AoLE Digital Competence

What does ‘digital competence’ mean?

Digital competence is the set of skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable the confident, creative and critical use of technologies and systems. It is the skill set that enables a person to be a confident digital citizen, to interact and collaborate digitally, to produce work digitally and to be confident in handling data and computational thinking (problem solving).

Digital Competency Framework – Your Questions Answered

Presentation to Governing Body about Digital Competence

Examples of Digital Competence at Pontlliw
  • Digital Roald Dahl ‘Witches’ Event 🧙‍♀️

    Microsoft have recorded an event linked to Roald Dahl’s “Witches” on Microsoft Teams featuring Stanley Tucci, who plays the part of Mr. Stringer in the new film! Perfect for Halloween! If your child is interested in watching, they will need to click the link below on a laptop or desktop computer (or on a tablet/phone […]

  • Virtual Halloween activities 🎃 👻

    If you’re struggling for ideas for Halloween during the current lockdown, head over to Swansea Libraries Facebook page! There’s digital fun for all ages… if you dare 🕸🕷🧙‍♀️    

  • 4 Purpose at Pontlliw

    Pupils at Pontlliw are given opportunities every day to be: Ethical, Informed Citizens Enterprising, Creative Contributors Healthy, Confident Individuals And Ambitious, Capable Learners. Last year, every child, in their pupil voice group, had a voice in designing posters to identif the areas of each purpose. This term, pupils in Year 6 have been talking about […]

  • Fatty Crisps and Online shopping

    Year 5 have had an exciting end to the week. We have carried out our fatty crisp experiment and will gather the results together next week, to analyse the data that we have recorded! We are researching which is the healthiest crisp, so we can advise Leigh Halfpenny which ones he can eat as part […]

  • Happy Harvest!

    What a busy week we have had in Year 2, learning all about Harvest as part of our ‘Why do we celebrate?’ big question. The children worked so hard, using their literacy, numeracy and digital skills across a range of fun activities. The boys and girls enjoyed learning about the origin of food around the […]

  • Shwmae from Blwyddyn 6

    Today, as a country, we celebrated Shwmae Day; a day where we greet our fellow Welshman/woman with a ‘Shwmae’ (How are you?) Year 6 have had a wonderful morning: making flags, word-search, plotting places in Wales on the map, taking part in a virtual concert with the a famous welsh singer, Bronwen Lewis, and a […]

  • Year 6 Well-being Check-in

    Today we completed the plenary of our PSE lesson by linking into a live Teams meeting, with each other and Miss Mathias. The focus of the chat was to check in on our well-being and discuss how we are feeling about the latest Coronavirus update that we watched on Newsround as part of our introduction.

  • Bee-Bot Bears

    Our Bee-Bot robots disguised themselves as teddy bears today and our task was to see if we could programme them to go under the wooden rainbow. Da iawn nursery! Excellent coding skills.

  • WRU Minecraft ”Club of the future Competition” 🏉

    As a Minecraft Learning Centre for Wales, we are very excited to be rolling out the WRU Minecraft ”Club of the Future” competition to all our learners from Y2 – Y6. They were shown the details of the competition this morning in our virtual assembly. More details can be found here: Lots of the children […]

  • Mental Health Awareness in Year 5

    Year 5 studied how to look after our mental health this afternoon in preparation for Mental Health Awareness Day on Saturday. Firstly we talked about body health and what we do if we hurt our finger or have a bad head. We recognised that we should treat mental health in the same way and treat […]

  • Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Year 6

    In preparation for World Mental Health Awareness Day (October 10th) Year 6 have been discussing what Mental Health and Mindfulness means to them. The children have been working on different activities to share strategies to help us when feeling down, upset, angry, frustrated etc. Pupils completed activities such as: Composing happy, upbeat songs using Music […]

  • Collaborative Databases

    Year 5 were shown how to create databases this afternoon on J2E. When they were confident, they created a database of their own and shared it with a friend. Both friends were then able to collaborate and work on the same database together to speed up the process, collecting various data about the different players […]

  • Digital Dragons 🖥🐉

    The newly formed Digital Dragons were established yesterday. As we are now in classroom bubbles, Year 5 will represent the school in this area. We appointed our Chair, Vice Chair and Secretaries and set out our mission and goals for the year. We also discussed the Playground Buddies scheme introduced by the Healthy Hero’s.

  • Skype a Scientist Canada 🇨🇦👩‍🔬

    Year Five were treated to a call with a Scientist based in Newfoundland, Canada! She told us about the different food groups and the effect each one has on our bodies. There were loads of questions from the pupils as they were so interested in healthy eating and the body!

  • Creating and interpreting bar charts in Year 1!

