘I can save the Ocean’ and Oil Spill’. We were shocked at how difficult it is to clean up oil, so we put it to the test by having our own ‘oil spillage’ in class. We investigated […]

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Congratulations to our stars this week!

  • Tour de Pontlliw

    This morning Year 6 cycled 10 miles around the school yard as part of their Tour de France topic. Pupils refuelled with water and orange segments. Pupils also had the opportunity to code the drones to follow the cycle journey of the riders.

  • Year 3 Explore the Chatterkid App

    Today, we explored the Chatterkid app. First, the children researched a few fun facts about a rainforest animal of their choice then used the app to record the information they found. Lots of fun was had by all. Well done Year 3!

  • Where in the World….?

    After reading the story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train!’, the Year 2 children enjoyed learning about where the various endangered animals from the story live. They used atlases to help them annotate world maps to show where each animal can be found in the wild. Google Earth was then used by some of the children […]

  • Year 3 Indigenous Tribe Research

    This afternoon, the children used the chrome books to research information about rainforest tribes. They were all really enthusiastic about the task and couldn’t believe that the largest tribe in the Amazon rainforest has over 20,000 members! Why don’t you ask them about another interesting fact that they found out today?

  • Centripetal and Centrifugal Force

    We talked about Centripetal and Centrifugal force in Year 5 this morning. Once the children understood the the forces, they they put the theory of the balanced forces to the test by spinning a bucket of water above their heads, trusting that centrifugal force would keep them dry, while centripetal force would be trying to […]

  • Minecraft Mayhem!

    We have taken our theme-park business one step further in Year 5. After drafting our parks and working out profits and costs on spreadsheets, we have started to build our parks using Minecraft for education which is now available for all Welsh pupils via Hwb. The children led the learning after coming up with the […]

  • Drone Coding

    There was a mixture of fear and excitement in Year 5 this afternoon as the children were introduced to Drones for the first time. They used their coding skills to make the drones move, twist and flip in the direction they wanted. We will look at more in depth coding of the machines after half […]

  • Beth wyt ti’n hoffi?

    We have been using our Welsh skills and the pictogram function on JIT to find out which sea creature is the most popular in our class….

  • Super subtraction

    We have been learning about ‘taking away’ in our maths this week. We played a very competitive game of skittles where we used our subtraction skills to work out our scores. We also played bingo, used the IPads to pay a subtraction game and have taken part in lots of subtraction challenges together.

  • Computer science

    We have been looking at parts of a computer as part of our ICT this week. We went on a computer treasure hunt outside, we played a game using the IPads where we had to collect parts of a computer and we even built our own computers outside using the construction area.

  • Dinosaur robots

    One of the school’s digital leaders came over to the nursery class today to help the children with an ICT activity. The children had to programme the dinosaur robots to find their way around a map. The children had great fun. Thank you digital leader!

  • Theme Park Owners

    We have become entrepreneurs in Year 5 and have created our own virtual theme parks using Microsoft Excel. We have used multiple tabs on our spreadsheet to set out a plan, work out our overheads and income and we will be looking at profits later in the week. This has been a great task to […]

  • Thrill Engineer Skype Call 🎢🎡🎠

    Year 5 were treated to a Skype Call with Professor Brendan Walker this afternoon. Brendan Walker is a thrill engineer and helps theme parks across the world design rides that both scare and excite thrill seekers. He took time out to speak to us and answer our questions. We learnt a lot and it fitted perfectly […]

  • All About Forces 🍎

    We have begun to learn about different forces in Year 5. We used a variety of materials and resources to independently learn about the different types of force that are present around us. The children shared their knowledge at various intervals during the lesson so that other groups could gain from their friends’ research!

  • Art and Animation! 🎨 🎥

    Our animation club leaders are continuing to impress by combining art and animation in their after school club today! The children painted their pictures and took still shots at each stage to produce an animation of their painting! Very innovative.

  • Bubbles Has Arrived

    Year 6 were extremely excited to meet their new class pet, ‘Bubbles’. They decided that from their entrepenure money they would spend it on a hamster. We are looking forward to setting up a 24 hour surveillance camera to see what Bubbles gets up to at night.

  • Year 1 explore Chatterpix

    We explored the Chatterpix app this week (with a little help from Year 6 too!) by choosing a sea creature and recording what we already know about that animal.

  • Mountain Databases

    Year 4 made a great start this week creating databases of mountains around the world. They researched specific facts, then entered them into J2Data. They will continue adding to the database as the term goes on.

  • Year 6 – Tour de France

    The pupils are excited to start their new topic, which is Tour de France. Our main focus for this term is health and well-being; looking at nutritional bars, effects of exercise on our bodies and making the right choices to live a healthy lifestyle. The children have written their question on to their learning leaves, […]

  • Forces – Levers

    Year 5 started their forces journey today as we looked at Levers and how they help us when shifting heavy loads. We learnt that by changing the position of the fulcrum, that we need far less effort to shift a heavy load (and a Year 5 teacher!) The children then investigated  this theory, documenting their […]

  • Animation Club! 📹🎞

    Some of our Year 5 girls have started an after school animation club on a Tuesday. They are teaching children from all over the school how to animate using clay characters. Each week, they will teach them new skills to help them progress over the half term. Well done girls.

