AoLE Expressive Arts
Examples of Expressive Arts at Pontlliw
  • Enterprising Entrepreneurs

    Congratulation to our young entrepreneur pupils who sold their products at Castle Gardens in Swansea on Friday 14th June. Collectively they raised over £200 profit. Absolutely outstanding girls, you did Pontlliw proud.

  • Dylan Thomas Creative Arts Award.

    We are very proud of our extremely creative pupil who won the overall award out of 800 entries.

  • Enterprising Event

    All year, Year 6 were presented with an enterprise project. This project has provided them with opportunities to develop their Literacy,Numeracy, Digital and Creative skills. They have been researching, writing letters to companies for advice, trailing products in school, collecting popularity data and analysing results, making, designing, advertising, presenting and finally selling. Thank you to […]

  • Dyma fy ffrind!

    This week the Reception children have been thinking about the wonderful things their friends do. The children discussed all of their favourite things about each other, and then they thought about the special things they do themselves. The children created some beautiful pictures, ready for display in class. Take a look……

  • Under the Sea art

    We have been getting creative in Year 1 by making our own underwater scenes…

  • Ser Yr Wythnos

    Congratulations to our stars this week!

  • Mountain Views

    Year 4 began sketching ideas for mountain landscapes. We looked at colour, shape and depth and began laying ideas and colours to begin creating our pictures.

  • Art Project Finale

    Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their Monet art project. today we added our final touches to Claude Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ painting. Pupils have researched Monet’s paintings, made observational drawings, copied an inspirational artist and created a piece of art work using a variety of 2D and 3D techniques. I’m sure that you’ll agree that their […]

  • Monet, Move Over!

    As Year 6 are learning about the Tour de France, they have been studying the life and creations of Monet. This afternoon we engined our creative flair and drew landscapes of our local area.

  • Art and Animation! 🎨 🎥

    Our animation club leaders are continuing to impress by combining art and animation in their after school club today! The children painted their pictures and took still shots at each stage to produce an animation of their painting! Very innovative.

  • Year 3 Frog Art

    This week for art, we have been studying different rainforest frogs. We have enjoyed looking at all the different frogs and the wonderful colours and patterns they have. We then used our sketch books to practise drawing the frogs, paying close attention to shapes and colours. We also experimented with some shading techniques too. Take […]

  • Primary Partners Choreography has begun!

    On Tuesday, the Primary Partners group had their first session with Alex the choreographer who is helping out with preparations for the concert in June. The choir got right to it and picked up their moves really quickly!

  • Year 6 – Tour de France

    The pupils are excited to start their new topic, which is Tour de France. Our main focus for this term is health and well-being; looking at nutritional bars, effects of exercise on our bodies and making the right choices to live a healthy lifestyle. The children have written their question on to their learning leaves, […]

  • African Masks!

    Year 5 have been putting their creative skills to the test by turning simple cereal boxes into scary, colourful African tribal masks. They looked at examples from various tribes and picked their favourite ones to create their very own with some excellent results!

  • Awesome Autism day

    The title of our lesson today was, This is Me, to celebrate that we are all unique. We artistically drew on jigsaw 🧩 pieces to combine to make a classroom masterpiece.

  • Happy Mother’s Day! 💐

    Hopefully the Year 5 children managed to keep your presents hidden until this morning! We had lots of fun recording “Mama” from the Spice Girls and creating CD covers from the photos you sent in. Thanks also to Mr Keegan for lending us his brilliant recording equipment! We hope you like the CD and have […]

  • Year 3 Beautiful Candle Creations

    On Tuesday, the year 3’s were lucky enough to take part in a candle making workshop as part of our topic, light and sound. One of our lovely mums, Mrs. Isaac, offered to come in and help the children create their very own scented candles. Mrs. Isaac talked the children through the making process and […]

  • Magic Squares

    This week, as part of our work learning about how the streets have changed over time, the Year 2s read about the plague. They discovered that people were so frightened of becoming sick that they tried magic. They believed that if they put a magic square on their door it would keep away the plague. […]

  • Top Secret Creative Work!