    This afternoon, Year 1 really enjoyed creating bar charts on J2E (HWB) . We took a class vote on which colour was the most popular (for a superhero costume) and the children then displayed these results using their ICT Skills. The children then showed their bar charts to the class and answered key mathematical questions […]

  • Number 3

    We have had lots of fun In nursery today learning all about the number 3. We finger painted the number 3, made shapes out of three different coloured blocks, played a place a peg on the correct number numicon game and sang songs about number three. We also played a game on the smartboard where […]

  • Virtual Class Assemblies.

    Moving with the times, each week a different class will lead a whole school assembly via Teams online. This week, it was Year 6 to kick us off with this new tradition. We spoke to the whole school about our virtual meeting with the Jersey pupils from last Friday. We also showed the whole school […]

  • Show and Tell

    Our ‘Show and Tell’ was a little bit different this term. Instead of bringing an item to school to discuss with their friends, the nursery children, with a little help from their parents, uploaded a photo to their Hwb account. They were then able to put their photo on the big screen. Lots of amazing […]

  • Designing our own Web Warriors!

    Year 1 have had lots of fun this afternoon designing their own web warriors online using their ICT skills. The children had to navigate the software and make several selections within that software to select their heroes powers, costumes design, colours, powers etc. All the children managed to do this independently- da iawn Year 1!

  • Year 6 Meet Jersey Pupils

    Today we had a virtual meeting with a year 6 class in Jersey, Channel Island. Jersey is situated near the coast of Normandy, France? Pupils shared their feelings about their return to school after lockdown. As it is National Languages Day in Jersey, we performed a Welsh song and played a Welsh game. We thoroughly […]

  • Keeping Safe Online in Year 3

    During our ICT lesson today, the children were introduced to the concept of online privacy and how to distinguish between information that is appropriate to give out and information that is better kept private. The children played an online game called ‘Privacy Pirates: Set Sail to Internet Island’ where they had to assemble a map […]

  • Woodland Animal Research

    This morning, we started reading a lovely story called ‘Pricklebum’s Amazing Adventure’. We talked about how hedgehogs are woodland animals and compared them to other animals that live in different habitats, listing all the animals we could think of and sorting them into an alphabet chart. The children then did lots of research about woodland […]

  • The importance of strong passwords 🔐

    Year 5 looked at the importance of strong passwords and how to create them in our Digital Citizenship lesson this afternoon. We learnt that we could make a memorable word or phrase into a complex one by using a mixture of small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. They then read up about why […]

  • Researching organs of the body ❤️

    As part of our science focus this term, this morning, we studied different organs of the body in groups. Each group looked at a separate organ, either the heart, lungs, liver, brain or digestive system. Two pupils from each group collaborated on a shared PowerPoint while others in the group used Hwb playlists and information sheets […]

  • UN Convention of Rights and Microsoft Forms

    Year 5 located the UN Convention of Rights for children on their Hwb Class today. Each pupil decided on their most important 5 rights and then created a Microsoft Form with the 5 chosen articles. They then shared their forms with their peers via Hwb classes so they could vote for their favourite. We were […]

  • Which is the most common tree in Pontlliw park?

    Last week during our EPIC planning session, lots of the children came up with interesting questions about trees, such as ‘Why do we have Christmas trees?’, ‘Why do some trees have different colour leaves? and ‘Where do conkers and acorns come from?. Today we used these questions as the start of a lesson. We talked […]

  • Getting to Know You

    The Year 2 children enjoyed completing a ‘Getting to Know You’ activity last week. Each child thought of a unique question that they could ask their friends The children worked in an organised way to gather and record their data. They then used J2E chart on Hwb to create bar charts showing what they found […]

  • Hwb Keeping safe online – Summer challenge

    Hwb competition details and entry form: We’ve all been spending more time online during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, whether to stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with school work or for entertainment. Keeping yourself safe online has never been more important. Many of you will have been taking steps to protect yourselves […]

  • Blended Learning – Staff Training

    Today, staff have received training on how to perform Live Lessons via Microsoft Teams. We are very excited about this new way of learning and potentially rolling this out as a school in September for some lessons, should the need still be present.

  • Minecraft Pontlliw Primary School

    Dear Parents, We know how much the children are missing school from various feedback we have received, so we thought outside the box… If the children cannot go to the school, we will bring the school to the children! We have created a replica of Pontlliw Primary School in Minecraft for the pupils to explore. […]

  • Houseparty – How to stay safe

    Dear Parents, During this unprecedented time, we know that lots of adults and children have turned to the ‘Houseparty’ app to stay in touch with friends. We have been sent an infographic by Swansea Bay Healthy Schools, outlining how everyone can stay safe while using this app. Please find this information below – please note, […]

  • Marvellous Magnets!