  • Thrills and Spills Introduction in Year 5!🎢🎠🎡

    We had great fun kicking off our topic in Year 5 today. The pupils got the chance to shape what they want to learn this term by writing questions about forces and theme parks. We then simulated a rollercoaster in class and tried to recreate those fun roller coaster pictures outside. Finally the children got […]

  • Digital Dragons hard at work!

    Our Digital Dragons recently compiled a questionnaire for all pupils in Years 2 to 6. We were shocked at the results! 20% of pupils watch YouTube for 3 hours or more per night 30% of pupils had spoken to someone online that they didn’t know 50% of pupils play games or have apps that have […]

  • Live Skype Session with Dr. Jane Goodall

    This afternoon, Year 6 joined in live to Dr Jane Goodall who set up the scheme of ‘Roots and Shoot’. Dr Jane visited Africa in her younger days and discovered her love for chimpanzees. She decided from that day that she would do all that she could to help the planet. Her message to us […]

  • Microbit Madness!

    We had a fun filled afternoon in Year 5. We begun by learning how to write our names in lights on the microbits and then progressed to creating a Fitbit programme that counted our steps! We then went in the hall and competed by bouncing around to see who was the fittest group! You can […]

  • Awesome Animation!

    The Year 2 children have been working hard this week. They created excellent animations which showed their understanding ow how things appear smaller in the distance and larger when closer to them.

  • KNex robots and Sphero coding

    Year 4 finished their robots and attached their lights and buzzers. They made some fantastic creations! This afternoon, they have been learning to code and trouble shoot using Sphero robots. They then had a challenge to try to drive it around a road layout map. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar!

  • Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

    Hopefully the Year 5 children managed to keep your presents hidden until this morning! We had lots of fun recording “Mama” from the Spice Girls and creating CD covers from the photos you sent in. Thanks also to Mr Keegan for lending us his brilliant recording equipment! We hope you like the CD and have […]

  • P.C Parry teaches Year 5 about internet safety 👮🏼‍♀️

    We had a visit from P.C Parry today and she taught us about the importance of staying safe online as well as what we should say and do ourselves. We learnt that we should report any suspicious activity to an adult and also take care what we post, so we don’t create a negative online […]

  • Investigating Eggs

    Phew, what a busy day we’ve had in Year 2! The children were set a challenge…find out how eggs help to protect a chick when it is growing inside. The children worked their way around a number of tasks, showing lots of enthusiasm and excellent skills with recording their observations in different ways. They looked […]

  • Top Secret Creative Work!

    In preparation for Mother’s Day, the Year 2 children have been busy using their computer and creative skills this week. Their creations look fantastic…but their finished work is top secret until Sunday!

  • Catching up with friends 🇯🇵

    Years 4 and 5 were pleased to see Reo and Gen had arrived safely back in Japan after leaving us last week! They Skyped is this morning and we had a tour around their house. We also learnt a little about how time zones work as it was already Tuesday evening there and dark!

  • 1D You’ve Got Competition!

    Today’s Google Doodle was to compose music along side Johann Sebastian Bach, forming chords and harmonising. Pupils love of music has gone from strength to strength as we have been studying a different artist every week since September.

  • Busy Bee Workshop

    To celebrate World Down Syndrome day and World Poetry day, pupils in Year 6 have been writing poems titled, ‘Only One Me, ‘Friendship’, ‘Respect’ and for their dear friend Frazer Appleyard! Ahead of tomorrow’s big clean pupils have also been studying their Eco footprint; developing Geography skills by mapping out where Year 6 have been […]

  • Safety Soldiers At Your Service

    Thank you to our Safety Soldier for educating us this afternoon on appropriate and anti social behaviour. They independently planned and taught a lesson, providing worksheets and an iMovie they’d created.

  • Let’s Be Safe

    Thank you to PC Parry for delivering an educational lesson on being safe on the internet

  • Screen Time Reduction Treat 🏉 ⚽️

    Well, what an afternoon! Those who completed the screen time reduction challenge back in February were treated to an afternoon in Pontlliw Park. There was lots of different activities to enjoy including Frisbee Golf, Football, Parachute games, ,Boccia, Space Hoppers and Rugby as well as time in the park. Each group worked their way around […]

  • Another Fun Morning In Nursery.

    We’ve had another busy morning in nursery. We developed our fine motor skills by screwing nuts and bolts together and by threading pasta onto pipe cleaners. We practised our letter formation by making letters out of playdough and using the iPads and interactive whiteboard. We even had the dressing up box out! What a lot […]

  • Finding the features of a persuasive text

    We looked at the features of a persuasive text yesterday in Year 5, so today we tried identifying them ourselves. Some children chose ‘Explain Everything’ to identify the features and some completed the task in their exercise books. When we completed the task, some of the children presented their work to the class for them […]

  • ChatterKid pics and hockey in year 4

    Year 4 had a very active afternoon – they enjoyed using the ChatterKid pics app to make funny videos of themselves and objects speaking in Welsh. They then practised their hockey skills by dribbling, running and passing the ball. Da iawn blwyddyn pedwar.