    In preparation for Mother’s Day, the Year 2 children have been busy using their computer and creative skills this week. Their creations look fantastic…but their finished work is top secret until Sunday!

  • Robo-Biscuits

    Year 4 put the finishing touches to their robot inspired biscuits! After busily baking on Friday, they added icing yesterday and decorated them today to try (in some cases!) to replicate the original designs. They’ve done a great job on them, so take a look at the gallery to see them being made, and the […]

  • Bronwen Lewis – Welsh Sing-a-Long

    Yesterday, the Year 5 class has the opportunity to watch Bronwen Lewis, a welsh singer who has appeared on ‘The Voice!’ We went to Pontardullais Primary with lots of other schools from the area to listen to her sing popular songs but with Welsh words from artists such as Ed Sheeran, George Ezra and from […]

  • African necklaces

    We have been making our own African necklaces, using our understanding of pattern and colour.

  • Year 3 Northern Light Artists

    As part of our art topic this half term, we have been looking at some amazing photographs of the Northern Lights and studying the colours and patterns that they produce in the sky. The children then had the opportunity to create their own pictures using chalk pastels for the night sky and then cut out black […]

  • 1D You’ve Got Competition!

    Today’s Google Doodle was to compose music along side Johann Sebastian Bach, forming chords and harmonising. Pupils love of music has gone from strength to strength as we have been studying a different artist every week since September.

  • African Community Centre Visit Year 1 and Year 5

    We were extremely fortunate to welcome members of the African Community Centre to school this morning! We learnt all about traditional Senegalese dance and had a go ourselves. Then we listened to a calming song that mothers use in Senegal to calm their babies. The children picked up the words quickly and sung along. Finally […]

  • World Book Day in Year 5

    We had a great time celebrating World Book Day in Year 5 today. We concentrated on author David Walliams and his book ‘Gangsta Granny’. We created probability scenarios during our maths lesson based on the book and then had a free choice of a range of activities on the book in the afternoon, from creating […]

  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus Derbyn!

    Wow! How fantastic Reception looked in their Traditional Welsh Costumes. They had listened to the Welsh myth of Arthur and Guinevere’s wedding, painted pictures and sent out wedding invitations. The children also learned a Welsh song to sing in our school Eisteddford. At the end of the day we proudly showed off the work to […]

  • Year 3 are proud to be Welsh!

    Year 3 have enjoyed taking part in our school Eisteddfod today. They worked hard to learn our poem ‘Joio’ and performed it to everyone with joy and enthusiasm. It was also a pleasure to listen to them singing the National Anthem and welsh hymns with passion and pride. As part of our Eisteddfod competitions, the […]

  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus yn Blwyddyn 2!

    Today the Year 2 children celebrated St. David’s Day in style. The children dressed to impress, and looked fantastic in their Welsh costumes. They enjoyed participating in our school Eisteddfod, during which they sang with hwyl and recited our class poem with gusto! Back in class, we learned about St. David and the different ways […]

  • Year 1 Eisteddfod.

    Year 1 have had a lovely day celebrating St David’s Day. We participated in our school Eisteddfod this morning and enjoyed a range of Welsh themed activities this afternoon.

  • Anti-Bullying Production ‘Bully’s Paradise’

    Today, the children in Years 2-6 enjoyed watching the Firehorse Production ‘Bully’s Paradise’. The play helped the children understand the difference between falling out and bullying. It also helped the children to identify ways to tackle bullying. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and we would like to thank Firehorse Productions for working with us […]

  • Yr Afanc

    As part of our Welsh Week activities, the Year 2 children have enjoyed listening to and retelling the myth Yr Afanc. The myth tells the story of how villagers managed to capture and re-home a fierce water creature. The children used their writing skills to write instructions for catching the mythical creature. They then looked […]

  • Year 3 Football & Fitness

    The boys and girls had a fantastic afternoon where they enjoyed developing their football skills to music. What a great way to keep fit – awesome job Year 3! 🙂

  • Beatbox Football Year 5 ⚽️ 💃

    Along with the rest of the school, Year 5 enjoyed busting a move to music whilst playing football this afternoon. They showed some great skill and rhythm and loved the session. 💃 ⚽️

  • Chinese dragons

    We enjoyed getting creative and making our own Chinese dragons in Year 1. Some of the children enjoyed using our puppet theatre to make their own shows using the puppets.