    The Year 2 children had great fun learning about magnets this week. They worked well making predictions before testing various items, and recorded their results carefully in a table. The children also learned how the opposite poles attract. Some children even went on to learn more about magnets by reading information books on Get Epic!

  • Building Digital Robots

    Year 4 got creative this afternoon when they had a go at building some digital robots using Minecraft. Their brief was simply to use ROBOTS as a starting point, and see where they went. They worked brilliantly with their partners, and we had flying robots and famous robots. Da iawn!

  • Savanna Artwork ☀️ 🦁 🐘

    Year 5 have been immersed in expressive arts in latter half of this week. We studied images of the African Savanna during sunset and then recreated this setting with pastels and black card. This afternoon we recreated the scene using Microsoft excel by using pixel art. We had a discussion about which technique the children preferred […]

  • Mirror image…

    Year 4 have been learning about symmetry this week. As part of their work, they focussed on mirroring each other to create symmetrical positions. They also used Chrome Music Lab to cheat symmetrical musical patterns!

  • Looking For 2D Shapes

    The nursery children went on a special shape hunt today. They took i Pads with them to take photos of any 2D shapes they found. They were then able to show their friends back in class what they had found. Gwaith da pwb!

  • Top Secret Mission!

    We have been working on a top secret mission in Year 2 this week. The boys and girls enjoyed using 2Simple 2Paint a Picture software to create beautiful artwork in preparation for a very special day that is coming soon. I wonder if you can work out what they have been doing!

  • Chick Diaries

    The Year 2s have been working hard writing chick diaries throughout the week. The boys and girls enjoyed recording their observations about how our chicks have hatched, grown and changed throughout the last two weeks. Super recount writing skills were shown by all the children!

  • Skype a Scientist – Climate Change 🌎

    Year 5 were joined by some of our Eco committee this afternoon to take part in our Skype Call with scientist Dakota Holmes from the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is a Paleoclimatologist and he helped us understand the fact of climate change on our planet. We learnt the earth is getting hotter and […]

  • Coding In Nursery

    One of the school’s digital leaders came over to the nursery class today to help the children with an ICT activity. They helped the children to programme the ‘Bee-bots’. The children then built tunnels out of Lego and had to programme the Bee-bots to go through the tunnels. Fantastic fun! Thank you digital leader!

  • Researching the 6 Nations Flags

    This week the Year 2s researched the flags of the countries involved in the 6 Nations rugby competition. They used Image Quest on Britannica online, to find out what each flag looks like. We also focused on the Welsh flag, and used 2D shapes to create our own versions of Y Ddraig Goch.

  • World Book Day in Year 2

    Year 2 had a great time celebrating World Book Day, and all looked fantastic in their costumes and pyjamas! Our focus author was Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed reading some of his stories and used Get Epic to research his life online. The children used their problem solving skills effectively to complete a task based on […]

  • WBD Y6 2020

    Year 6 enjoyed learning about our famous author, J.K Rowling. They enjoyed creating a character profile of a story book characyer then completing a profile on J.K Rowling. They enjoyed watching Harry Potter and analysing the special fx.

  • Learning all about the short film Heartstrings!

    This week Reception pupils have had a lot of fun studying the short film Heartstrings which was created by a Welsh artist. Pupils first began by watching the short film and spoke about the different emotions apparent within the film. We then looked at the film more closely and discussed why there was no speech […]

  • A Monster in the Lake

    Following on from our work on the Welsh myth Yr Afanc, this week we watched a fantastic film called A Monster in the Lake. The film is based on the Afanc myth, with a modern day twist. In the film, a young girl named Anwen discovers the reason behind the Afanc’s anger is the amount […]

  • Have you Packed for Wales?

    This week we have been studying Welsh film. Or focus film was called, Have you Packed for Wales? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Year 6 studied the film and threw a dice to discuss aspects of film: Story, setting, sound, colour, camera and character. Pupils then generated 10 questions about the film ensuring each sentence began with a different […]

  • Year 2 Love is all around

    Year 2 have had a lovely day taking part in activities linked to Valentine’s Day. This morning, we learnt about the history of Saint Valentine. We looked at some Valentines symbols before everyone voted on their favourite one in a tally chart. That information was then used to create a pictogram on HWB. The favourite […]

  • Year 1 Virtual Visit to France!

    This morning the children were lucky enough to participate in a Skype call to a school in France. The children were joined by the Year 5 class. They shared facts about Wales as well as listening to facts about France. The children in France then sung some lovely songs to us and we sang back […]

  • Love is in the air ❤️

    Year 5 typed up their final drafts of their love poems this afternoon as we listened to Take That love songs (Our artist of the week) There were some beautiful poems written to boyfriends, girlfriends, families and even pets! What a lovely way to end the half term.