  • Beat Box Football Fun

    Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their Beat Box football session this morning! They developed their football skills whilst playing along to music.

  • Year 1: Football to music

    Year 1 enjoyed developing their football skills to music this morning. We had lots of fun!

  • Delicious Dinosaur Fossil Cookies

    This week the Year 2s continued their learning about fossils. They made some delicious dinosaur cookies which looked absolutely fantastic. Well done, Year 2!

  • Feeling the Love in Year 2!

    Today the Year 2 children were feeling the love, as they completed lots of Valentine’s Day themed activities. We started off by listening to and discussing the story of St. Valentine. The children then used their speaking and listening skills well, participating in group discussions about how to be a good or bad friends. They […]

  • Year 3 Celebrate National Welsh Music Day

    What a fun day we have had in Year 3 celebrating National Welsh Music day. The children had the opportunity to listen to a variety of amazing welsh artists throughout the decades, which included Bonnie Tyler, Tom Jones, Feeder, Catatonia and the Manic Street Preachers. We discussed the musical elements of each song, such as […]

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart

    To celebrate Welsh Music Day, Year 5 listened to two versions of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, the original and a techno version! After appraising the songs, we drew upon Mr Keegan’s musical expertise to help the children create their own Welsh techno music using google chrome lab, with some amazing results. Da […]

  • Fairy Tale Music.

    Did you know a drawing can make beautiful music? Reception have been practising their pig drawing skills using ‘Music lab’. The children designed their own pigs on the screen and pressed play, each shape created a sound which the Reception children danced around to. We have some Mozart’s in the making in Recption!

  • Dyn Eira Hyfryd yn Blwyddyn 2!

    This week the children have been further developing their Welsh language skills whilst focusing on Dyn Eira (snowmen). Last week the children designed snowmen and wrote about them in Welsh using the third person. This week the children followed their designs and made fantastic junk model snowmen. They also completed some pelen eira (snowball) maths […]

  • Dance off!

    Year 5 finished their series of Dance lessons with a Dance Off today! There was lots of laughter and fun as the children showed off their best moves in front of the class. Who knows, we could have some “Strictly Come Dancing” contestants in the making!

  • Polar Bears in Pontlliw!

    This week the nursery children have been learning all about polar bears. They have made puffy paint polar bears to go on our classroom display, paper plate polar bears, and polar bear masks. Don’t they look scary!

  • Year of the Pig!

    Reception have had a great morning taking part in lots of ‘pig’ activities. The children have listened to the Chinese Traditional story of the New Year tale, telling us the order of the animals. The pig is the 12th animal, and one of the stories states that a wolf blew down the pigs house, and […]

  • Magnificient Matisse.

    Year 1 looked at some of the work of the French artist, Matisse, this week. Following on from recent shape work completed in maths, they explored recreating a famous example of Matisse’s work: the snail! Fantastique!

  • Year 2 Welsh Music and Fitness Session

    Today the Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed participating in their Welsh music and fitness session, which was run by the company Ynni Da.

  • Painting Our Fossil Tiles

    This week the Year 2 children painted their clay fossil tiles. The detail of the dinosaur prints really showed up, and the children enjoyed comparing and discussing their designs.

  • Another Busy Day in Nursery.

    Once again the nursery children have been busy, busy, busy! They have been painting, making models with playdough, building tall towers with wooden blocks, and making 3D shapes with the polydron. They even had time to colour, read some books, and have a tea party. What a busy morning!